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Financial planning for professional athletes is a whole different ballgame than planning for everyday people. They make lots of money for the sports they play and their money needs to be trusted with a professional planner such as the ones found at For financial advisers, working with professional athletes is a very sought after niche. It can be very prestigious and sometimes glamorous to be intermixed into their world. However, there are many challenges that financial planners need to be prepared for when working with professional athletes. Below are some rules for success.


One of the bigger challenges that planners will face is trying to educate athletes about finances. The best thing you can do when first working with athletes is to help them set a realistic budget to work with. Along with the budget, it is important to educate them about saving for the future. It can be difficult to pull this off because athletes are constantly traveling and busy.


Many successful athletes are not used to being told “no” to things. Many are coddled from early childhood. When it comes to dealing with their money, someone needs to say “no” on their behalf. Helping clients deal with avoiding unwise or unnecessary investment propositions will require much sensitivity, understanding and diplomacy.

Setting Goals

It has been proven that as much as seven out of ten professional athletes end up going broke after their sports careers are over. As a financial planner, it is important to ensure the money they make now will last long after their careers are over. Along with making the money last, it is important to work with clients about setting goals. This could be savings goals or investment goals.

Investment Strategies

Tax efficiency is the key to maintaining a professional athletes portfolio. Because they tend to be in the highest tax brackets, they can end up having to pay around fifty percent. This will ultimately depend on the states they live in and surcharges involved. Even for athletes who have signed long term contracts, investments should always be done with minimal risks.

Financial planning is extra important for professional athletes. None of them know exactly when their careers could suddenly be over. The key is to make the money they earn last for many years. Financial planning is easier when the clients are active participants and not passive about their financial situations.


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Maybe you grew up on the smokey flavor of ribs. Maybe you just love pulled pork slathered in sauce. Whatever your reasons for opening your own barbecue restaurant, here are just a few tips for ensuring your success.

1. Look the Part

Most barbecue restaurants have a “country” look that incorporates things like wooden benches and red-and-white tablecloths. While you don’t have to include these exact things in your establishment, you don’t want to stray too far from the country style in general. There’s a reason that it’s so popular. No one will feel comfortable licking barbecue sauce off their fingers in a sleek, futuristic restaurant filled with gleaming surfaces!

2. Hire the Right People

Your restaurant is only as good as your staff, especially when it comes to barbecue. You’ll want people who can provide the good old-fashioned manners expected of a southern-style BBQ joint, and you’ll also want skilled salespeople who can rattle off your specials and encourage customers to try something new. Look for these qualities in the people that you hire, and don’t be afraid to train them vigorously before unleashing them on the floor.

3. Get Your Liquor License

You can’t have “barbecue” without the “bar.” Before you stock up on beers and cocktails, however, make sure that you’ve jumped through all of the right hoops when obtaining your liquor license. It can take weeks for the paperwork to clear, and you don’t want to be dry on your opening night! You’ll also want advanced notice if you need to do anything special to qualify. Click here for more information about liquor licenses and how to get them.

4. Diversify Your Menu

Barbecue dishes will be your biggest draw, of course, but you can still offer other things to make a well-rounded meal. Maybe throw some greens on the menu. Include appetizer options that are more than just potatoes and beans. If you’re really nontraditional, you can even include a vegetarian plate for your pickiest customers. You might even become famous as a restaurant that serves everyone, not just meat-eaters.

These are four tips for owning and operating a barbecue restaurant. As you can see, there’s more to the process than just slathering sauce on some ribs and carting them out to your customers! If you’re serious about making a name for yourself in the barbecue world, you’ll need these guidelines to help you.

