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Investing is an important part of financial planning because it can help you make money to live comfortably today or to retire comfortably a few years from now. It is rather obvious that some investors are a lot more successful than others. Although some of their success may be attributed to catching a lucky break, many successful investors share the same key traits. So, if you want to become a successful investor, here are some of the traits you need to have or cultivate within yourself.


Patience is a key trait for investors who would like to create wealth over the long term. Patience helps you cultivate trust in the investment decisions you have made and helps you not worry about seeing a return on your investment immediately. Impatient investors pull out of great positions after a short while if they are not seeing the results they envisioned when they invested. Sticking to your plans and avoiding being swayed by present buy and sell trends will make you a better, more successful investor.

Hunger for Knowledge

Successful investors not only possess in-depth knowledge about the market, but they are always seeking new information and knowledge from various sources. They understand the position of different investment options and do thorough research about the companies, stocks, and other investment opinions they are interested in.

A good investor also studies the growth patterns of different industries and companies over the years and relies on reliable market forecasts and analysis from reputable sources like Using all this information, an investor also plans their point of exit if their research and prior knowledge indicate they are holding on to a losing position or option.

Risk Appetite and Aversion

The most successful investors are risk-takers, but with one key trait on top – they know when and how to take risks. Although they take risks all the time, they are smart about it and would never enter a position where there is a possibility of losing their money.

Knowing your level of risk appetite and how to avoid risks is often shaped by experience, confidence, and knowledge.


Although an investor has to be patient, they also have to be nimble. They have to know when to go one way when other people are going the other. Being adaptable puts you in a better place to take advantage of great investment opportunities that others might not be aware of.


Successful investors have clear goals. They set their goals regardless of how other people feel about them and with a clear plan in place on how they will achieve them. If you do not have clear goals and plans on how to achieve them, variations and market forces might cause you to deviate from your original plan. Also, successful investors are prepared for uncertainties in the market that may derail their plans and goals.

To be a successful investor, you either have to have the traits that make investors successful or learn to cultivate them. Although the traits above are a great place to start, you can always shadow a successful investor so they can teach you everything else you need to know to become a successful investor.

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