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You don’t have to completely overhaul your workplace to increase its level of productivity. In fact, minor changes can often bring the best results! If you’re ready to kick things in high gear around the office, here are just four ways to encourage more output from your employees.

1. Go Paperless

It’s the 21st century, and the age of the binder is officially dead. The good news is that you’ll cultivate a much sleeker and more streamlined workplace when you say goodbye to paper. Digital memos can be passed around the office in an instant; cloud-based projects can be accessed even when you aren’t physically present in the building; computers can set all kinds of alarms, appointments, schedules and reminders so that no one ever forgets a meeting.

2. Identify Performance Gaps

This goes for both people and programs. If your employees aren’t delivering the level of results that you need, what’s holding them back? If your computer systems are lagging, how can they be optimized for speed and accuracy? You can always talk to reliability consulting services if you need help finding and fixing these problems. The key is not to ignore them when you know that they’re dragging you down.

3. Improve Break Times

This may sound counterproductive, but you can boost the work efficiency of your employees by increasing the quality of their downtime. If they come back to their desks fresh, alert and recharged after a high-quality break, they’ll be ready to give 100 percent to the tasks in front of them. Think about renovating your break room for a whole new level of productivity around the office.

4. Create A Suggestion Box

Not only will your office be better-served in general by an open line of communication with your employees, but you might also learn a thing or two about its dynamics by installing a suggestion box. Maybe there’s a policy that everyone hates or a bad seed among your department that’s causing conflict. By letting your employees register anonymous complaints, it’s much more likely that you’ll be notified of these things.

These are just a few tips for a productive workplace. There are many more, and some are more effective than others, so don’t limit yourself to what you see here. Experiment with all kinds of measures until you create a bustling office environment that reflects well on your company.

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Going to court is never a fun experience. Unfortunately, it may become necessary for you to sue someone so you can get justice because you feel that you have been wronged. You could also be sued by someone and you will need to defend yourself in court. You can never predict how a jury will vote. Therefore, you need to do everything you possibly can to convince a jury that you are in the right. This is not always an easy thing to do. However, using an expert witness to testify for you will definitely help your case dramatically. Here is how an expert witness can help you in court.

1. Impress the jury

Expert witness testimony is something that has the power to swing a case in your favor that you were previously losing. This is because the jury will take notice of the facts the witness provides that back up your argument. It sometimes only takes a few minutes of testimony from an expert witness to get the jury to come around to your way of thinking. However, it is important that you watch videos of an expert witness testifying in previous cases to make sure that he speaks well in court. An expert witness might know a lot of important things. However, he or she might sabotage your case if they start stammering when they are on the witness stand.

2. You will become more credible

Credibility is key in any type of court case where a jury is involved. Basically, the jury will be asking themselves why they should believe anything you are saying. An expert witness is someone who has worked many years in a specific field in order to gain the reputation of an expert. Therefore, a person like this supporting your claims will instantly turn you into a credible person in the eyes of the jury. Keep in mind that a person cannot simply claim to be an expert in a particular field. The court must approve of a person’s status as an expert based on his or her career and prior work.

3. An expert witness is difficult to dispute

A witness is considered to be an expert in a certain field for a very good reason. This person has worked in a certain field for many years. This makes it nearly impossible for the opposing attorney to dispute anything an expert witness says.

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As with most states, Iowa has implemented a Workers’ Compensation Act that is designed to help workers injured on the job. The basic idea of workers compensation is to ensure employees receive the care they need for certain workplace injuries. The situations covered by the Act include injuries on the job (section 85), occupational diseases (section 85A), and hearing losses attributed to occupational conditions (85B).

The law requires an employer to pay all medical care costs that are considered reasonable and necessary for the treatment of any injury. The types of compensation may include payment of lost wages and even a reimbursement for travel necessary to get the proper care.

An additional protection for every worker is prohibiting a medical care provider from seeking payment of charges for treatment while the claim is unresolved. Such workers’ comp claims may be contested over the total amount of the costs for care, the type of care, or the reasonableness of the care.