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There’s no reason to let your business remain average if you know that it could be exceptional. If you’re ready to ensure that your company operates with greater expedience and excellence than it did last year, now is the time to focus on using tips and techniques that will make it a more exceptional entity. Here are two that could help you with this endeavor:

1. Improve Your Ecommerce Efforts.

One technique you can deploy to make your business an increasingly exceptional entity is improving your ecommerce efforts. This technique will help you move your brand beyond the local level by connecting you with prospective business partners and clients on the national or global landscape. An optimized ecommerce presence also ensures that you can remain in constant contact with your target market. A tool such as weekly e-newsletters will make this optimized communication an ongoing reality for your company, thereby increasing the likelihood of conversion. Social media optimization strategies can also be deployed to optimize communication. And to ensure that your brand attains the level of visibility required to extend your sphere of influence, you can employ a digital marketing firm to implement top notch search engine optimization services on your behalf.

2. Take Your Mental Health Seriously.

It’s no secret that building a company can be one of the most exhausting, anxiety-inducing things that an individual ever does. In many cases, the ongoing stress engendered by the business-building process causes the corporate leader to lose her or his mental equilibrium. But you don’t have to let this happen to you. Instead, start implementing mindfulness techniques that will help you maintain a balanced, tranquil approach to work and life. Meditation is a mindfulness modality that millions of people utilize to ensure that they can remain calm and think critically no matter how stressful the external circumstances are. In addition to incorporating meditation into your morning routine, you may want to take five or ten minutes during your lunch break to visualize an image that brings you peace. You could also practice breathing methodically to enhance the functioning of your cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

In the event that your mental health has already been compromised or you are experiencing substantive discomfort in your body, it’s time to let a team of trained medical professionals nurse you back to health. If you’re looking for medical imaging in NJ, the professionals of Middletown Imaging can assist you.

Pursue Exceptionalism Immediately!

Improving your ecommerce efforts and attending to your mental health are two techniques that can help you take your company into a new dimension of exceptionalism. Start using these techniques soon so that you can make real growth happen!

While the recent global economic downturn affected the United States real estate market particularly hard, no nation in the world was really immune from feeling its effect. America never closed for business, however, and now many argue that is has rebounded to the point that exponential growth will begin to be realized sooner rather than later. Much of this growth will be seen in the real estate sector, as stalled building projects resume, and massive plans for renovation begin to take off once against in earnest.

Real Estate Continues to Rock the Investment World

Just a year ago, industry estimates revealed that more than seven percent of all residential real estate activity in the United States was being funding with investment dollars from abroad. Investors from Mainland China accounted for more than $15 billion in this industry alone. It is estimated that this figure will continue to grow by 20 percent annually over at least the next decade. Much of this renewed interest from overseas investors interested in the American real estate market can be attributed back to the global economic downturn. Many of the investors of the world have lost money via currency depreciation in their own country, so they are looking to the United States as a safe haven for their money, and real estate is seen as a good sector to begin. The interest is ripe in terms of residential homes, second homes, commercial properties, and medical facilities. In short, the real estate crowdfunding platform is not only service to get many projects off the ground, but the money flowing in is spreading the potential wealth around the globe.

Fundrise Reviews reveal that the coming years will be exciting for real estate crowdfunding platforms, both domestically and internationally. The world continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, and there are many real estate projects just waiting to get off the ground. While some stricter regulation will likely come into play and countries begin to deal with this influx of money, the reality is that international investors have another option to look forward to and consider. The number of platforms operating in foreign countries should continue to grow, as should the amount of foreign money coming into the American real estate market.

Average Investor Are No Longer Left Behind

The beauty behind this type of investing is that average people can now get involved in massive real estate projects. Fundrise and other crowd funding platforms operate on the notion that real estate investments should be open to the mainstream global population. With a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), it is possible to own a stake in virtually any type of real estate property imaginable. With pools of investors coming together, projects are more easily funded as well. This has the propensity to revolutionize the manner in which new projects and remodels are completed moving forward.

If you have been looking for a way to invest in real estate, you will want to give this method serious consideration. Funds are stable and there is a wealth of information available online to help guide your investment decisions. Talk to your financial advisor or speak about it with other investors who have already gotten involved in crowdfunding to see what the fuss is all about.

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Children start learning from the age of 2 or 3; they learn from the environment they grow up. Responsible parents provide them with a healthy learning environment and instil an enthusiasm for learning into them.

