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Eric Roberge is a financial planner at Beyond Your Hammock. He gives a valuable budgeting advice:

“The key is to take action and use a system to help you stay consistent in managing your money every month, and making sure you’re covering your expenses, being responsible by saving for tomorrow, and giving yourself some room to enjoy life today.”

Budgeting has become a necessity since the commercialization of products, and traveling culture is being excessively promoted.

2018 is already here! Household Budget spreadsheets are good to start your new year with; that involves all your important financial goals, income and expenses, and savings and investments.

Here’s a guide to planning your yearly budget and the reasons why you should think about budgeting your finances.

50-20-30 Rule

The famous budgeting rule has helped millions of people to manage their finances without getting into a loss. It involves three categories of expenses:

50% of Income: It should be spent on necessities and living expenses. It involves billings, rents, groceries, and transportation.

20% of Income: It requires fulfillment of financial goals that include investments, debts, and saving.

30% of Income: It’s the best part of spending which you can invest in your wants and wishes. It’s the flexible spending part of the income.

Reasons Why Budgeting Is Important?

Your neighbor may be able to afford $5000 per month but not necessarily you. Everyone’s income and expenses are unique. So, we all have to budget our salaries to understand the limits of expenses in the three spending areas of 50-20-30 rule.

  1. To set priorities:

Budgeting helps us in setting the priorities based on necessities, flexible spending, and financial goals. What debts have to be paid urgently? What needs have to be fulfilled first and foremost? What are the wants and desires that come at the top of the list?

When we are clear about our priorities, we are easily able to skip the excesses. No matter how much the sales with a 50% off tag are attractive, we have a vivid vision of our goals.

If getting out of debt is among your priorities, it’s essential to manage your limited funds and cut back on excessive expenses.

  1. To achieve the annual financial goals:

Achievement of financial goals begins with understanding the structure of your earnings, spending, savings, and investments of the previous years. Many banks provide you with a record of all your bills and payments throughout the year. Collect the credit card, bank and income statement records to get an overview of your spending.

Set the financial goals in terms of debts, investments, and savings for achieving the flexible goals. Once you budget your money perfectly, you can even achieve more than the estimated financial goals.

  1. To save and cut off excesses:

Money management begins with budgeting. Once your yearly spreadsheet has been made, you can save more than required.

When we are clear about our needs and wants, we can cut off the wants and save the money. It appears difficult at first but then becomes a habit.

A simple life of a minimalist is free from a lot of clutter. It can allow you to plan your travel ventures around the globe. After all, who doesn’t want to explore the world? Who doesn’t want to experience the change?

  1. To plan the retirement:

Having a foresight for future is of imperative importance. Always plan out well your retirement beforehand!

Retirement should be included in the budgeting process. From your overall savings of the year, set aside a percentage of earnings for after-retirement years.  For considering to invest in bitcoins and to put them into your retirement account, you can get more information here.

  1. To fulfill the desires:

If you had a dream to travel the world but could never achieve it, budgeting is a good solution for you. Budgeting your money can save you a lot. Statistics reveal how much we spend on our wants rather than on our needs.

Being aware of your spending is the key here. I guarantee that you can fulfill all your dreams.

A lot of people ignore the significance of budgeting and run into debts. Money management is an additional skill that you can learn to make your life easier and happier.

Author Bio:

Sarah Smith has been a personal finance author for the last five years. She is also an independent and a very passionate finance and investment advisor. She regularly posts at

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If you obtained money in a personal injury lawsuit, you may have received a structured settlement. Instead of getting the full amount of the settlement in one lump sum, a structured settlement enables you to receive the money in installments over a specified period of time.

If you need access to a larger amount of cash due to unexpected expenses or other financial circumstances, selling the structured settlement could be an option that you explore. Once you decide this is something you want to pursue, there are several steps you must take.

Reasons to Sell a Structured Settlement

Figure out why you want to sell the structured settlement payments and what your financial needs are. Some people have to cover their children’s educational expenses, need to pay their mortgage or incurred unexpected medical fees. Decide how much money you need. That will help you determine if you want to sell all or a portion of your structured settlement payments.

