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Kids are magical. They see the world through a different lens than their older counterparts: Moving boxes are spaceships, salt and pepper shakers are BFF and Popsicle sticks are magic wands. If all of this is possible in the amazing minds of children, challenge their creativity. Kids learn through play; before financial experts like Don Gayhardt were running businesses, they too were running around their yards with sticks for swords. 

Toilet Paper Tubes

All those cardboard rolls are good for something besides getting tossed, right? Start saving them and when you have a good amount, hand them to your little ones with an array of paints, glue and glitter, pipe cleaners and whatever else you have lying around. Encourage them to do something with them and watch your budding artists amaze you.

Boxes, Boxes Everywhere

Much like cats, little children love boxes. There is so much that you can do with them thanks to their varying shapes and sizes! (For large-sized moving boxes, check first that there are no staples or brads at the bottoms of them.) Here are a few kid-tested favorites:

  • Build a dollhouse by gluing different-sized boxes together. Cut out windows and doors using a craft knife, then let your kids decorate their basically free toy. Let them use colored paper for “wallpaper” and help them glue Popsicle sticks together for furniture.
  • Poke some holes through the top and sides of a larger box and push Christmas lights through it. Your kids can lie under the “stars” and will love dragging their favorite stuffed animals and blankets in there.
  • Make robots! Help your kids practice their wrapping skills by covered different-sized boxes in plain brown paper or aluminum foil, then glue them together. Give them craft supplies to decorate their robot.


If you are a subscriber to a monthly read, then you’ve probably got several old editions lying around. Before throwing them in the blue bin, hand them over to your child. Magazines are amazing for all kinds of art projects!

  • Very young children can practice their cutting skills on the pages of your old magazines. These kinds of skills are important for reading and hand-eye coordination down the road.
  • Take a picture from an advertisement, cut it in half, and glue it onto a piece of plain paper. Ask your child to finish the other half of the picture and see what they come up with.
  • Tell your kids to find anything related to a specific theme (autumn, dogs, bath time, etc) in magazines. When they find pictures related to the theme, they can cut them out and glue them onto a collage.

Coffee Grounds

Yes, you read that right! Instead of tossing your grounds from all your coffee this week, save them in a Ziploc and store them in the freezer. Once you have a good amount, pull them out and let them thaw. Kids love to play in coffee grounds. It’s the perfect texture for driving trucks through and digging. Plus, it smells so good and can be put to compost in the garden when you’re done with it.

Instead of spending money on expensive, brand-name craft supplies and toys, give your kiddos things that they might otherwise find in the recycle bin. It’ll shock you where their imaginations can take them!

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Reading this post confirms that you’re interested in growing your business and being successful because it’s only in a business where, when both the employer and employees are comfortable that productivity can be maximized, and growth can take place.

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air-conditioning. It’s a complete system that ensures your business is being carried out in a comfortable and ambient environment.

If you’re wondering which HVAC system is more fitting for your office space in San Francisco, for instance, here are four basic types that you can consider for your business.

1.  The Split HVAC system

This system is found in most homes and small offices. Basically, it features an indoor unit that contains the evaporator coil, blower, and an outdoor unit that contains the compressor and condenser.

This system is thus, ‘split’ into indoor and outdoor units. In some office space San Francisco

designs, the indoor unit can be connected to a heat pump or a furnace.

Among the various components, it also has a thermostat that controls the function of the system and regulates the required temperature, which makes use of ducts for the transfer of air.

Other available accessories include air purifiers, scrubbers, and UV lamp humidifiers.

2.  The Hybrid Heat Pump System

This is an interesting system where the same appliance can either heat or cool the office. Apart from the conventional air-conditioning system, the heat pump is used with a furnace where fuel oil, propane, or natural gas is burned to create heat, and the air is transferred through ducts.

It’s quite possible for an office space has limited size or permission cannot be easily obtained for extra installations. Why have two burly machines when one can do the job?

3.  The Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump System

This system does not use the duct mechanism, and is, therefore, the preferred choice in offices where ducts are not compatible. Alternatively, it can also be used to complement a ducted system. The ductless system is usually installed directly in the areas of the office that require cooling and heating.

Each outdoor unit supports up to four air-handling indoor units, and the components include wires, thermostat, and other accessories.

4.  The Packaged Heating & Air Conditioning System

As the name implies, this system comes in a complete package, housing the heat pump, condenser, compressor, and evaporator coils, amidst other components in the same unit. It’s usually placed on the roof or the ground. It’s considered to be the best option for offices with limited space for installing separate units.

In choosing the most suitable HVAC system for your business, you should go for energy-efficient brands with good Energy Star Ratings. It helps to look for a less noisy operation, programmable options, and durable parts, which is why you should seek expert advice from qualified personnel to make a better choice.

Apart from your budget, your choice could be limited by the original design and preferences of the property owner, which is usually covered in special clauses in the lease agreement regarding structural alterations that you need to abide by.