But there’s something that even the most responsible of them tend to ignore, which is, teaching kids about money. According to child psychologists, kids should be taught about money from a very tender age.

A tabula rasa

Such is the mind of a child, and what’s intriguing is the initial scratch marks that disturb the blank state, stays there forever (Maybe not forever, but for a very long time). Whatever education a child receives, be it good education or bad education – stays with him.

If parents are extravagant or irresponsible with money, so would be their kids. The learning styles of children are unique, their learning circuits are more active than their parents could imagine. They learn from everything around them. So parents need to act responsibly with money, and follow the tips given below:

Play money games

One way to make kids responsible with money is playing games with them – games that are apparently silly but has a deep and sublime lesson to deliver, a lesson that relates to money.

One such game is coin identification. The game is played with toddlers, who learn to distinguish between nickel, dime and cents. Kids remember the names of the coins and the symbols on them.

Games that involve savings are more helpful; those games should be played with 5-year olds. Kids should be given a target of savings. If they succeed in meeting the target, rewards should be handed to them. Rewards serve as motivation. Playing such games at an early age can turn kids into habitual savers when they grow up.

Affordability signals

Kids have an innate ability, they can sense anxiety, disapproval, anger and other negative emotions in adults. They even react to those emotions. If parents display negative emotions while dealing with money related matters, kids will learn it, which is why, parents should never give negative affordability signals.

What type of signal is negative affordability signal? Kids often ask for toys or superhero costumes, which are expensive; their requests meet with rejection. When they ask parents why are they not buying the stuff, parents reply they can’t afford it. Such replies are negative affordability signals.

Instead of giving such replies, parents should tell their kids that they can buy it, but choose not to buy because there are better and wiser ways to spend money. What are those ways? You may ask. This takes us to our next point:

Good and bad investment

Children should be taught about good and bad ways to invest money, so that they don’t take wrong investment decisions later in life. When conversing with an adult, you can describe an investment as good or bad investment in terms of the result it produces – profit or loss. But with kids, you need to take a separate route.

Describe safe investments as good investments and unsafe investments as bad investments. This is by far the most logical way to categorize investments. Tell stories to your kids and let them process those stories.

Tell them stories of stock market investments, how sloppy investors ended up broke overnight. Tell those stories to your kids painting risky investments as bad as safe investments as good. But there’s a risk that such stories will make them risk averse. How to eliminate the risk?

Struggle and wisdom

You can eliminate the risk if you connect money to struggle and wisdom. Teach your kids the truth about money, that earning money requires a lot of hard-work and wise investment decisions.

True, there are shortcuts, but shortcuts are either ethically wrong or legally wrong or both. Your kids may have a penchant for quick ways to earn money and the media and the pop culture may fuel it, but if you convince him that choosing shortcuts can never lead to financial freedom, then he might eventually suppress his proclivity for shortcuts.

Once again, tell him stories of successful people whose struggle and perseverance have led them to success. Such people are Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Chris Gardener, Steve Jobs, etc. Buy your kids books that highlight on the motivational aspects of rich people, so not only their wealthy lifestyle but the ladders they climbed be known to your kid.

It takes time

The purpose of teaching kids about money is make them equipped to handle money-management in their adult life. This is a complicated process and will take time. Responsible parents need to act patiently and monitor the progress. The tips given above can be of help.

Article contributed James Paul – A personal finance blogger at Basic Finance Care, who loves to write about money management and saving habits.

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Don’t be mistaken – forex trading isn’t a shortcut to instant wealth, but rather a brilliant enhancement to your earnings. Very few people today can get by with one salary, and 2 or 3 ways of earning money is required. Having said that though, there are many forex traders who make their entire living from forex trading.

The Basics of Forex

The whole idea behind forex trading is to exchange one currency for another in the expectation that the price of the new currency will change and increase in value. Currencies are quoted in pairs, of which a typical example is GBP/USD.

The best way to learn the ins and outs of forex and get a solid understanding of it is to sign up with a reputable broker. They’ll open up an entire new and exciting world of making money.