There are limits on the amount of compensation an employee is eligible to receive, currently 80 percent of total spendable earnings of the employee. This is normally understood to mean the net pay after deducting taxes from the weekly earning. The law provides a formula for calculating this amount, and it takes into consideration such things as total income tax exemptions and marital status. In addition to these factors, there is currently a limit of $1,498 weekly for PPD and a maximum of $1,628 weekly for TTD, HP, PTD and death benefits.

There are additional considerations and rules when it comes to determining the total disability payment a worker will receive, including whether the disability is temporary or permanent.

Under the law, employees must file a claim, and their situation will be evaluated by the staff of the Workers’ Compensation Commissioner. There are six different types of settlements that can be approved and awarded by the Commissioner, and the situation and facts of each case decides which type of settlement is appropriate. This process can sometimes be complicated and even intimidating, and it oftentimes takes a qualified workmans comp lawyer to help with the process.

For example, there are two basic Agreements for Settlement and Compromise, and the four other types of settlement are used in conjunction with these. Selecting and working with the right form of settlement will determine how much money is paid out and when, including the potential for a lump payment of funds to be received.

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There are several benefits that are utilizing a process server to get legal issues settled quickly and efficiently. These individuals specialize in locating people who are resistant to going through this process is the traditional legal system. The persistence of these individuals is helpful for individuals who want justice to be served however they are having difficulty in locating any individual who is suspected of doing illegal activity.


These types of professionals are persistent and will do everything in their power to locate an individual is quickly and efficiently as possible. This means they may even spend time around where the individual is suspected to be in order to try to provide them with the necessary paperwork. This can save both time and energy for a person who has tried to utilize more traditional methods.

Understanding Of The Law:

An individual with this background will also understand how the law works in the reasons that individual might be resistant to going through the legal process. This means they will be more prepared for things to get out of control in the event of a disagreement during the service process. Individuals who need further information can click to learn more today. This will help leave any stress about legal issues in the past. The more knowledgeable person is about their rights the easier it will be for them to achieve justice in the most quick and simple manner imaginable for everyone involved in the legal proceedings.

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Happy new year 2014

Happy new year 2014

Best wishes and a very happy and prosperous New Year 2014 to all the visitors of Finance News Pro.







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Entrepreneurs who want to start a new company can sometimes find the experience daunting. Many entrepreneurs may experience anxiety over the entire process and feel alone in their experience. That is not true as many of the world’s top entrepreneurs have invested time, money, and sweat into their projects as much as any other entrepreneur has. One can learn more about how the world’s entrepreneurs started out through Crunchbase.

What is Crunchbase?

Crunchbase is a user-generated database of the top technology firms and entrepreneurs in the world. With Crunchbase, anyone can find out the company details and the lives of entrepreneurs within IT and computer science. In addition, users with good knowledge of the companies and of the entrepreneurs can edit each entry. This allows a democratic atmosphere in Crunchbase where ideas and opinions concerned companies and entrepreneurs can flourish.

What is the Goal of Crunchbase

Crunchbase wants to be a service to any investor or entrepreneur who wants to learn how other successful entrepreneurs, investors, or companies succeeded with their business. Each entry can give detail information about a person’s work history, education, and notable actions while working at companies. Company profiles can give a detailed history of the business and how the business grew over the years.


One entry that can serve as an example of how Crunchbase works is for the entrepreneur Charles Phillips. The entry on Phillips includes social media contact information, like his Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, where he went to school and what he studied, and the current and former companies he either served as a board member of or worked in some capacity for. So, for example, one can see that Phillips attended Hampton University for his MBA in finance in 1986 and New York Law School for his JD in 1993. Crunchbase also lists Phillips serves as the board member of the American Museum of Natural History, the United States Air Force Endowment, the Phillips Charitable Organizations, Viacom, Jazz at the Lincoln Center, and the New York Law School. It also shows he is the current CEO and BOD of Infor and that he was the former president and board member of the Oracle Corporation. Crunchbase entries will have a history of Phillips’ milestones, allowing users to see his newsworthy history. For example, on December 12, 2010, the Phillips entry showed that he became the CEO and BOD of Infor. There is also a section for media, like pictures and videos. Most importantly, however, is a summary about who Phillips is, his life story, and what he has professionally done in the IT sector. Users who edit Crunchbase entries can also place their sources for the entry so everyone can see where this information came from.

