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Forex trading is more accessible than ever. You don’t need a large starting investment to begin trading foreign currency pairs. You don’t even have to go through a complex account creation process; you can begin trading forex pairs in minutes thanks to online brokers and their trading platforms.

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The real challenge is in understanding the forex market. Before you can start being profitable with your forex investments, you need to understand the fundamentals of the market, define your risk profile, manage your bankroll, and formulate the right trading strategy based on these elements.

Bankroll management is an aspect that often gets neglected in a rush to investing in forex. To help you avoid making the same mistake, here are the simplest bankroll management tips to integrate into your trading strategy.

Invest the Money You Can Afford to Lose

This was one of the first pieces of advice I received when I started trading forex years ago. Yes, the forex market is lucrative and there are plenty of opportunities to make money, but there are also risks to manage and potential losses to anticipate.

Trading with the money you can afford to lose allows you to be less emotional when trading. You can make cool, calculated decisions from the beginning. This usually leads to better long-term profitability and an easier time breaking into the forex market.

Be Mindful of Your Leverage

Leverage is your friend and enemy. On the one hand, you can use leverage to multiply your ability to invest to a certain degree. A 100:1 leverage lets you open bigger positions and capitalize on them without having to increase your investment amount.

That said, you will also lose the same amount of money for every pip of movement against your open position. In this instance, leverage becomes a part of your risks; risks that you need to manage as you venture into the forex market further.

Adjust Your Strategy

Speaking of the size of your trade, you also have to think about your margin in relation to how you manage your risks. When you have plenty of margin to utilize, you actually have more options when dealing with reversals and added risks.

You can adopt the best trading systems based on your risk profile and trading style. Wall St. Nation has the top trading systems and indicators reviewed, and they include information on how you can adapt those systems based on the trading bankroll you have in your account.

Trade with a Plan

Last but not least, make sure you open each position with a clear trading strategy in mind. Opening a position without a plan is never good for your bankroll, since you are basically risking the entire amount without a clear exit strategy.

Whenever you open a new position, be sure to set a Stop Loss and a Target Profit. You can then add contingency plans and additional elements to further strengthen your trading plan.

Keep these tips and tricks in mind, and you will have no trouble at all managing your bankroll. As you get better at managing your bankroll, you will also increase your ability to avoid margin calls, adjust your trading sizes, and stay profitable in the long run.

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Regardless of one’s financial situation, managing finances is an incredibly important part of life. Staying on top of finances doesn’t need to be a difficult task, and there are several simple ways to develop and practice money management. Here are three simple suggestions for maintaining control of finances and staying on-track with money without stress!

1. Create a Monthly Budget

Creating a budget to keep track of finances may contribute to financial well-being tremendously. Seeing where money is going and how much is being spent can positively impact choices on what to spend money on and what to save. These days, making a budget is easier than ever to do! Applications for smartphones which can connect to a bank account may be a wonderful choice to begin creating a budget and monitoring funds.

2. Seek Professional Financial Advice

It may be advantageous to consult a financial professional for assistance, such as a tax and financial expert at Quon & Associates tax consulting company, for example. Working with a professional to assist with managing taxes and finances can be very beneficial, and it may even alleviate anxiety about having to manage money independently. An informed professional may be able to answer questions about credit, debt, investments, taxes and other money-related issues. It is critical to work with financial advisors and experts who are reputable and trustworthy. Therefore, be sure to do lots of research before choosing to hire an advisor.

3. Read About Financial Advice and Continue to Learn

It may be a great idea to read books on finances and money management. There are hundreds of books that offer tips and suggestions about managing money. Additionally, there is a plethora of information available on the internet about financial advice, and most of this information is totally free of charge! It may be helpful to read as much about money management as possible from trusted resources. Continuously learning about finances may lead to creating wealth and eventually paving a pathway to financial freedom!

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Many people desire to enter Forex as which involves bundle to become exchanged. There are lots of kinds of key trading centers which are existing in every region of the world. Once you trade in Forex currency trading, and then there is absolutely no set place for same. This sort of Forex trading can be carried out 24 hours per day, and that you can do each day from Mon to Sunday.

Forex Guidelines

There are a few major Forex currency trading Centers, and something main reason will be that these places don’t have any pegged or set currency rates. Below comes the purpose of central loan provider that is in charge of maintaining great reserves for Forex. All this is performed to stabilize the market of any region. These local exchanges are usually done to make sure that ample move of reserves is manufactured with identical. Inflation rates could be lowered down by using stable foreign expense. With fixed money rates, inflation costs could be effortlessly decreased down and need for foreign goods could be activated increasingly more. For a longer time frame, this sort of things should be challenging to keep.

