01 Feb 2014

Global investment management industry

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Financial management companies are responsible for handling the assets of hard working individuals and other businesses. Some of the top global investment companies manage assets that total tens of billions of dollars each year. Despite the United States economic downfall, Wall Street companies are still managing a significant amount of money and other assets. It’s […]

16 Jan 2014

Investing in education technology

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In the coming days, more than sixty percent of our first graders will have jobs that are not even created today. No one knows what kind of jobs they will be, but it has certainly to do something with technology. That’s why it is important for every child to learn about technology. With the advanced […]

15 Jan 2014

Financial planning for your future

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When it comes to financial planning, many people make this common mistake of ignoring it completely and it keep it aside for so long and it so happens that the real benefits of financial planning expire. It’s important to start planning at the earliest so that you get the real value of your money. Many […]

14 Jan 2014

6 years since 2008 financial crisis

No one can forget the 2008 financial crisis. It’s been 6 years since then. Lehman was bankrupt. Major stocks went big time down. Home prices went down between 10%-20%. More than 2 million people became jobless. There was a survey done on around 1000 adult investors and they were asked what they do differently. The […]

01 Jan 2014

Happy New Year 2014

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Best wishes and a very happy and prosperous New Year 2014 to all the visitors of Finance News Pro.            

10 Dec 2013

What is Crunchbase and its goal?

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Entrepreneurs who want to start a new company can sometimes find the experience daunting. Many entrepreneurs may experience anxiety over the entire process and feel alone in their experience. That is not true as many of the world’s top entrepreneurs have invested time, money, and sweat into their projects as much as any other entrepreneur […]

09 Dec 2013

Debt settlement strategies – Hidden tips for success

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Debt collectors are tough, seasoned professionals and they are well trained in collecting consumer debts. When you are getting regular collection calls from the different debt collectors, you need to be well prepared on how to tackle the situation and negotiate with them for a settlement amount. These collectors are talking with many people on […]

27 Nov 2013

Your Master Plan – know everything about business

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JOhN Ferraro E&Y is the COO who has a passion for education. Make sure you check out his 15-month program called “Your Master Plan”. It can teach you anything you want to know about business. This program will also get your foot in the door at many successful companies. It is held at the University […]

22 Nov 2013

Questions to ask to an Charlotte insurance agent

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When it comes to shopping for auto insurance, you will first and foremost want to give yourself plenty of time to window shop. Jumping on board with the first policy that comes up can result in missed opportunities for a better policy, better coverage, and better prices. Patience is a necessity, and you’ll want to […]

19 Nov 2013

Fed Likely To Maintain Forward Guidance This Week

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We’re likely to see some signals this week from the Federal Reserve on where their economic stimulus program is going. Ben Bernanke is booked to speak at the National Economists’ Club in Washington on November 19, and Charles Evans – the Chicago Fed President – is up to bat at the Midwest Bank Leaders Conference […]

19 Nov 2013

Brief notes about Payday Loans

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Millions of people worldwide are taking payday loans regularly. This type of loan is also known as a cash advance or check loan. It must be repaid in full on the borrower’s next payday. When you apply for one, it’s recommended to borrow just enough to get through to your next payday. Most lenders offer […]

08 Nov 2013

Six Tips Every Corporation Should Adopt To Avoid Workman’s Comp Issues

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Workers’ compensation is a costly but necessary component for conducting business in the U. S. Failure to adhere to these stringent regulations can be the difference between life and death for any successful business in the country. In order to avoid being shutdown, being hit with hefty fines or suffering throughout recurring incidents, there are […]

02 Nov 2013

5 Strategies to Get YOUR Economy Moving!

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Face it; this economy is not down, what it is changed, radically different and it is never going back to the way things were. There I said it, times have changed, and if you want to succeed, you need to change with them. If you are passionate about what you do, passionate about whom you […]

17 Oct 2013

How can you get benefitted by the Debt Settlement Consumer Protection Act

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Debt settlement consumer protection act has many benefits for the individuals. After the Federal economy was hit by the one of the biggest recessions, thousands of people became jobless in no matter of time. Many people had to go through great financial crisis. They were not able to repay their debts and became defaulters. They […]

02 Oct 2013

Forex Broker – Sift out the Scams

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The fact that you can choose an online forex broker with a simple search is an amazing option for retail forex traders. However, the lack of regulatory bodies in the forex trading arena can lead to many fraud forex brokers who set up shop only to rob their clients. In addition to brokers that are […]

27 Sep 2013

Buying and selling real estate

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Finding a good real estate is important, especially for first time home buyers because obtaining your first loan, as well as locating the perfect home that will meet your needs, is a complex process. And trying to sell your property without the aid of a seasoned pro could cost you thousands of dollars in lost […]

27 Sep 2013

Online MBA degree programs

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Earning your masters in business administration can be a challenge when you have a career that limits the amount of time that you can devote to classes. An advanced degree, however, is the best way to earn and achieve more in your career. Online MBA degree options are the solution that can open the doors […]