Complete the Application

Contact an annuity company and speak with a representative. The representative will ask you several preliminary questions such as why you received a settlement; the total amount of the settlement; who pays the settlement; and how much money you get per month or per payment period.

You have to complete an application and provide all of the necessary documents that verify your settlement and the payments. The representative will let you know your options if you want to cash out. You’ll need to decide how much of the settlement you want to sell and reach an agreeement regarding other terms of the transaction.

Court Approval of the Sale

Once you decide to sell your structured settlement, you need a judge’s approval to finalize the sale. The judge wants to make sure you understand the terms of the contract. The judge may ask if you sought advice from a third party financial professional who isn’t directly involved in the purchase of the settlement. Since selling the structured settlement payments can have a long-term impact on your finances, the judge may deny the sale if you don’t demonstrate a pertinent financial need for seeking this type of deal.

Choosing to sell structured settlement payments is a serious decision. Carefully review your options and speak with experienced financial professionals who can answer your questions. After you have received all of the information you need, you’ll understand the best path to take for you and your family.

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Different people need money for different reasons. Some are trying to buy a car or have their current one fixed, others may be starting a small business or sending yet another child of theirs to university, and still some are going travelling with their partner or family – whatever the reason, it is important to know what you are getting into when you take out a personal loan and that you are choosing the best personal loan for you. There are a number of points to keep an eye out for when choosing your loan because everybody’s needs are different. As with any decision, there is no one size fits all, so let’s delve into the tools for finding the best loan for you!

Read the Fine Print

Loans can be sneaky. Taking out a loan is the perfect time to be taken advantage of by the fine print. The way to remedy this? Read the fine print! Learn about any hidden fees that may be attached to your loan. There is no set standard on fees, so every business and company will have their own fees and rules. Read the fine print and are still skeptical? Ask about origination fees, prepayment penalties, whether or not a loan is on fixed term, and interest rates and types.

Compare Companies

Every company is different. Comparing companies is a surefire way to ensure that you are receiving the best deal for your personal loan. Research online a multitude of companies, comparing their interest rates, fees, and the lengths of payback periods. This will help you narrow down your scope and help to solidify whether or not you wish to go with a bank for a personal loan, or a personal loan company.

Ask Questions

Once you have your narrowed scope, set up meetings with advisors of each bank or lending company to ask any further questions that you may have. One of the major perks of personal loans is the speed with which the money reaches your hands. Companies such as LoanCall specialize in personal loans, allowing a quicker receiving time for you, and, generally, less expensive fees and lower interest rates. Asking questions surrounding your personal loan will ensure that you are receiving the loan with the amount of money that you need and with manageable interest rate payments for you.

Personal loans are an excellent way to get the money that you need and quickly! However, it is important to never take on a loan that goes beyond your needs and means. Your personal loan is your ticket to a new business, a family vacation, or covered unexpected costs.

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2017 was the year Americans became more aware of their personal net asset worth when publications revealed only 4 in 10 Americans have savings of $500 or more. The American Dream now belongs to financial institutions as the ability to save is slowly replaced with the need to increase a FICO score. This is because more and more of the American population is relying on finance to build their dreams. A funding nightmare is on the cards and for Americans to avoid another bubble bursting as it did in 2008, a savings and investment approach is sorely needed.

Swap Rental for Mortgage Installments

With an estimated appreciation rate of 8% per annum on properties, it makes sense for consumers to look for a place of their own. In 2018, lenders are looking to tighten the lending leash somewhat due to the number of defaults listed in the past few years, however, this does not mean that the property market is out of reach. Consumers will still have access to property finance, but the criteria may be a little more strict. This is to the benefit of the consumer, as it ensures they are able to afford their purchase. This also means greater peace of mind adding a funded item to the personal asset portfolio.

Consider Tangible Investments

Investments are still a sticky topic for many potential investors, as it’s only been a mere decade since investors lost billions through stock market crashes and unscrupulous conduct by bankers and investment brokers. There is a route that provides a bit more stability, however, risk is still very much part of any investment portfolio. These include tangible investments which allow investors to own an item as opposed to just a profile. Property and classic cars are firm favorites and bullion is right up there with them.Australian silver coins are a good example of bullion and are fairly easy to purchase.

