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Most small businesses wait until the last day to ready their books for the tax season. Getting an early start, whether you do it yourself or use tax companies, will reduce your tax burden and minimize the struggles you go through at the end of the year. It could even increase your tax deductions. Here are three tips on preparing your business for the tax season.

Update Employee and Independent Contractor Details

Do not wait for the end of the year to collect your employee and contractor details. If your business works with independent contractors and not employees, you will be required to submit 1099 form – this is a form that reports any payments over $600 made to contractors. Before submitting the details, call contractors to ensure you have up-to-date information.

If you do not have a W-9 form on file, submit one to the contractors and ask for contact details and business tax identification number. By January 31, every employee should receive a W-2 form to ensure you have the correct contact details.

Maximize Deductions

As the end of year approaches, you need to take advantage of tax deductions to pay as little tax as possible. To start with, buy new office equipment or furniture towards the tax season to qualify for tax deductions. You can also contribute in-cash or in-kind to a charitable organization. Instead of disposing of your old equipment and furniture, give them to a qualifying charitable organization, and you could reduce your tax burden by a large percentage.

Another way to reduce your tax burden is to give end-year bonuses to your employees before December. Bonuses given before the start of the tax period qualify your business for tax deductions. Still on employees, and end year party (that is limited to all employees and not you and your family) may qualify for up to 100 percent tax deductions as established by IRS.

Gather All Documents in Time

Receipts, invoices, and any other documents needed to file your tax returns must be ready by the start of the tax period. Organize all your tax documents in an easy-to-access folder. Keep in mind that some of the materials need to be prepared way ahead of time. 

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If you are looking to get information on how to make, save, or deal with money, you may want to consider reading a Millennial Money Blog. This blog offers sound advice on how you can navigate through finances and maximize them the best way you can.

Dealing with finances can be taxing and undesirable due to the technicalities that come with them. At times, you might find yourself stuck due to the complications that arise with handling money. Whether you are looking to earn on the side or trying to better allocate your cash for purchases, there are many techniques you can utilize. 
Reading a blog may be much less daunting compared to doing manual research. You will likely not find as many technical terms, and you will be able to digest information more easily. 

Millennial Money Blog have been on the rise lately because of the increasing concern for personal finances. As such, they serve as excellent sources of valuable information.

You no longer need to subject yourself to extensive research because you can learn many things from these blogs. As the world of finance is vast, millennial money blogs or blog posts tend to focus on specific themes. 
Money-making and Money-saving

The most common topics for a Millennial Money Blog would be how to make and save money. With the various ways you can earn and save money, you must find a blog that applies to your situation and goals. Some blogs may talk about side hustles, while others promote taking small steps to save a considerable amount of money potentially.

Perhaps one of the most useful information you can get from a Millennial Money Blog would be advice on how to budget your money. If you have ever had to work with limited funds, then you may have struggled with figuring out how exactly to work around with whatever amount you had.

Budgeting can often be seen as a mundane task since it requires calculations and lots of thinking. Several bloggers, however, have tried to discuss the concept of budgeting in a more exciting way. Rather than try to impose a strict method of allocating money, bloggers would usually share perspectives or mindsets to go about budgeting. 
Achieving Financial Freedom

Several Millennial Money Blogs also discuss financial freedom or being free of debt. These may commonly target college students, start-up business owners, or other groups of people who may need to source capital elsewhere. Blogs that highlight financial freedom show that it is possible to get rid of debts and, after, build on your savings. 

With investments being a hugely technical field of finance, bloggers have tried to explain this in layman’s terms. There are many things to acquaint yourself with if you intend to enter the world of investments. Typically, blogs that focus on investments would advise how to invest the right way or what factors you must consider before investing.
Whatever type of information you may be looking for, Millennial Money Blogs are a rich source of advice and perspective.

You may sometimes think of money as something complicated, but these blogs depict them as something less daunting. They offer several tips, tricks, and techniques that you can utilize to achieve your goals. However, you must remember that not all advice applies to everyone, so it is also a matter of understanding what works best for you or your situation.


Gateshead is a town that is located in the county of Tyne and Wear. This town is located opposite the New Castle and has 7 bridges that connect it to New Castle across the River Tyne. They have a population of around 120,000 and the people living in this area are called Geordies.