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Dealing with debt can be overwhelming, but there are practical steps that you can take to improve your situation. Even if you have a small amount of debt, it’s crucial to manage it before you find yourself in more serious circumstances. To decrease stress and gain more control over your life, follow these simple guidelines for managing your debt and finding peace of mind.

Make a List

Your situation can seem easier to manage when you keep track of all your different types of debt. Make a list of your debts and consult your credit report to ensure that the information you recorded is accurate. Be sure to include the creditor, due date, monthly payment and total amount of debt on your list. Simply having all of this information in front of you can help you feel more organized and keep you aware of your current debt situation.

Consolidate Your Payments

Debt often becomes significantly more difficult to cope with when you have multiple payments on your plate. However, combining these payments with debt consolidation loans in Canada can make a challenging situation seem more manageable. When you only have one monthly payment to worry about, it can take a bulk of the burden off your shoulders and narrow your focus to a single task.

Prioritize Your Debt

When tackling your debt problem, it’s best to take it one step at a time. An easy way to do this is to prioritize your debts and determine which ones you should pay off first. Regardless of which method you use, it can be helpful to categorize your debts rather than to try and pay all of them off at once. This can help give you a sense of control as you address your situation.

Being free of debt can be a real possibility in your life. With the help of these tips, you can achieve financial freedom.

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Every company can experience cash flow problems from time to time. However, these problems more pronounced in industries that provide products instead of services, like retail, wholesale, or food. For this reason, entrepreneurs are compelled to take out loans, specifically inventory financing

An inventory loan, much like equipment loan, is a type of short-term loan that is granted to small business owners to help them stock up on inventory. In order to qualify, you must be in the industry long enough to secure a positive history of inventory purchase orders. Once you’ve secured the loan, the financial institutions would use your inventory as collateral in case you fail to pay your dues in time.

Small businesses can benefit from small business financing in the following ways:

1.    Provides Additional Liquid Cash

Businesses are often challenged with meeting the day to day expenses. Most times, a gap can come between the amount needed for expenses and daily sales. Inventory financing helps entrepreneurs maintain positive cash flow in their company. They can use their inventory as leverage and turn it into assets which can help in obtaining short period loans. 

2.    Product Improvement

With the intensifying competition of certain business types, creating a unique product that stands out is vital. Entrepreneurs need to keep up with the latest trends to prevent missing out on increasing sales and attracting new customers. Applying for inventory financing can help you get the capital you need for producing the new products.

3.    Keep Up With Seasonal Demands

A lot of seasonal businesses experience a decline in their product sales during a specific time of the year. For instance, a retail store that sells winter clothes could experience a slow time during the summer. But as the winter seasons draws close, they also need to stock up for inventory in preparation for their busiest time of the year. Inventory loans can help in financing when buying products ahead of time.

4.    Helps with the Sales to Make Business Grow

If your business is in retail, you know how expensive it is to buy a product in large quantities. With inventory financing, you won’t have to worry about this problem since you’ll be equipped with the right funds. With your shelves stocked up at all times, your business will be able to meet the high demands of the customers. You may even get your products at a discount if you buy in bulk.

5.    Prevents Cutting Costs on Some Areas

Businesses experiencing a slow time could cut up costs on some areas and focus purchasing inventory to meet the demands. As a result, some systems within the business could experience disruption. Inventory financing helps you stock up on products while allowing you to operate your business as usual.      

Inventory Financing For Your Business

Inventory financing can be a great alternative to bank loans. With careful considerations, it can provide the answers you need to keep your businesses running. If you’re looking to apply for an inventory financing, SMB Compass might be able to help. With our years of experience, we want nothing more than to provide our clients with the best terms possible. Learn more about us today. Call us at (888) 853-8922 or email us at

Helpful article:

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 A company like Apple still thrives because its founders worked hard in managing the finances and employees. It still stands, and Steve Jobs ensured he left clear footsteps to be followed. How about you, do you want to leave behind a lasting legacy?

Building a legacy requires you to have a determined team and fiduciary standard of financial advisors. With the two, you can be assured of a lasting legacy after you retire.

Here is how to build a lasting bequest.

1.   Identify what matters

Decide on something non-negotiable and crucial that you want to leave behind. So, if you want to leave a company that is iconically known for its teamwork, production, customer services, or the culture of the company build on it.  Print a manifesto and distribute it among your employees and ensure the manifesto becomes part of everyone.

2.   Plan your wealth

There is no need of creating a legacy that will go off once you leave. It is therefore important to contact a financial advisor to advise you on your wealth.

For example, if company Q is located in Texas and it is worth $5billion, unless you manage the wealth and distribute it in other investments, you’ll never make enough. So, with an unstable economy, your company’s worth decreases; therefore, over time, you won’t have the money. So, find a financial advisor in Amarillo and let the firm plan your money efficiently.

3.   Build strong infrastructure

The infrastructure of a company comprises of two things, the system and the leadership. The system includes the accounting, information technology department, and other major operations. There must be a clear procedure of running the major department since if one got compromised, it would surely affect the other. Build a foundation that will sustain any challenge.