Purchase Everyday Items That Will Hold Value in Future

It’s tempting to go for items that are easily replaceable such as furniture, clothing, and jewelry. However, there is a strong market for vintage items that may have increased the personal asset value of the owner. These items include once-off pieces of jewelry and even fine furniture pieces that were handed down from generation to generation. Although the market may be small for these items, there is enough demand in order for the owners of these items to rely on their value.

Increasing personal net worth starts with the increase in assets. At first, there might be debt that goes along with it but in time the asset value should exceed these debts. This allows consumers to increase their financial position which helps in times of crisis.

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  1. Make socks your friend: Even with the room heater on, the floor can get really cold during the night, and especially in winter. Having socks on when walking around the house, instead of turning the heat all the way up can save lots of energy in the long run.
  1. Tap on the available heat: Simple household activities such as cooking, taking a shower, or even ironing the clothes generate reasonable amounts of heat. You could tap on these to keep the house warm during winter. One way to do this is leaving the bathroom door open when taking a shower, and not turning the ventilation fan on. This should allow heat from the bathroom disperse to other rooms.
  1. Turn down the heat by 5 or 10 percent: Turning the heat down by a few degrees can save you lots of energy (up to 10% of heating bills) in the long run. Your body won’t notice the difference, but will instead re-adjust to the temperatures. Consider turning down the heater when leaving the house for a few hours.
  1. Lower water heater temperatures too: Turning down the water heater thermostat by 20 degrees say from 140 to 120 degrees can contribute to lower heating bills as well.
  1. Upgrade to a programmable thermostat: A programmable thermostat works a lot better than the old ones. The thermostat makes it possible to adjust heat levels at predetermined times, as well as turn off the heater completely when no one is in the house. Although you may have to part with $80 for one, you’ll most likely save so much more in a year and more to come once it is installed. If you want more tips on cheaper heating, consult this blog at Ethanol Fireplace Pros.
  1. Seal the house to prevent unnecessary heat loss: Doors, windows, and air vents can let warm air escape leaving the heater to work harder to maintain a constant temperature. Ensuring these are correctly shut, and the vents well sealed however creates an envelope of warm air, thus minimizing heat loss. This also means the heater won’t have to work as hard to keep the room/house warm.
  1. Call for regular service and maintenance: Both oil and electric heaters should be serviced by an experienced technician at least once a year. It’s by having the unit serviced that it can run more efficiently with little to no breakdowns. You also ought to ensure the air filters are clean and clear to facilitate proper air movement.
  1. Ensure windows are covered at night: Having curtains over your windows at night not only improves privacy in the house, but also reduces heat loss. This is particularly crucial for older homes with old windows. You however should draw the curtains to let daylight in during the day. Daylight brings warmth – allowing sunrays into the house helps heat the house.
  1. Ensure the outdoor unit is well-taken care of: Most people tend to overlook the outdoor unit forgetting it is equally important as the indoor unit is. Checking the unit for condensate, blocked pan, or overgrowth on the same, and ensuring everything is clear will enable it to continue functioning optimally throughout the cold season. Be sure to get rid of twigs, grass, leaves, and overhanging branches around the same.
  1. Look out for air leaks: Air leaks in the house can be the biggest cause spikes in your home energy bill. Inspect the house for air leaks using a candle. Hold a candle flame next to windows, air vents, the door, and anywhere you suspect there’s a leak. If the candle flame is blown to one direction, then that’s a clear sign of a leak. Inspecting the area farther should help you determine the exact spot, then use weather-stripping or caulk to seal it off. Adding some insulation may help too.
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Making money from penny stocks is possible and there are a number of ways to do it – here’s what you need to know.

  1. Know The Risks

Penny stock trading is a risky game. You first need to understand how to trade and the risks involved before diving into the market. One thing you need to know about penny stocks is that, they are neither backed by established companies nor do they have a set minimum standard. This means you may or may not find the stocks in pink sheets or Over-The-Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB).