Why Crunchbase Is Helpful

First and foremost, in the age of the internet, Crunchbase helps provide public information on all notable investors, entrepreneurs, and companies in the IT and computer sector. This serves as public knowledge that can help researchers or interested professionals learn more about a company or person. Secondly, if an entrepreneur is down-on-their-luck and lacks a firm belief in themselves, researching the life story about another investor or entrepreneur and seeing how far they had to go to reach where they are now can be life-affirming. Try Crunchbase today to find out about all the top firms and people in IT and computer science.

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Earning your masters in business administration can be a challenge when you have a career that limits the amount of time that you can devote to classes. An advanced degree, however, is the best way to earn and achieve more in your career. Online MBA degree options are the solution that can open the doors of opportunity and help you maximize your earning potential. Students who are just graduating with their bachelors in business administration can also take advantage of online MBA courses.

Online MBA degree programs are comprehensive to ensure you have the tools you need for a successful career. You will learn how to successfully manage problems in the business using creative strategies and how to take on the role of leader in challenging business situations, all from your own home. To begin online classes, you will need to be accepted to the college of your choice. Some universities, such as Marylhurst University, allow you to earn your MBA online no GMAT necessary. An excellent online university will also offer advising and career opportunities, such as internships, for students. Earning a degree online doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the perks that are usually included with attending college.

When choosing an online college, you will want to look for some basic criteria that makes the university right for your personal needs. For example, some colleges offer online MBA degrees in less than two years and never require traveling to the campus in order to earn your degree. If you have a job that takes a lot of your time, earning an online degree ensures you have the flexible class scheduling you need to complete your degree successfully, while the ability to work in the comfort of your home allows you to spend your days expanding your current career or focusing on other responsibilities. You will also be able to choose the focus of your MBA degree. Available options include earning an MBA in health care, real estate or a modern MBA in eco-friendly sciences that focus on sustainable, environmentally conscious business strategies. Earning your MBA online doesn’t limit your career choices but can definitely open up your career to exciting new opportunities in many different industries.

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Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning is a hot career to get into. New construction projects need installations, and existing systems need regular maintenance from trained professionals. So what does it take to be a technician in this burgeoning field?

Hvac training

Hvac training

Of course, you should start with a true desire to become an HVAC technician. When you have a genuine interest in the HVAC industry, rather than doing it just for the money, you have a better chance at succeeding at, and being happy in, your career. When you’re sure this is what you want to do, the next step is to start researching HVAC training programs. There are a lot of programs out there that range from community college programs to stand-alone correspondence programs. Consider which program would build suit your budget, fit in with your life, and best suits your learning style. The training program you choose should also accredited and authorized to give EPA 608 certification.

Once you’ve gone through the training program of your choice, you have to take the EPA 608 certification test. This test is required for those who want to work with controlled refrigerants. You might also need other certifications too, depending on which specialty you go into.

Becoming an HVAC tech can be a very rewarding career choice. If you love to work with your hands and love the technicality of HVAC systems, then this is the career for you.

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The message you convey about your company starts with your telephone etiquette. Answering and taking calls in the proper manner tells your callers that your company is professional and credible. By following a few phone tips, you can present your company in the best possible light.

  • Answer in Three Rings or Fewer

It is important to be prompt in answering incoming calls. Don’t leave your caller waiting on the other end of the line. Answer your calls immediately and greet your callers. If you are on another line, put the first caller on hold, answer the incoming call and ask them to hold while you complete the first call.

  • Use a Friendly Greeting

Don’t just simply state the name of the company. Use a friendly greeting like, “Good afternoon, Spacely Sprockets, this is Jane speaking.” Smile while you are speaking–believe it or not, callers can “hear” your smile through your voice. Speaking in a monotone voice conveys a negative message about your company.

