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Are you tired of your dull, dreary backyard? Liven things up with these four ideas for redecorating and remodeling!

1. Add Water Features

From fish ponds to bird fountains, there are all kinds of ways to install water features in your backyard. You’ll just have to decide what you like and have time to maintain. For example, before you dig a hole for your new koi, make sure that they won’t be a hassle to feed every day. Dead fish aren’t much of a decoration!

2. Change Your Lighting

You might be surprised at the drastic changes that you can make to an atmosphere just by changing its lights. For example, instead of having utilitarian lamp posts that don’t do anything for your exterior decor, think about replacing them with twinkling fairy lights strewn in the trees. The whole look and feel of your backyard will soften, and all you did was change its lighting.

3. Build a Deck

Decks are a great way to increase the socializing potential of your backyard. Your guests will feel a lot more at ease with a designated place to sit, talk, grill, dance or just hang out with others. You can also decorate your deck to suit all kinds of backyard aesthetics, so don’t be afraid to bust out things like bison wood tiles!

4. Create a Path

This is especially helpful if you plan on hosting a lot of barbecues and pool parties. Instead of forcing your guests to wander all around your backyard and trample on your flowers, create a “path” for them to walk. Lead them straight to the pool with a tiled walkway. Take them directly to the fire pit with decorative rocks framing beaten-down grass. You’ll save the rest of the backyard from their meandering, and it’ll look nice, too.

If you’re ready to turn your boring backyard into a thriving recreational space, these are just a few ideas for change. Don’t feel limited by these suggestions, however! Experiment with different features and designs to your heart’s content.

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