Just because penny stocks are cheap to buy doesn’t mean you cannot lose significant amounts of money trading in the same. Most penny stocks are either scams or have no value whatsoever, which again increases the risk factor. It takes lots of research and knowledge to identify genuine stocks from scams. Some of these stock companies build their profile and value to gain access to the securities market; many of them, however, crash before they can mature.

A Bad trade can make you lose some good money, or even drive you into debts or bankruptcy. Researching on a penny stock and only injecting amounts you can afford to lose is the only way you can mitigate risks here.

  1. Research On Penny Stock Companies

Just as it is with secure stocks, it is your responsibility to study and know about a commodity’s trend and potential for growth before investing in it. Penny stocks pose a significant risk as they are unregulated, meaning you could spend in an underperforming or a scam, losing your money. Researching on stocks you may be interested in is the only way to reduce the risk factor.

You could find loads of wealthy information from trading groups, forums, and reputable newsletter sources. Although most financial advisors advice against buying penny stocks, some will help you identify promising ones to trade on. It would also be best for you to look into a newsletter source or group before signing up with them. Here is a regularly updated list of stocks to buy. Although there are a couple of trustworthy penny-stock newsletter sources out there, the highest percentage is made of scams.  Penny stocks with too little or inadequate information about the company should be treated with suspicion. Most of these are scams.

  1. Look For An All-Inclusive Stock Filter

A stock filter is an essential tool for every trader. This tool helps filter stocks based on a set preferences such as trading lows and highs, price, and trading volume among other factors. A good stock screener should also help you identify promising and trustworthy stocks you can invest in. It takes the guesswork out of your trading quest.

  1. Sell Quickly

Penny stocks are meant for short-term investment only. Very few penny stocks last long or mature to make it in the securities market sector. Holding on to your penny stocks for too long only increases chances of losing it all altogether. It’s therefore advisable to buy and sell penny stocks fast enough for as long as there’s profit. Small profits of up to 20 or 30% can help you make good money as a stock trader. Take or withdraw your earnings as soon as they mature, and never wait for astronomical returns.

  1. Cut Down Losses

Unlike the stable stock market where most stocks bounce back after a losing streak, most penny stocks don’t. This is mainly because most of these companies are still new and facing financial struggles. Should a penny stock dip, sell it as quickly as possible to avoid losing more money. Playing the ‘patient’ trader with penny stocks will only leave you bankrupt.

  1. Disregard Hyped Up Newsletters

Although some newsletters may be genuine, most can be misleading. Be sure to confirm the reports by researching intensively about the stock before making a purchase. You will be surprised how some newsletters can be unreliable.

Stock trading is a risky game. The financial markets are quite unpredictable, which is why you need to take calculated trades and risks to avoid losing all your money. Nevertheless, information is the key to making good money with penny stocks. As long as you can research, interpret statistics, and even follow up the latest financial reports, you will do just OK investing in these stocks. Steering clear of unreliable news sources and scams is the first step to making it as a penny stock trader.


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When people are elected to public office, they forgo a certain level of privacy about themselves in the interest of the greater good. The people who send them to public office expect these individuals to have the work ethic and integrity to speak for the constituency in an honest and straightforward manner.

You cannot know what kind of integrity and ethic a politician has without those finer details being divulged in the media. When you want to be confident in your vote for politicians like Orrin Hatch, Mike Crapo, Paul Ryan, and others, you may want to read up on these talking points about their personal and professional lives.

Moral Fiber

The U.S. Constitution allows everyone in the country the right to practice whatever religion or faith they choose. No one has to belong to any certain denomination. Further, refusing to be a member of a religious organization or church does not bar someone from running for office.

Still, politicians who do practice a particular faith may choose to disclose what denomination they are and to what extent they are involved with their churches. These religious details while not mandatory for a person’s eligibility to be on the ballot can sway the votes of people who are undecided about for whom to vote.