  • Taking Messages

If the person the caller is trying to reach is unavailable, offer to take a message. Be sure to ask for the caller’s name, contact phone number and extension, if necessary. Take a detailed message that will accurately relay what the message is about. Repeat the information back to the caller in order to ensure that you have the proper information.

Using the right phone etiquette is essential in projecting a positive image of your organization. By answering calls quickly, using a friendly greeting and taking detailed messages, you will be an etiquette superstar.

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Some people live chasing the life dream of being their own “boss.” Unfortunately not everyone knows the correct qualifications for starting your own business, company or pursing an invention. A big factor in being a successful entrepreneur is to launch your company when it is ready; rushing into the startup of your company will run it to shreds and you will end up losing more money than you used to launch it. When worrying about your finances a bankruptcy on your record will exclude you from prevailing more in life. Some people strive to be a CEO under 30 but when it is not done correctly you can be outed of your entrepreneurial duties before you reach 30.

Some gadgets that 2013 requires you to have as an entrepreneur:

  • Android / Iphone for Apps
  • Webcam
  • Sales Force
  • Ipad + Square – to complete sales wherever you are

Here at guardNOW our Owner/ CEO Zabi Kator prefers apps over anything to get him through his everyday needs as an entrepreneur. As much as he uses apps the idea of developing our own app for closing deals in security guard jobs has been put into work. Some of Zabi’s favorite apps are Harvard Business Review, Drop box, G Task, Evernote, Motivational quotes, and Skype.

In the age of time now, getting digitized on current technology will expand your business more. People like to feel “hip” and update on everything, the more you make your company accessible via all these technology aspects the more your business will grow. Have you ever gone into a restaurant or a clothing store and they don’t accept or support something you want to use? Completely discourages you from using that company again. You don’t want to halt your business with small discrepancies, another technology angle about business today are places like YELP. Unfortunately you can make one out of every hundred customers mad but those 3 out of 300 people can write a bad review on you and it can turn people away without every coming in.

Putting money towards technology within your business will benefit you a great deal. With security guards technology in the company may not seem very important, but to many peoples surprise people do not want an old out to date company to keep control of their event. Gadgets are 2013’s goal to up sell whatever you’re selling in your company, and help bring other people up to speed on today’s technology.

Visit to learn more about the company.

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We all are interested to know the most richest countries in the world. Here is the list of 15 richest countries on the basis of per capita income.

  • 1) Qatar: Qatar has become the richest country in the world. The gross domestic per capita is more than $88,000 for 2010.
  • 2) Luxembourg: Luxembourg ranked 2nd in the list of world’s richest countries with a Per capita of $81,466.

  • 3) Singapore: Singapore is in the third position. Per capita of Singapore is $56,694.
  • 4) Norway: With a per capita of $51,959 Norway is in the 4th position on the list.
  • 5) Brunei: Brunei is ranked 5th in the list of world’s richest countries with a per capita of $48,333.
  • 6) UAE: With a per capita of $47,439 UAE is in the 6th position on the list.
  • 7) United States of America: USA hold the 7th rank on the Forbes list with a per capita of $46,860.
  • 8 ) Hong Kong: Hong Kong is in the 8th position on the list with a per capita of $45,944.
  • 9) Switzerland: With a per capita gross domestic product of $41,950, it is in the 9th position of the list.
  • 10) The Netherlands: Per capita of The Netherlands is $40,973. So it holds 10th rank on the Forbes list.
  • 11) Australia: Australia is in the 11th rank on Forbes list. Per capita of Australia is $39,764.
  • 12) Austria: As per the Forbes list Austria ranked at No. 12 with the per capita of $39,761.
  • 13) Ireland: With a per capita of $39,492 Ireland is in the 13th position on the list.
  • 14) Canada: Canada ranked No. 14 in the list with a per capita of $39,171.
  • 15) Kuwait: On the list of 15 richest countries Kuwait is in the last position. Its per capita is $38,775.

The list has been taken from

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