This town is famous for its exquisite architecture. One of the most famous landmarks in this area is the Gateshead Millennium Bridge which is a cyclist and pedestrian bridge that crosses the Tyne River towards New Castle. This bridge has a minimalist design and compliments the modern architecture that you can find all over the city.

Gateshead is a very beautiful town and is very conducive for living and even building a family. Not just because of its beauty, but it is a town built centered on the people living in it which makes this area a good place to live in. The temperature is also relatively cool with an average high of 20 degrees Celsius and an average low of 3 degrees Celsius. It is never too cold nor too hot in Gateshead.

If you want to expand your office space, Gateshead is the perfect place for you because this area is very accommodating and is close to New Castle where businesses are expected to root up and grow.

Choosing the right office is very important as it can affect you, your employees and your company. The location, the size, and the price of your office will affect your success. So it is better to choose your workplace wisely.

Here are some things to consider in choosing your workplace:

Business Type

If you are in the retail business, then it is imperative that you choose a storefront in the town centers or the malls. It should be someplace where there is heavy foot traffic so that people can see what you are selling.

If you choose a place in the city center, then as much as possible, it should be on the ground floor. One of the best ways for you to market your products is to allow people walking by to window shop to entice them to buy your products. Click here for more tips in choosing a space for retail.

If you own a restaurant, then it should be the same and be where people can see your restaurant easily. You can even set up tables out on the street so that when people order and sit outside; passersby can see and even smell the food that you sell.

If you have large amounts of goods getting in and out of your business, then it should be close to a loading area but if you are a wholesale supplier, then it would be wise to choose a place where there are warehouses to make it more convenient for your business.


The next thing you should consider is how close you are to your target customers. Most business targets a certain demographic group. Being close to your target group will prove to be an advantage for you as it will be easier for your target to find you and get to you. The farther you are, the less the chance that your customers will go to you.

This also applies not just to your customers but also your employees. You have to make sure that your workplace is close or at least accessible to your workers. If your workplace is difficult to access then you will have a hard time keeping and finding employees. You might have to provide transportation for them to get to you. If you are starting a business in a new place, it would also be wise to hire locals so that your workers will not have a hard time getting to work.


You need to be aware of where your competitors are located. One of the best ways to do business is to cluster. This means to open your office or shop in a location close to your competition. This is to allow you to get a share of the market in that area. However, your prices need to be competitive and never higher than your competition if you do such a thing.


How your office looks matter a lot more than you think. People judge based on appearance and this includes your clients, employees and even yourself. The appearance of your office will matter to your clients because this will show if you are credible and serious. This will affect both you and your employees also because you will be working there almost every day. Moreover, how it looks will affect your mood and the mood of your employees too.

Large Office

Lastly, you need to consider your budget first. It is wonderful to have the best office and all but the most important part of choosing is your budget. Make sure that you can shoulder the costs and that it will not pull your business down.

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Technology is by now playing a big role in the evolution of conventional financial services as enterprises try to adapt to evolving customer expectations, decrease costs, avert competitive losses from nimbler startups, and find novel ways to develop revenues in the digital age.

Digital transformation waves across all areas of financial services. Each month a novel application of artificial intelligence or machine learning makes the headlines. Under significant force to reduce costs and advance the volume, pace, and quality of consumer information, financial companies are shifting towards machine learning to automate main business tasks.

Eventually, robots may learn from data patterns and past decisions to make machine-pace assessments and execute certain operational functions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With competition more and more growing in the financial world, automation offer companies with the prospect to speed up key processes and provide consumers with a more competent service.

Fintech World

This is mainly useful for Fintech innovators who can connect this technology to provide a growing range of tools and services to customers and businesses, starting from mobile payments to crowdfunding and online lending. In terms of alternative business loans, automated credit checks, and online applications have swap lengthy negotiations between customers and bank managers. All it needs is a computer, smartphone or tablet to access a range of funding choices at reasonable rates.