Right Brokers

Among the significant things when you enter to Forex currency trading involves finding the right broker. Prior to deciding to ingest to plunge to getting in Forex currency trading, you need to discover a Brokerage who could enter into Vantage FX Trading each day. This strategy would assist you in locating the trickiest on the trade holder. You need to read all of the reviews and proceed through every one of the conditions and terms attached with precisely the same broker. Several choices depend upon your trading choice and available expenditure capitals.

Learn Through Internet

You need to understand the basic stuff in Forex currency trading before you leap directly into it. You need to study up all articles or blog posts and join discussion boards to be able to gain more info. You can even make many on the web in addition to offline buddies who could help with the same. You will need to help keep your sight and ears wide open. Correct Information is quite necessary for this time around. You must stay static in touch along with the floating market since it can help you generate profits in a suitable method. You must examine the trading information as well as your judgments ought to be dependent on various factors, not only the news you’re getting.

When you enter into the Forex currency trading market, you will need to prepare with only one marketing strategy that you ought to follow. You need to make a transparent and concise approach. The price action method is among the proven strategies you’ll want to follow if you want more profit moving in your bank account. There is absolutely no single strategy that may promise one to give you comprehensive success, but at the very least, some portion of success could be gained with sticking with these strategies.

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From ancient times, people have tried to understand the nature of injurious or defamatory statements that are made known to the public or third parties. Defamation laws seek to address defamation claims so that issues can be settled in court. This guide will be help to those seeking the services of Dublin solicitors.

What is Defamation?

Defamation is described as the communication of a false statement (untrue information) about a person, group, or organization which can affect the subject’s reputation negatively. It is also called calumny, traducement, or vilification in some other parts of the world. Read more about that here.

There are several things that a person must prove in order to establish a statement as defamatory. The basic principle for being regarded as “not guilty” is when all the statements have been proven to be factual. There are some other situations where the law may permit the said defamatory statement. Some laws protect against statements which are misleading, but not technically false.

Slander and Libel

Defamation is seen as the general term used internationally. It is used in cases where the differentiation between slander and libel is not necessary. Sometimes, slander may be published. The essential differentiation between slander and libel is based on what form the defamatory statement was published.

Slander is the spoken form of this offence, while libel is written. Under common law, the statement being tagged as defamatory has to be generally false. It must also have been communicated to someone else, that is, a third party. The individual that commits such an offence may be called a “slanderer”, “libeler”, or “defamer”.

A statement is slanderous when it is a publication containing sounds, gestures, spoken words, sign language, or other fleeting forms. On the other hand, libelous statements have to be in the form of pictures and printed words.

Read more about that here:


The Law in Ireland

In Ireland, the law seeks to balance the society’s rights to discuss matters of relevance, while safeguarding a person’s constitutional right to a good name and reputation. Freedom of Speech is considered a very important right in the country. A libel claim can be triggered by a statement which tends to spoil the reputation of the subject.

The Defamation Act of 1961 was effective for almost half of a century along with the basal principles of the common law of tort. The Defamation Act of 2009 came into effect in January 2010 and was meant to annul the Defamation Act of 1961. It protects the interests of individuals.

This Act represents important changes in Irish law, as many were of the opinion that the law attached little significance to the freedom of the media in the past. On the other hand, it gave more value to the individual’s right to a good reputation. The Act is limited to a one-year period, but it can be extended to another year in exceptional situations.

Hiring a Dublin Solicitor

Whether you are seeking to defend yourself against a libel claim or you want to seek redress against someone that you feel has ruined your reputation by publicizing an untrue statement, what you need to do is to get the right solicitors.

The right defamation solicitors in Dublin will be able to evaluate the strength of your case and discuss the possibilities. They would have the necessary expertise and experience as regards every aspect of the Irish Defamation Law. These cases require expert advice because the wrong move can backfire and bring more unwanted publicity.

You need to weigh your options as regards your budget because these cases can be quite expensive. If you feel that the financial burden will be too heavy, you may want to reconsider. Your solicitor will guide you on this.

Other aspects that are very important to the case include:

  • Availability of evidence.
  • The financial state of the defendant.
  • The question of actual damage to your reputation.
  • The third-party.
  • The inclusion of the claimant’s identity in the statement.

With this guide, you will be able to know the right steps to take when making a defamation claim or defending yourself against one. The key to getting a win is having the right solicitors by your side.