For that reason, many politicians like John McCain, Senator Mike Crapo, Mitch McConnell, and others choose to disclose their faith affiliations and their level of involvement in their parishes or churches to the voters. The media then reports this information so people can decide if those individuals on the ballot exhibit the integrity and moral fiber that many believe makes for the ideal political candidate.

Educational and Professional Training

Along with morals, voters also are significantly interested in what kind of formal and professional training politicians have received in their lifetimes. They do not want to send people who have few job skills and the smallest amount of educational training to their credit. They prefer to vote in people who have studied extensively, established themselves in their chosen industries, and have the work ethic that will keep them on task for the voters.

This educational and professional vitae often makes it to the papers and TV media weeks and months before the election. Voters can get a feel for how hard the politicians will work for them once they are in office. They also can do their own research about what kind of honesty and integrity these elected individuals displayed during their careers.

Endorsements and Voting Record

The media also reports frequently about the voting records and endorsements of politicians in office. Many politicians endorse each others’ candidacies. Likewise, they may court the endorsement of their elected peers

This endorsement may come in exchange of their voting records, however. Their votes are supposed to reflect the will of the people rather than their peers. Voters can check the voting records of politicians to ensure that they are putting constituents first rather than special interests politicians and lobbyists.

The print and TV media educate the public before and after elections by posting intimate details of the lives of those in office. Voters use this information to hold their elected officials accountable. They also ensure the people in office reflect the will of the voters.

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Businesses and government agencies require workers to perform various duties within the organizations. They would, therefore, advertise the positions online or on print media and invite individuals to send their applications. Those who meet the desired qualifications are then invited for an interview and the best from the group hired to the position. Well, this is what most institutions do when they need to fill up positions in their organizations but it lacks one critical element; pre-employment background checks. Such checks are very important and they may unearth shocking details about the applicants that may make them unsuitable for a particular job. Employers should, therefore, insist on such checks before hiring and this piece highlights some of the reasons why that is the case.  

  1.      To unearth criminal records.

Job seekers would hardly reveal their past criminal records when applying for jobs and it is only with a background check that employers will be able to unearth such records. A criminal history may not necessarily mean that an individual is not fit for employment but the employer deserves to know this information before trusting a new employee with sensitive files and information about the business. Job seekers should be forthright with this information and those that are not could have something big to hide. Some of the issues that employers should be on the lookout for include assaults and drug-related crimes. Workspaces are supposed to be safe and employees with such histories and characteristics may interfere with this.

  1.      To confirm academic credentials.

Job seekers may also use fake certificates when applying for a job and employers that are not careful when choosing new employees may end up with unqualified workers who may not add value to the firm. Background checks are, therefore, very important to check the authenticity of documents presented by the applicants. Such checks are particularly important if the position to be filled is technical in nature. Medical personnel and programmers are some of the positions that call for pre-employment background checks before hiring so as to ensure that you end up with the best candidate for the position.

  1.      To ensure due diligence.

Employers are required by law to perform background checks on all their employees for security purposes. In fact, the employers will be charged in a court of law when it is found out that they have been hosting criminals in their organizations as a result of not conducting background checks on their employees. The firm may end up incurring huge fees to defend themselves in court and this will definitely eat into the business’ revenues. To avoid such costs, employers should make sure that they perform background checks before hiring anyone to their organizations.


Pre-employment background checks are very important in the hiring process. With increased competition for the few open job positions, job seekers would do whatever it takes to clinch the available positions even if it means faking the academic qualifications and hiding their criminal pasts. Background checks will reveal all these things and this will help employers make the best hiring decisions.  

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Keeping a healthy cash flow can be a challenge in today’s competitive business world. You want to keep enough money on hand. However, you also have to spend money to pay for necessities like payroll, utilities, inventory, and other expenses. This dilemma can leave you wracking your brain for how to come up with the money you need to keep going each day.

Rather than allow your business to exist on the bare minimum of cash, you can instead use assets to free up money and secure financing you need to build your company. You can find out more about accounts receivable and asset based financing when you visit the company’s website today.

More about Factoring

The process of using your accounts receivable for collateral is sometimes referred to as factoring. In this type of financing, you sell your accounts receivable to the lender who in turn pays you a slightly discounted amount for them. You may receive up to 90 percent of their full value upfront or be extended financing based on that amount.