Of course, there are different types of brokers and they offer different features and demo accounts. It’s always a good idea to do research to find reliable, trustworthy brokers. As a leading global provider of online retail financial services, award-winning CMC Markets offer clients more than 10,000 financial instruments across forex, treasuries, indices, commodities and shares.

With the help of leading forex trading brokers, you’ll learn such a lot as you navigate this exciting way to make additional bucks. You’ll learn how to analyze the markets for lucrative opportunities and well as how to calculate your profits with various levels of leverage before making an order.

Access to Free Forex Info

Even if you find yourself excellent brokers, you’ll love that such brokers still go one step further and offer free educational tutorials on forex trading. With so much knowledge at your disposal, forex trading remains what it is supposed to be – fun, entertaining and many times lucrative too. Yes, forex can be profitable, but it can be somewhat complex, but trading with the right broker will ensure your failures with forex are kept small so that you don’t end up wishing you’d never got into it.

You’re Trading with the Biggest Financial Market

The exciting thing about forex trading is that the forex market is the biggest financial market in the world, and everyone’s doing it via electronic communication networks from wherever they are in the world.

It doesn’t matter where you find yourself on your travels because the market is open 24/7, you can be guaranteed that there are always traders looking for a certain currency. If you want to be part of this exuberant trading, the idea is to choose a superior platform from a trusted global market leader.

Most people who have a 9-5 job can only trade at a certain time of the day. This means not having the flexibility to watch the market which means missed opportunities. That’s why it is important to use a trading program where you can let technology work for you. A common strategy is to include stop-loss orders so that should the market take a move against your position, your money is protected.

As you can see, there are certain important aspects you need to know with forex trading and this can very often only be achieved with a trusted broker.

Make Money Around the Clock

The beauty about forex trading is that even though some markets in different countries are closed when your country’s markets are open, trading on foreign currencies can still take place. Yes, most trading happens when the main market is open, but banks around the world hold foreign currencies, and this means they can be traded when the main market is closed.

Supplement Your Salary

The forex market is no doubt one of the most exciting markets to trade. It’s a 24/7 market and it offers so many thrilling opportunities to make profits night and day, making it ideal for part-time traders. Forex is volatile – it’s risky business, but by signing up with the best broker you learn all those important strategies that will help you become a successful part-time forex trader who can supplement a salary that just isn’t enough.


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There are many good reasons to become a notary. Sometimes it is an added service for a business you are already operating, but it also is something an individual can use as an added skill when they are looking for employment. It can also become a business all by itself. One popular service of a notary today is one that is mobile. This simply means that the notary comes directly to the customer. A mobile service is becoming increasingly popular, and some people are able to offer the service part time, making money on the side while they keep their full time jobs.

Qualifications of a notary

The qualifications to become a notary will vary from one state to another, but the qualifications that states have in common are that you are 18 years old, a citizen or legal resident, have no criminal record and be living in the state you will operate in. This latter requirement some states will extend to neighboring states. There is often a course requirement of some sort because you need to learn and understand the procedure that must be followed.

Learning about the profession

Most states do not have any educational or required courses to take in order to become a notary. However, it is still a good idea to learn what is necessary to do the job correctly. In states where there is no requirement, there is usually a course, although optional, that is available from the government. It is a good idea to take it. There are even courses available online.

Applying for a notary

There is usually an application fee, and you will also, upon approval, need to purchase a notary stamp and seal package. This will include a record book and a seal. You will also need to be bonded, at least in some states. If you are living in a state where it is not required, you should still consider a surety bond. The reason why certain states have bonding requirements is due to lawsuits. It is better to protect yourself with a surety bond even when there is no state requirement. It is also a good idea to get notary errors and omissions insurance coverage.

Keep in mind that becoming a notary carries with it a lot of responsibility. Make sure you understand your state’s requirements, and consider going beyond them, especially with education and bonding.

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If you’re going to work for a company that provides chemical reactor services, you must fully understand how to handle risky situations that could occur in a lab environment. These strategies greatly benefit new hires who tackle project tasks while using harmful chemicals and other risky items.