In the financial sector, decision-makers need the guidance of automated systems to make better data-driven decisions. No matter how hard you try, you simply cannot contend with the calculated accuracy of software and automation. One business, which leverages automation in the finance industry, is Moneta International UAB. One of its CEO, Eyal Nachum, indicated that we are continuously improving our payment and cash management system, which was designed for the 21st century. Customer financial data remain discreet and secure, the user interface becomes attractive and easy to use no overdraft, or additional charges involved.

Today, customers have high expectations. The rapidly adapting information base of automated software, which directly informs customers on their devices, is extremely helpful to customers.

By minimizing human being error, freeing up funds, and staying updated on information, automated technologies can raise efficiency in many industries. Automated technologies execute mainly human-based tasks without any of the conventional constraints.


85% of banks have adopted digital transformation

3 out of 4 worldwide customers are using Fintech services for money transaction

77% of financial institutions are looking to innovate more

60% of conventional banks are teaming up with Fintech startups, and 82% expect these collaborations to increase within the next few years

The final reason why automation is beneficial 

It’s a fact that today’s consumers are more linked with information than ever before. Therefore, it seems a little counter-intuitive to pay attention to a human about what funds or assets to go after when the information is easily accessible online.

Social trading forces technology service providers to innovate better tools, generating the need for automation in all businesses.

Credit unions, banking institutions, and top financial service providers have been playing catch up with new software developments and advancement in technology initiated by Fintech startups. This phenomenon is permanently changing the overall financial landscape.

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If you have a home, warm blankets, and protection from the elements every night when you go to sleep, you may have a difficult time imagining your life without these creature comforts – because you are not homeless. Believe it or not, no one knows for sure how many homeless people there are in America because the groups are transient and hidden. Living in caverns or tunnels beneath populated cities, in tents along road sides, and in abandoned buildings, the numbers of homeless are difficult to establish. Here are two ways you can help fight the homelessness that is growing across the globe.


Clean your closets out and share items you no longer use, such as your old shoes, coats, sweaters, and other clothing items with a homeless shelter. You can also cut back on a latte twice a week and put that money toward the purchase of canned foods, books, or toys for homeless children. You don’t have to limit the items to clothing or food, either. If you clean out your home office, share old reams of paper, writing tablets, pencils and pens, and other office items anyone can use. Don’t forget about blankets when you get ready to toss bedroom items.


Put your money where your thoughts are and donate some cash to a homeless shelter or charity for the homeless. That is what Eyal Gutentag did for his Los Angeles community. He and his wife, Diane, used their charity to help hundred of homeless people. Remember, many of those homeless are children, and they could use some new shoes or a coat that fits when the weather gets cold. Even a small donation can help the children.

You can make a difference in the life of a homeless person that is struggling to get off the street. Share your old items or donate some money. Your help can be the little bit that finally gets a person off the street – and that is priceless.

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Gold has always been a valuable metal and a means for measuring wealth. In the past, gold found its way in the necks of Egyptian queens and the exchanging hands of merchants. It has always been a sign of wealth, and a valuable asset to own.

Nowadays, the price of gold is dependent on its weight, and it has recently seen an upwards increase in value after a period of stagnation. Popular investment news outlets have predicted that the price of gold will continue to rise with the inflating economy.

Defining Gold as a Metal

Gold is one of the metals in the periodic table whose founder is unknown. It is a chemical element that is mostly inert, which means that it doesn’t decay or tarnish. It alloys well with other metals, so it’s easy to transform into sheets or wires.

It’s a rare element that can only be found in mines and cannot be produced artificially. South Africa used to be the world’s largest gold supplier, but now China and Australia have taken on that role.

Gold has always been a precious metal to civilization, and it remains essential in various industries today. Gold’s relevance to the modern world contributes to its steady demand, and it’s unlikely that the price of gold will severely drop soon.

The Use of Gold Today

One of the most important industries that rely on gold’s inert property is the technology category. As gold doesn’t tarnish or corrode, it finds use as a capable conductor for solid-state electronic devices. This means that gold plays a role in speeding up the transfer of information within devices. As a result, you can find small amounts of gold in almost all electronics, including phones, laptops, and GPS units.

Perhaps the most popular use of gold is in the creation of jewelry. About 78% of the world’s gold finds its way to jewelry shops and metals myths around the globe. Gold has always been a staple for jewelry-making because it doesn’t tarnish and can withstand generations of use. Therefore, it can be passed on to generations as a precious heirloom.

