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If thinking about numbers and money gets you excited, then pursuing a finance degree could be the undergraduate route for you. Many lucrative jobs with high wages, and stable job outlooks are available to finance majors. Within each of the career paths for finance majors, there is space to personalize the job based on whether you like working for a large corporation, or working for yourself.



5. Financial Planner

A financial planner helps clients set financial strategies and goals. Financial planners often work for large financial firms, small companies, or own their own businesses. If you pursue this career path, you will have to become a certified financial planner, or CFP. A bachelor’s degree is required for this career, but many financial planners earn their Masters in Business, or MBA. The average salary range for this career is between $31,330 and $166,000.

4. Financial Advisor

A financial advisor could also be a financial consultant, stockbroker, or account executive. If you choose this career path you will buy and sell stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments for clients. The financial services you will offer will require you to get not only a finance degree, but also consistent credentials including passing the Series 7 exam through the Financial Industry regulatory Authority, or FINRA. The downside of financial advising is the long hours; sometimes you will have to work 50 hours a week or more. The median salary is $64,750, and top earners make $166,400.

3. Loan Officer

Loan officers help clients apply for loans by determining their credit-worthiness, terms of the loan, and the repayment schedule. If you decide to become a loan officer with your finance degree, you could work in a bank, a real estate agency, or a credit union. Your duties may include recruiting clients and managing clients. You could specialize in loan types like educational loans, mortgage, or auto loans. The average salaries for loan officers start at $56,490 and top out at $112,370.

2. Treasurer

Becoming a treasurer is another option for finance majors. As a treasurer you manage the finances of a company. You will also direct an organization’s financial goals, objectives, and budgets. Other duties include overseeing investment of funds and executing capital-raising strategies. A bachelor’s degree is required to for the job, also. The average salary of a treasurer is around $97,645 and with benefits and bonuses ends up being around $130,957.

1. Auditor

An auditor examines and analyzes accounting records. They prepare financial reports for clients, as well has confirm the accuracy of financial statements with laws and regulations. Computing taxes owed, preparing tax returns, assessing financial operations, and suggesting ways to reduce costs, enhance revenues, and improve profits are more of the duties of an auditor. Their usual pay averages at about $57,365 and with benefits and bonuses comes to about $68,138.

There will always be a demand for people who have comprehensive skills and knowledge on managing money. If you love numbers and you have a strategic mind, pursue a finance degree. You’ll have many companies welcoming your skills, and stable career path to look forward to. Which job seems the most interesting to you?

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