21 Sep 2013

HVAC training program

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Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning is a hot career to get into. New construction projects need installations, and existing systems need regular maintenance from trained professionals. So what does it take to be a technician in this burgeoning field? Of course, you should start with a true desire to become an HVAC technician. When you […]

20 Sep 2013

Mortgage protection insurance

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If you are like most average people, then you have placed hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to mention the expense of time, effort and love into your home. When you have made the choice to invest in something this committed, then you owe it to yourself to provide every bit of protection for that […]

20 Sep 2013

Project management tools to increase productivity

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Executing a freelance project successfully includes planning, organizing, and managing resources efficiently. Freelancers who work on it need to work intelligently to meet up to the clients’ expectations and guidelines. You can easily find many project management tools on the internet and a freelance can avoid issues related to project management and tracking. These tools […]

19 Sep 2013

Separate finances and emotions

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People have emotions. It is a scientific fact and emotions have an influence on every episode of our life. Even if we make a purchase, the first decision is made by our emotions, and then logic is turned on. The scientists state that women have a stronger attachment to security, while men do not. They […]

16 Sep 2013

Facts about Lexington Law

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This article is a Lexington Law review, one in a series of such posts. The object of the video on Lexington Law shown on Daily Motion’s website is to get customers to cancel their credit repair service. And they are sure communicating that idea in a cute way! The video shows a hypothetical customer by […]

10 Sep 2013

How Long Should You Stay With One Employer?

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It used to be very common for people to join a company and then stay with it for most of their lives. However, today things have changed, even at companies such as IBM who have a reputation for retaining employees. This of course leads to the question of how long to stay with a company. […]

09 Sep 2013

Binary options trading – Should you take chances

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We know that binary option trading is one of the ways that will enable you to earn quick money. In order to earn the most out of your investment, you will need to select a trading platform that will give you the best returns. But how reliable are the trading platforms or the binary options […]

08 Sep 2013

Telephone etiquette

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The message you convey about your company starts with your telephone etiquette. Answering and taking calls in the proper manner tells your callers that your company is professional and credible. By following a few phone tips, you can present your company in the best possible light. Answer in Three Rings or Fewer It is important […]

07 Sep 2013

5 Lucrative Jobs You’ll Land With a Finance Degree

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If thinking about numbers and money gets you excited, then pursuing a finance degree could be the undergraduate route for you. Many lucrative jobs with high wages, and stable job outlooks are available to finance majors. Within each of the career paths for finance majors, there is space to personalize the job based on whether […]

29 Aug 2013

Two Companies Fined for Annoying PPI Calls

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The Financial Conduct Authority has been cracking down on PPI claims companies that use unscrupulous tactics to promote their services. Other regulators have recently started penalizing firms that don’t comply with their guidelines. The Information Commissioner’s Office recently intervened when two companies were caught using persistent telemarketing practices to sell PPI claims services. The companies […]

27 Aug 2013

Factors that determine mortgage rates

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Mortgage rates are hard to understand. After shopping around, you will realize that the quoted rates are not the same as the one advertise. There are some major factors that will determine the mortgage rate. Remember that this vary from one customer to another. Credit score: Borrowers don’t realize that credit score is something that […]

26 Aug 2013

Writing a will? Understand the roles and responsibilities

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If you are writing a will, you will have a great deal of decisions before you. In addition to deciding where your funds will go, you also have to determine who will execute the estate and ensure that everything goes according to your wishes. Before choosing the estate executor, you should understand the roles and […]

23 Aug 2013

Are you saving enough for your retirement?

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As we are nearing to our retirement age, we most of the time feel worried about the cash flow and where it’s going to come from. Many a times, people think a little differently about retirement. They feel they will go more on holidays with their families once they retire, spending more time with them […]

17 Aug 2013

Top Common Debt Triggers in America

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Going into debt is never an ideal situation, but more and more Americans find themselves in a deep financial hole that is difficult to get out of. Many things can cause debt. Here are some of the most common debt triggers in the U.S. Divorce More than half of married U.S. citizens will get a […]

13 Aug 2013

How to Secure Your Business for Success

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Running a successful business is not easy. Many people make a very enthusiastic start but do not do the necessary research to succeed. It is important to make sure that you do not make mistakes and set the business up well from the beginning to avoid problems later. Below are five ways that you can […]

13 Aug 2013

How Personal Life Affects Business Life

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Your personal and business life is always to be kept separate for professional reasons. However, it’s hard to keep each from affecting each other. Your emotions just do not go away once you step through the doors at work. You still have to live with them. Here are 4 ways your personal life can affect […]

12 Aug 2013

How to Ease Finances With Healthy Eating

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In this economy, trying to maintain a budget is necessary. The cost of living has risen so much and it does not look as though a decline is nearing any time soon. However, we must maintain a healthy lifestyle such as with proper exercise and health eating habits. People believe that to live a healthy […]