Never Delay Medical Attention

When a substance is spilled and causes an injury, medical attention should be pursued without any delay. Because all chemicals have different properties, the symptoms that typically occur will vary. For example, if a chemical has components that produce high temperatures and dangerous gases, two treatments will be needed after the substance is spilled. One of the treatments will heal the burn wounds, and the second treatment will strategically wash away the fragments so that the fumes won’t cause breathing problems.

Use a Practical Solution to Reduce Pain

In many cases, a spilled chemical can produce pain symptoms that gradually increase, and this is why practical medical products must be applied onto the affected areas before traveling to a hospital. Anything that can reduce the pain can be very beneficial during injury situations, as severe discomfort can make the process of describing the symptoms challenging.

If a business doesn’t have medical solutions nearby for emergency situations, schedule an appointment with the manager. In many cases, a manager or business owner will invest in practical medical solutions for employees to boost safety in a timely manner.

Avoid Dangerous Zones During the Healing Process

After treatments are done, all risky zones in a lab should be avoided, as a simple splatter could impact the healing process. Also, a wound that’s healing must be cleaned on a regular basis, and it also needs fresh air so that sweat won’t cause an infection. A lab environment isn’t the best place for a wound because toxic fumes and other environment elements in the air could impact the healing process whenever the bandages are removed.

These strategies can make risky situations in a typical environment where chemicals are handled less challenging. However, prevention is always the best strategy, and this is why all chemical businesses need proper injury prevention policies. If everyone understand the rules, few injuries will happen during important projects.

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The word bankruptcy is enough to strike fear into any heart. Yet more than 800,000 Americans file for bankruptcy every year, and for the majority of them it brings relief and closure to what has often been years of struggling against a rising tide of debt. Most bankrupts are not down and outs or high flying entrepreneurs who have suffered a fall from grace. They are everyday people like you who have become ensnared in the easy credit financial environment of the 21st century.

There is an automatic assumption that bankruptcy is a last resort, a final nail in the coffin when all else fails, but the truth is quite the opposite. One Scottsdale bankruptcy lawyer says that nine times out of ten, filing for bankruptcy gives the individual an opportunity to start afresh and get his or her life back on an even keel. Let’s find out more.

A rational decision

Filing for bankruptcy is one of a number of options if you have financial difficulties. The most important thing is to weigh up these options rationally and objectively – and for that, you will need expert advice.

If you have a large number of personal debts and you just can’t afford to repay them, for example credit card balances, personal loans, etc, they will generally be wiped from the slate under a Chapter Seven Bankruptcy– gone. However, some debts, such as child support obligations or most legal judgements, will still remain.

Many people worry about losing their property if they file for bankruptcy, but unless they have specifically put it up as security against a loan, this is unlikely to happen. It is important to understandthe specifics of bankruptcy exemptionsto see how this will affect you.

Can you afford it?

It almost sounds like a bad joke, but it is quite costly to file for bankruptcy, and for some people, it would be a great solution if they could only afford it. The exact costs will vary depending on which chapter you are filing under and the level of administration and legal support needed, but on average, you are looking at no less than $1,500 and no more than $3,000.

Is it right for you?

Everyone’s circumstances are unique, so it is important to get expert advice. Bankruptcy can be the perfect solution to get the worry of escalating debt lifted from your shoulders once and for all.

There are pros and cons to any decision, though, and for many the largest negative is the connotations that the word brings when others find out what has happened. If you are comfortable to live with that, it could be an option worth seriously considering.

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When embarking upon a new business idea, it can be daunting to consider how you might fund your start-up and operating costs. There are risks and benefits involved in all methods, and the route you take will depend entirely on your unique circumstances. In this article, we will explore some of the ways in which you can fund the start of your business adventure.

Personal savings

If you have a significant amount of money already saved, and your business start-up costs are not so astronomical as to put that in danger, it may be worth considering utilizing the funds you already have. The major benefit of this approach is that you are not accountable to anyone else; as the sole investor, you will retain full control of the business and creative decisions. Similarly, you will be the sole beneficiary of a successful business. Of course, your savings are your safety net; give careful consideration to your long-term personal financial situation. You may have full belief in the potential of your business idea, but if it were to fail, it is important to ensure that you and your family are not left in a precarious position.