Businesses like, accounts receivable buyers, and factors then takes possession of the assets and handles the collection activities on the accounts. You can use the money for whatever purpose you deem appropriate without having to worry about collecting on the debts or managing the assets from this point onward.

Starting the Process

If you are interested in this type of financing, you do not have to undergo an extensive application process like you would when pursuing a bank loan. The entire process is handled online, and you get a faster answer in many cases than you would with an in-person meeting with a bank loan officer.

You also do not have to worry about making payments on the money if you sell your accounts receivable for cash. The financier makes a profit by paying you a discounted price for the accounts. After the debtors pay the financier, the business regards that overhead as the profit. However, you may have to pay a small processing fee for this arrangement.

You may not have the time, credit rating, or history in the business market to get financed by a bank. You need to use other means to secure the money you need to pay bills. You can use assets in your possession to get cash that you can use to make payroll, pay utilities, and meet other expenses.

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A wooden deck is a gorgeous addition to any home. It is also a very expensive investment. Do you have a wooden deck on your home? If you do, you should do everything possible to prevent the deck from being damaged by the elements. Wood needs to be protected because it is being rained on constantly. Moisture is the enemy of any wooden surface that is constantly outdoors. The urgency to protect your deck from moisture is intensified if you live in a climate where your deck will be exposed to snow during the winter months. Here are some of the ways you can use to look for a company that will be able to put a protective coating on your wooden deck.

1. Talk to some of the deck owners in your neighborhood.

You should start out by trying to determine how the other deck owners in your neighborhood protect their decks. Do they apply the coating themselves? Do they hire a company to coat their deck for them? If so, what is the name of the company? Are they happy with the quality of the coating that the company has applied to their deck? Would they recommend that you hire the same deck coating company that they used? With any luck, you will be able to get the names of some reputable companies that you can call later.

2. Go to some home improvement stores to get references for companies that will coat your deck.

The people at home improvement stores can be very helpful. There is a good chance that some of the people who work at the home improvement stores in your area will be able to recommend a deck coating company. They might also be able to tell you the best type of coating to get for the particular type of wood that you are trying to protect.

3. Check out a few blogs that discuss home improvement issues.

Blogs might be able to give you some solid references for companies that perform deck coatings in Orlando FL. You should focus on reading blogs that pertain to deck care and maintenance. Ask the other readers of the blogs you visit if they have any deck coating companies they can recommend. There is a good chance that some of these people will be able to help you. You have nothing to lose.

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Industrial business owners rarely market their products successfully without at least one corporate partnership to their credit. Even if you design and make most of your products in your own factories, chances are that you have partnered with at least one other business to help you create your consumer goods.

This partnership in particular may be needed when the goods you make serve important purposes in the industrial arena. You can research your options before forming this connection with a technology service by going online today.

Industrial Services for Your Company

Your consumer base may expect the products that they buy from you to last for years if not decades. Without adding a specialized finishing touch to these goods, however, they may only last a year or slightly longer. Your customers may not get a good return on their investment.

Rather than short change them out of their investment and trust in your business, you may find it wise to partner with a technology service that can offer metal coatings, thermal evaporation, wear coatings, and other services. These options add to the integrity of your product and retain the trust that your customers place in you as a manufacturer.

However, you may not be familiar with the services yourself. Rather than appear uneducated about crucial technology you need for your own factory, you can do your research now about the options by visiting the company’s website.

The site explains what each of the services are and why they would benefit you as the corporate partner. It also details how you can take advantage of the services that would be most practical for you to use in your business.

Self-Service Options

As with any corporate connection, you have to make sure that the one you forge with the company will be affordable and financially lucrative for you. You do not want to spend most of your cash flow for services that ultimately will break your bottom line.

Before you choose any of the services, you can get a free quote by using this option on the website. You will know how much it will cost you and whether or not you can afford it upfront.

Industrial partnerships can impact the quality and profitability of your company. You can research your best options for technology services and select those that fit within your budget by using the information available to you on the website.

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