Additionally, build a strong leadership team that will run your legacy during the transition phase so that even when a new CEO comes in, they will follow the path you defined or create one close to it. Remember it’s your legacy, and it should be outstanding for others to like it and not replace it.

4.   Start early

You can build a short term legacy by performing a unique task that highlighted the company. However, to build a lasting legacy, you need to start early. Find a financial advisor in Amarillo and make plans concerning the finances. It’s a wide field, and a financial planner can design a plan of everything you might have left.

5.   Entrust some of your work

You have to instill what you know best to your employees otherwise how are they going to spread your legacy? Assign the same duty to a different employee and find out who performs best in that area. It seems risky, but most companies do this.

6.   Plan

As a leader, you can identify a potential employee who can replace you. Prepare your team and the upcoming leader for a change. Do you remember Steve Job handing his job to Tim Cook, as frightening as it may look change is inevitable and a new leader calls for new leadership skills? Besides, you have to leave for it to be called a legacy.

One thing should remain constant is the financial advisor. As long as the firm performs, changing the financial advisor destabilizes the company.

As you build your legacy, put into consideration what you want. Be keen on the decisions you make concerning finances, leadership, and operations of the business.

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Forex trading is more accessible than ever. You don’t need a large starting investment to begin trading foreign currency pairs. You don’t even have to go through a complex account creation process; you can begin trading forex pairs in minutes thanks to online brokers and their trading platforms.

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The real challenge is in understanding the forex market. Before you can start being profitable with your forex investments, you need to understand the fundamentals of the market, define your risk profile, manage your bankroll, and formulate the right trading strategy based on these elements.

Bankroll management is an aspect that often gets neglected in a rush to investing in forex. To help you avoid making the same mistake, here are the simplest bankroll management tips to integrate into your trading strategy.

Invest the Money You Can Afford to Lose

This was one of the first pieces of advice I received when I started trading forex years ago. Yes, the forex market is lucrative and there are plenty of opportunities to make money, but there are also risks to manage and potential losses to anticipate.

Trading with the money you can afford to lose allows you to be less emotional when trading. You can make cool, calculated decisions from the beginning. This usually leads to better long-term profitability and an easier time breaking into the forex market.

Be Mindful of Your Leverage

Leverage is your friend and enemy. On the one hand, you can use leverage to multiply your ability to invest to a certain degree. A 100:1 leverage lets you open bigger positions and capitalize on them without having to increase your investment amount.

That said, you will also lose the same amount of money for every pip of movement against your open position. In this instance, leverage becomes a part of your risks; risks that you need to manage as you venture into the forex market further.

Adjust Your Strategy

Speaking of the size of your trade, you also have to think about your margin in relation to how you manage your risks. When you have plenty of margin to utilize, you actually have more options when dealing with reversals and added risks.

You can adopt the best trading systems based on your risk profile and trading style. Wall St. Nation has the top trading systems and indicators reviewed, and they include information on how you can adapt those systems based on the trading bankroll you have in your account.

Trade with a Plan

Last but not least, make sure you open each position with a clear trading strategy in mind. Opening a position without a plan is never good for your bankroll, since you are basically risking the entire amount without a clear exit strategy.

Whenever you open a new position, be sure to set a Stop Loss and a Target Profit. You can then add contingency plans and additional elements to further strengthen your trading plan.

Keep these tips and tricks in mind, and you will have no trouble at all managing your bankroll. As you get better at managing your bankroll, you will also increase your ability to avoid margin calls, adjust your trading sizes, and stay profitable in the long run.

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Regardless of one’s financial situation, managing finances is an incredibly important part of life. Staying on top of finances doesn’t need to be a difficult task, and there are several simple ways to develop and practice money management. Here are three simple suggestions for maintaining control of finances and staying on-track with money without stress!

1. Create a Monthly Budget

Creating a budget to keep track of finances may contribute to financial well-being tremendously. Seeing where money is going and how much is being spent can positively impact choices on what to spend money on and what to save. These days, making a budget is easier than ever to do! Applications for smartphones which can connect to a bank account may be a wonderful choice to begin creating a budget and monitoring funds.

2. Seek Professional Financial Advice

It may be advantageous to consult a financial professional for assistance, such as a tax and financial expert at Quon & Associates tax consulting company, for example. Working with a professional to assist with managing taxes and finances can be very beneficial, and it may even alleviate anxiety about having to manage money independently. An informed professional may be able to answer questions about credit, debt, investments, taxes and other money-related issues. It is critical to work with financial advisors and experts who are reputable and trustworthy. Therefore, be sure to do lots of research before choosing to hire an advisor.

3. Read About Financial Advice and Continue to Learn

It may be a great idea to read books on finances and money management. There are hundreds of books that offer tips and suggestions about managing money. Additionally, there is a plethora of information available on the internet about financial advice, and most of this information is totally free of charge! It may be helpful to read as much about money management as possible from trusted resources. Continuously learning about finances may lead to creating wealth and eventually paving a pathway to financial freedom!

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