Friends and relatives

You may be in the fortunate position of having a friend or relative (or even a mixed consortium) that have the resources to help fund your business plan. If so, it’s definitely worth approaching them to discuss whether they would like to channel some of their finances into a new enterprise. This may be an informal agreement, or you might consider taking on a friend or relative as a business partner, with formal arrangements in place. It is important, before embarking upon any investment with a loved one, to make sure that business matters do not interfere with personal relationships, and vice versa. That said, an entrepreneurial arrangement with someone you already know can be a rewarding experience for all involved.

Outside Investor

If you require a significant initial investment, or if your personal finances are not sufficient to cover all start-up costs, it may be prudent to seek the assistance of an outside investor. Depending on the proportion of investment offered, this alleviates some of the financial risk to you as an entrepreneur. Before you enter into an agreement with an investor, make sure that everyone is fully aware of the terms; this will likely involve division of control of business decisions. Investors will want their outlay to be as protected as possible, so will possibly request involvement in the decision-making process. However, this can come with its own additional benefits, as investors will likely have experience in similar situations, and can be a useful source of guidance.

Small Business Loan

A small business loan is a great option if you wish to retain complete creative and decision-making control, but require resources larger than a financial commitment you can make independently. If this is something you’re considering for your business, visit Lend Genius to discover your options; you even have the opportunity to apply online today.

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There are a number of reasons why people might need a financial loan. Auto loans are one of the most frequently issued types of loans. Because family circumstances change, new vehicles may be needed. Whether buying new or used, not everybody has the means to come up with funds for an automobile purchase. The same thing is true for homeowner loans. Buying a home can be one of the most stressful, transformative life events anyone might go through. And not everybody can afford down payments, so they take out a loan.

By these same tokens, sometimes keeping up with payments on our cars and houses are extremely difficult, so we seek out bill consolidation loans. As a matter of fact, current statistics show that the average American household carries heavy debts: credit cards ($16,425), auto loans ($29,058), student loans ($50,868), and mortgages ($180,018). This creates a total debt by U.S. consumers in the billions and trillions of dollars. And let’s not forget bills for water, power, cable, phone… and let’s not even touch medical expenses.

Well, maybe briefly. As unfortunate as it is, many people require a loan to cover unexpected or even planned medical expenses. As family members get sick or require procedures to improve their quality of life, it can leave behind costly bills. A loan can help with these medical expenses by paying the doctor or hospital up front and allowing you to make payments on this large expense over time. Other loans may be requested for elective reasons, like home improvements, taking a vacation, or even for an investment opportunity to start your own business.

But sometimes money might be needed fast, and waiting for a lender like a bank or some other financial institution may take too long. Plus, oftentimes they have certain, impractical criteria you have to meet or else you will be denied. But do such methods of obtaining quick and easy loans exist?


There are some websites out there that can help, and the only criteria you need to meet to prove eligibility is you must be at least 18 years of age and you must be currently employed. That’s it! In fact, if you happen to meet these criteria and you need money right now, just apply now!

On satisfying these criteria you get easy access to money within the limit of $100-$1000. This is the advantage of a short-term loan. They give without expecting much from you. You just have to let them know your needs and amount that’s within their limit and they’ll provide you with exactly that. With the current trend of expenses overtaking people’s hard-earned incomes, the short-term loan gives a lending hand. But just be aware, when a loan is obtained the interest rate, loan amount, and time taken to repay all add up to become a big bundle of pain in some cases. So to avoid these situations, these short-term loans should be borrowed and repaid as soon as you can.

A sudden shortage in money can be due to a variety of reasons; someone in your family has taken ill, major pipe leaks that just had to be fixed ASAP, and so on. Some things just happen without warning. So find a service that works for you whenever you need a fast loan, and rest assured you can find the help out there you need.

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