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In the world of entrepreneurship, you might find yourself falling a little behind the curve on constantly changing technology. Never fear! The skills you need to start and run your business are within your grasp. Here are some steps you can take to become a tech-savvy entrepreneur.

Ask a Professional

The first thing you need to know is that you don’t need to know how to do everything. Focus on learning the tech-based skills that will help you to succeed. While managed IT support services and on-site IT staff are certainly great resources from day to day, do you find yourself having repeated conversations with the IT help desk about a certain problem or process? That’s a pretty good indicator that you should learn more about how to solve the problem yourself. If you still don’t know where to start, you can always ask a trusted professional what other tech skills would be beneficial for you to focus on first.

Seek Educational Resources 

After you’ve figured out the technological proficiencies you’re hoping to acquire, you’ll need to look for some educational resources. For the absolute beginner, a simple internet search might seem a little overwhelming. Write a list of questions that you would want to answer about the topic you’re interested in learning about and search specifics from there. Utilizing video resources from YouTube or various social media platforms might also be beneficial. If you’re really ready to take the plunge you can start investing in books, tutorials, and courses that will help you learn more. Don’t be afraid to ask professionals within your own industry to ask how they use technology to get specific ideas on how to implement tech resources in your business.

Find Opportunities for Experiential Learning

One of the very best ways for anyone to learn a new skill is by just getting some experience; sometimes the best way to learn is to dive right in. For basic tech skills, you can look for free trials or introductory software that will allow you to practice what you’ve learned in information gathering. Apply techniques that you’re learning to projects that might benefit from your new outlook on technology. Don’t be afraid to learn from mistakes and failures, because what not to do is just as valuable information to have as what should be done.

When it comes to the business world, technology can be both a blessing and a curse. For you to succeed as an entrepreneur, find the best ways to learn about how to implement your newfound tech skills, even if only to follow up on the work of those you hire to do the heavy lifting for you.

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No one goes to buy a car with the mindset of reselling it. However, after a few years of use, the question of ‘how long should I keep my car?’ starts popping in your head.

A new car loses up to 20% of its value when you buy it and drive it off the lot. There’s no specific length of time to sell your car; however, there are indications that signify the ideal time to get that car into the market. Here are some clues that let you know when to sell your car.

When It No Longer Meet Your Needs

Several life situations alter your vehicle needs. It could be marriage, kids, or even a change of environment. While a convertible would be suitable for you when single, it may not meet your needs as a parent. Likewise, the car you use when in the city may not suit life in the countryside. That is a cue that it is time to sell the vehicle. Sell it and buy another car that will suit your needs.

When It Is No Longer in Use 

Lots of people make the mistake of keeping their cars covered in the garage when it’s not in use. Stop wasting money on insurance and registration. Unless you intend to keep the car as a collection, it’s time you sell it or find out how much you can get for a title loan. Cars depreciate quickly when not in use, so instead of parking the vehicle, you can at least lease it out to keep the engine running,

Consider the Season

The demand for cars increases during the spring and summer, making it the best time to cash in on your vehicle. Families’ go on holidays, picnics and other activities and need a car to move around effectively. People are less inclined to buy cars in the winter, as they spend more time indoors.

While it is not essential to selling your car during the winter or summer, it is also necessary to consider demand and supply. When too many sellers list their car for sale during this period, there will be a surplus, and the prices may drop.

When It Start Incurring Excessive Repair Expenses

As you continue to use a car, the repair frequency, and costs increases. If you are faced with significant repairs and excessive parts replacement, then that is just the sign to sell. If your car can’t go a few weeks without requiring a major repair, then it’s time to put it on the market. Repair bills accumulate slowly, and you may not realize how much you spend. Selling off the car and investing the money into a new one may be the ideal thing to do.

Before It Loses Value Due to High Mileage

Every mile you drive costs you money in terms of the value of your car. Buyers always check the mileage on a vehicle before purchasing it. Some buyers make a big deal about it and may reduce the amount they are willing to pay for the vehicle.

The value of the car drops as the mileage increases. This makes it essential to sell your car before it clocks a high mileage point. Probably when it reaches the 40,000 to the 50,000-mile mark. 

When Everything Is Still Working

It is easier to convince buyers to pay good money for your car when everything is still working. If you notice things are falling off your car, then you should consider selling. A buyer will access the level of damage to a vehicle before making a bid. Having a broken mirror or headlight can even turn off a potential buyer.

Allowing the car to depreciate further may cost you money as the buyer will likely deduct the cost of fixing those items. The more parts that need replacement, the lower the amount you will receive for the car.