08 Aug 2013

Top 8 reasons to invest in silver

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In January of 2013 over 7.5 million ounces have been sold. Silver hit a record high of almost $50.00 in April 2011. As of today, silver sits at $19.61. Even a sub par investor can see that purchasing silver at today’s prices is a good investment. Top Reasons to Purchase Silver Precious metal not paper. […]

02 Aug 2013

Best Way To Economize Monthly Insurance

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Monthly car insurance payments, no matter how financially stable families profess to being, can incrementally rack up your monthly expenses to the point of having to downgrade coverage. Car insurance groups, such as AAA, do assist with making these charges slightly lower while adding extra perks; however, then you are exposed to telemarketing calls for […]

31 Jul 2013

Getting the things within a positive settlement

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When you are buying or selling a property or a house, you will surely require proper conveyancing service. To get that service you will have to hire a conveyancer who will take care of all the necessary legal works and facilitate your purchase/ sale. Generally the cost of a conveyancing service includes various types of […]

24 Jul 2013

Different types of credit cards for every individual

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Almost all banks and financial institutions have a variety of credit cards for every individual. The main thing is to find out the best suitable credit card as per your individual requirements. One-size cards are not suitable for all. There are good available types of credit card to choose from offered by different companies. Some […]

23 Jul 2013

Understanding the Invaluable Benefits of Auto Title Loans

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The banking and finance sector has drastically evolved nowadays and has become one of the driving forces of modern society. Because of the need of having financial assistance, there are so many ways to obtain loans nowadays. The best part, people who need emergency funding can have easy access to easy money in the soonest […]

23 Jul 2013

What Type of Cycling Insurance Do You Need?

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If you’re an avid bicycle rider as many of us are, you may have already decided you are going to be purchasing bicycle insurance for yourself. This is a good choice because it protects your bike from theft, accident damage, and even vandalism. Recent reports indicate that there are over 400,000 reported cases of bike […]

22 Jul 2013

10 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Debt

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Being deep in debt can cause a number of problems – everything from damaging your credit score to making it difficult to get loans. Luckily, there are some fairly easy ways you can get rid of that debt and get back on the road to fiscal fitness. 1. Cut spending Obviously, there are things you […]

21 Jul 2013

Leading Forex Brokers

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Foreign exchange trading, better known as forex trading, is becoming a more popular method of investing for many customers. With its variety of currencies from which to choose as well as a number of precious metals and commodities, these companies are giving the stock market a run for its money when it comes to enticing […]

21 Jun 2013

Your beloved has died and his creditor puts a lien and judgment against him

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You are very upset at the sad demise of your beloved one in your family. And the most saddest part is you receive a letter in your mailbox about the creditors suing your beloved for his past debt. What will you do in a situation like this? Are you supposed to pay his debts to […]

10 Jun 2013

How to remove a judgment that is being reported by the credit bureaus

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Everyone wants to manage his finances in the best possible ways. You can either do it by earning money from different sources, or borrowing money from different banks or put your house, car as a collateral in getting approved for the loan. No one can predict the future and no one knows the damage on […]

05 Jun 2013

Get a Head Start on MBA Applications

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Business school sometimes gets a hard rap in society. Why? Because a lot of the things you learn in business school are attributed to common sense. A lot of people start up companies all by themselves without ever going to school and those companies do just fine. This is all true and fine, you can […]

16 May 2013

Credit card debt judgment-knowing the basics

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Do you know what a credit card debt lawsuit is? When a consumer defaults in making payments on his credit cards, the creditor will use all possible ways to recover the debt from the debtor. They will go to the extent of taking him to the court and get a debt judgment against him. Many […]

01 May 2013

Can I keep my stuff if I file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

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One of the biggest myths in bankruptcy, often perpetuated by the credit card companies, is that you lose all your assets once you file for bankruptcy. They try to scare you from doing bankruptcy and look for debt relief options. For the most part, you can keep all your assets. In chapter 7 bankruptcy, there […]

29 Apr 2013

Bankruptcy Advice – how men cope during financial difficulties

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According to the Credit Consumer Council Service report posted in 2009, men are more likely to file for bankruptcy than women. Can male attitudes to coping with financial difficulties be a contributing factor? Studies are keen to point out that men are more likely to try to deal with problems autonomously, in the hope they […]

22 Apr 2013

Are you being sued by a credit card company? Don’t panic and read this

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if you are being sued for your old credit card debts, there’s nothing to panic. Although it can be very frightening experience, but there is a solution to it. It is important to make rational decision. Often times, when people get served, they try to call the creditor or the attorney and try to work […]

14 Apr 2013

Can I get a Credit Card with Bad Credit?

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Introduction The recent economic crisis has affected the British taxpayer in a number of ways. Many have seen their disposable income dwindle, whereas others have been forced to cancel subscriptions and memberships in a hope to soften the blow of the increased cost of living. Credit Crunch vs. Credit History One aspect of people’s finances […]