It’s especially prevalent in countries like India, where superstitions connected to gold motivate the purchase of jewelry. The price of gold in India also tends to be lower, as there is a massive demand for the metal even in less affluent communities.

Apart from these, gold is also widely used in the dental and aerospace fields. A trend among all these industries is that they seek gold for its physical properties. The inertness of a robust and easily alloyed metal is a unique quality of gold, making it incredibly valuable.

Should You Invest in Gold

Nowadays, a large percentage of wealth portfolios comprise of stocks and bonds. The popularity of cryptocurrency has also contributed to a shift in online investments. However, some don’t trust the lack of security in intangible investments. Therefore, these individuals have turned to gold for a sense of asset security.

As gold doesn’t involve being in a shared bond and is virtually zero interest, it maintains popularity, especially among traditional investors. Although the price of gold fluctuates, there’s current potential in investing in gold as the economy seems favorable to its inflation.

Consequently, if you’ve been thinking about it, now’s a great time to invest in gold.

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In the ever-competitive world of business, only businesses that can maximize their resources both material and otherwise stay profitable. This is the simple reason why some companies manage to stay in business no matter how though or unfavorable the market might seem. Of course, many of them also employ the services of an NYC business consulting firm to help offer solutions to some of the biggest problems they face in organizing and managing their business. 

Business consultants are professionals that help businesses tackle their difficult situations and challenges. However, that’s not to say they are only useful during hard times. In fact, a good business consultant will help keep your company from falling upon hard times entirely by providing creative, forward-thinking ideas to help achieve your goals and objectives as a business. They bring new ideas to the table, thus invigorating your business and place you on the path to achieving business success. 

Business consultants come in various forms and offer a wide range of services. You may already be familiar with big names like KPMG or PricewaterhouseCoopers. If you do, then you probably have an idea of what business consulting firms do already. Below are some of the services you can expect from a business consultant whether you are hiring an individual or a firm. 

1. Business advisory: business consulting firms may offer advisory services to support the strengths and minimize weaknesses in identified areas within an organization. They do this by going over your firm’s business plan, financial statement and analyzing the overall structure of your business. Based on these pieces information, experience and specialized knowledge of your industry and market, they will be able to formulate new strategies and review old ones to boost the performance of your company on so many fronts.

 Read here for some of the top reasons why companies hire business consultants.

2. Outsourced accounting: this is another area where a business consultant can provide valuable assistance to your company. By outsourcing the accounting duties in your organization, you simply transfer this service to an external service provider which in this case is your business consultant. Outsourcing may be necessary if your firm lacks a well-structured or competent accounting department or if you are looking to expand your portfolio and your current accounting team will not be able to handle day to day financial transactions conveniently like in the case of a new branch opening, a new business model, etc. Outsourcing accounting to a business consultant means they will handle the responsibilities of your accounting department for the period of the contract. In some cases, however, you only need the consultant to oversee, manage or even train your team.


3. Digital asset advisory: your digital assets includes electronic accounts, website, company databases, and even emails and several other information and data stored in digital formats. A digital asset advisor for business will assist in the process of coordinating or offering advisory services in how your digital assets are documented and stored. They also ensure that your firm complies with necessary rules and risk management practices as far as digital assets are concerned. 

4. Technological advisory: while business consulting firms might seem like they handle the business aspect of running your organization, some consultant can also look into the IT components of your business, too. Business consultants can help you integrate new IT system or improve on old ones. They will help come up with new IT strategies that will help boost your business capabilities and improve the overall effectiveness of processes. 

5. Human resources: this is one area where the services of business consultants become valuable. Business consulting firms can handle your human resources need and help you boost the job satisfaction level of your employees. They will also help in the process of recruiting new talents while identifying and retaining top performers in your organization. Consulting firms can also advise you on the best compensation strategies or training plans that will boost the performance of your team across all levels of your organization. 


There are numerous consulting firms to choose from all offering various services in different aspects of a business. Who you hire depends largely on your business needs and how much you are willing to spend on hiring a consultant. Most NYC business consultant offers the services above and a lot more. If you ever feel the need to hire one, you can read this guide on choosing the right business consultant for your company. 

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