When It No Longer Meets Your Status

While several people may disagree, the car a person drives should suit their level in society. In this modern day, you aren’t just treated based on how you dress, but also what you drive. If you get a promotion or get a new job where most of the people use high-tech cars, then you need an upgrade. Also, as an entrepreneur, you should change your vehicle if your current one doesn’t suit your position. While it is essential not to be extravagant, you need a car that matches your status.

Before the Market Value Drops Remarkably

The truth about cars is that its value drops quickly. As newer car models are introduced into the market, the previous models become cheaper and less appealing.

Market forces of demand and supply determine the value of a car, and with more buyers opting for new cars, the demand and prices of used vehicles diminish. If you have a 2015 model, then probably about three new models would have emerged after yours.

The value will continue to decline each passing year, and if you intend to get top money for it, then you should make the sale now.

Overall Condition

It’s best to sell your car when the interior and exterior are still in shape. Not when the car door is already faulty or when you have huge holes under the car. The surface of the car is a significant determinant of the amount you will receive for the vehicle. The condition can be improved upon before selling to ensure you get optimum value.

We all use different car brands and drive on different roads, so there is no universal formula in determining how long to keep a car before selling. However, paying attention to the vehicle and the local market can give you all the cues you need to know when to sell.

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Perhaps it is your first time to consider replacing your existing credit card, and you find the sheer number of choices available quite daunting.

Maybe you regularly travel for work or play, and you would like to switch to a credit card that offers better rewards.

A change in your professional or personal circumstances (a promotion, the birth of a new child) might also be prompting you to look into other options that could benefit you more.

Comparing credit cards

Whatever your reason may be for switching to another credit card, it is essential to make an apples-to-apples comparison.

Here, you will need to put a few critical factors into consideration.

How you plan to pay your bill

Should you prefer to pay your bills in full, opt for a card from a bank that waives annual fees as well as provides longer grace periods.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you are someone who prefers to pay only the minimum amount, consider credit cards that have low interest rates.

If you are planning to use your new credit card as your primary mode of payment for frequent transactions, choose one that has an excellent rewards program as well as a high credit limit.

Finally, if you intend to use the credit card for emergencies only, select one that offers a combination of low fees and interest rate.

Types of interest rates

Broadly speaking, credit card interest rates can be categorized into two: fixed and variable.

With a fixed interest rate, credit card users pay essentially the same interest rate. However, such a rate may change depending on the terms laid down by the bank, like late payments or going over the prescribed card limit.

With a variable interest rate, the interest rate you may have to pay can change from month to month. The interest rate here is usually tied to other financial indicators.

Credit limits

The amount that banks may be willing to let you borrow will depend heavily on your credit history. This can range from hundreds to thousands. But whatever the credit limits are on the card you are going to get, it is a good idea to spend within those limits to retain a good credit score.


Check the fine print, especially those that relate to penalties and other charges. Some cards may levy a hefty fee for transactions like balance transfers or spending beyond your credit limit.

Make sure to compare these fees before settling for a final choice.


Choose a card that offers rewards that make the most sense for you. For example, if you frequently travel, select a card that offers a program geared towards travelers, allowing you to earn more points faster.

Do not forget to check the conditions set by the bank regarding the rewards program, including expiry policies and ways to earn the most points.

An easier way to compare credit cards

With numerous choices available for people looking for a new credit card, making the switch to a new one may seem like a difficult task.

Fortunately, if you are planning on getting a new card, you no longer have to hop from one bank’s website to another or leaf through pages and pages of brochures to pinpoint the best card for your needs.

By leveraging the power of the Internet, you can compare different credit cards in just one place through a credit card comparison website. Such a site can help you better understand the benefits of each credit card in your shortlist as well as enable you to maximize your savings.

This kind of website takes into account numerous important factors, including your spending patterns and the features you are looking for into a card.

All you have to do is to identify the features that work best for you and input them into the website. From there, a selection of cards will be listed. You can whittle down this list further by highlighting the top cards that you are interested in and compare these among each other.

Once you have found a card that works best for you, you can even apply online.

Credit card comparison made easy

With several credit cards vying for your attention, deciding on which one to get is no easy task. In the UAE alone, residents have over 200 options available to them.

Fortunately, a credit card comparison website can streamline the whole process for you.


Deepak Kumar is a Co-Founder of SoulWallet, a neutral comparison portal for consumer financial services. With a team of “out of the box” thinkers and a deep understanding of the UAE consumer banking industry, the company helps customers make the best choices while shopping for financial products such as credit cards and loans.

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