There are endless “tips” on the internet on how to navigate through the rough waters when you are hit by the economic tsunami. While some advice is helpful, much of it focuses on how to manage what’s left of our finances during the downturn, and not to make short term blunders at the expense of long term wisdom.

The question is how do we stay focused and grounded in the middle of such a major change? Here are some helpful tips for sailing upright during this time of financial crisis.

1) Making small things big: First and foremost, it is important to find joy in the seemingly mundane. It is in your everyday life where you find the actual joy. Spend quality time with your friends and family, love your pets, and be with your friends who make you laugh. Do all those fun activities that are free. You can often go to the park for a stroll or roll in a pile of leaves. Do all those things that make you feel happy.

2) Investing in you: Instead of listening to the investment advice on news channels and checking on your retirement account every few hours, invest on yourself. Learn a new hobby that you always wanted to learn, maybe cooking, or a new language, or web designing or pottery.

3) Connecting with community: Many a times, people go to the state of depression and anxiety when they are in the fear mode. During this time, they tend to withdraw and hide out. It is good to spend time alone, but disconnecting from people can be deadly. Don’t get isolated. Be in a community near you. The key is to find people with similar interests and values, and where you feel safe.

4) Thinking long term: The economic cycle, like the average life span of a human being, tends to run in 5-8 year increments. If you look back on your life cycle and think in terms of 5-8 years cycle, you see major changes happening to you, like being in relationships, careers, your kids development etc. it important that you craft a vision for the future and think about the next great decade.

5) Living in the present: While you are thinking long term, it is also important that you think about now and maintain a balance. You must think about a bright future over the long haul, while you are living your life in the present.

6) Reconnect with nature: Being with nature is soothing, healing and grounding. Enjoy your life when you are connected to the great outdoors, because nature is a very good tool for healing.

These are just a few of the many tips that you can do to stay centered, grounded and even happy as the storm passes.

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