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Making the decision to get divorced is never easy. Even if you feel it is the right decision for you and your family, you may feel regret over the lost relationship and the coming shift of your everyday life. You also may worry about how you are going to start over as a newly divorced individual.

While many of the uncertainties will work themselves out over time, the worries about child custody, child and spousal support, and living arrangements are best allayed in a courtroom. You can have these concerns dealt with in a timely and legal manner when you retain the services of a divorce law firm, court mediator, or Lake County family attorney today.

Skilled Legal Representation

Family laws vary from state to state. Even if you got married in one state, you are not bound by that state’s laws if you moved to another and now pursue a divorce in it. You may not even know what those family law are with any degree of certainty.

When you hire a family lawyer, you get skilled counsel who knows what the laws are and how they apply to your case. Your attorney can make sure you get the compensation to which you are entitled as the custodial spouse or as a spouse who does not have a full-time job right now. You may not need to worry about money right away after your divorce is finalized and support issues are settled.

Your lawyer can also be of assistance if you are divorcing an abusive spouse who has threatened your safety and that of your children. The lawyer can file for a protection from abuse order to make sure the spouse stays away from you. This evidence can also be used in your favor in court.

A divorce can alter your life in serious ways. You may not want to worry about issues like how you are going to support yourself or who will get custody of the kids. These issues can be answered in your favor when you hire an attorney to represent you.

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ICOs raised capital in excess of $3.5 billion in 2017. Of this, more than $100 million came from ICOs based in different African countries. Compared to the huge amounts of capital raised by ICOs such as Tezos, African ICOs have a long way to go. However, the input of Initial Coin Offering on African startups is rapidly growing.

ICOs in Africa

One of the biggest challenges African startups face is inadequate capital. Getting venture capital in most African countries is a hassle. Startups from young people who are less connected almost always don’t attract any Venture Capital firms. Only a few lucky startups attract donations of more than $1 million before their launch. However, ICOs are changing the way African startups get funds for the better.

What are ICOs?

Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs, are a modern means to source funding for new cryptocurrency startups from the public. Like an Initial Public Offering, ICOs allow people to invest in the potential of a platform before it it’s actualized. The startups sell their own native tokens in exchange for established coins such as bitcoin or ethereum. Read more about the ICO topic.

Why African Startups are excited about ICOs

  • There are few venture Capitalists in African Countries

Although there are VC firms in countries like South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya, most of them are never concerned about unknown startups. VC firms and angel investors in most African countries only fund the most hyped startups. By contrast, ICOs are offering a new way to raise funds. By allowing investors to contribute as little as $10, ICOs allow even the low-income earners in Africa to invest in the crypto space.

  • There is less Competition in Africa

So far, African ICOs that showed great potential have been successful in fundraising through ICOs. In European and Asian countries, startups are constantly competing for funds. Unfortunately, investors tend to favor the most hyped ICOs.  Many startups with great potential end up getting overlooked. By contrast, the few African startups that have shown solid potential were able to attract funding because had less competition for funding.

  • The Hype and FOMO

African countries are fast embracing the cryptocurrency space. Throughout the continent, there are dozens of startups based on the blockchain technology. The huge hype surrounding the industry is attracting media attention and African tech related content providers. Startups, on the other hand, are catching up and looking for funding through ICOs. The Fear of Missing Out is partially ensuring that startups tap on the potential of ICOs.

How ICOs will help Fund African Startups

Not only are ICOs an exciting topic and a great way to fund startups everywhere, they will prove to be very beneficial for African startups. Here is how:

  • ICOs offer a Fair Investment Platform

Unlike Initial Public Offerings, anyone can participate in ICOs, whether you have a lot of funds or not. From as low as $10, Africans can contribute to the success of a startup that will probably help solve major challenges. This benefit is particularly important in Africa because most investors are able to raise high amounts. The median annual income in most African countries is less than $200, meaning that potential investors can only fund where minimum contributions are accepted.

  • ICOs are easy to Organize

ICO alternatives have proven burdensome to organize in most countries around the world. In Africa, organizing an IPO can take months. It’s expensive and requires resources that many startups cannot afford. By contrast, running an ICO is quite easy. Most African governments have not regulated ICOs, but startups must meet the basic requirements to run one. While that could be problematic for investors, it makes it easy for startups to fundraise.

  • ICOs are easy to Access among Low-end Investors

Although Internet penetration in Africa is lower than the rest of the world, it provides the easiest way for startups to look for funding. In Kenya, for example, there is an 85% Internet penetration. Despite this, a very low percentage of the population has the means to participate in an IPO.

ICOs are proving the better alternatives since interested investors can learn everything about the ICO online and invest easily. Regrettably, the average penetration of the Internet in Africa stands at 35%.

  • ICOs can Source Funding Globally

Since ICOs can welcome investors from any part of the world, they offer great advantage to startups from African countries. Startups no longer have to settle for low capital in their countries. Instead, they can set up mechanisms that allow investors from any part of the world to participate. This will increase funding for the best African startups and help them deliver the quality services their Whitepaper promised.

  • Growing Interest in the ICO Space

Many African countries are fast catching up with the rest of the world in terms of adopting the ICO space. Thousands of investors throughout the continent have already tasted the benefits of investing in budding cryptocurrencies such as ethereum. As adoption of the blockchain and ICO industry grow, African startups will see more people gain interest in their platforms. In a few years’ time, it will be possible for African startups to raise in excess of $50 million through ICO crowdsourcing.

  • Desire and ability to Support African Technologies

Africans have often shown willingness to support causes that affect their day to day lives. African startups that will develop solutions to African problems will have better chances to get funding online. This funding behavior has occurred before with startups such as Bitpesa (A Kenyan startups that offer bitcoin trading services), where investors contributed heavily in funding startups that promised to solve some common African problems in an efficient way.

  • Influence of African Public Figures

One of the driving forces of ICOs around the world is endorsements and backing by influential figures. Startups that have used celebrities to endorse their product have often gained significant attention. Startups that attracted the attention of major players in the industry also had better success. As more influential persons in Africa gain interest in the ICO space, startups will start getting endorsements and financial backing. Slowly, ICOs will turn out to be the best financial option for many African startups.


As ICOs continue to draw massive attention around the world due to their great potential, investors will increasingly concentrate on the best startups no matter where they are located. African startups that will provide great solutions to African or world problems will likely gain great attention from serious investors. For investors, however, the lack of ICO regulations in Africa makes it extremely important to conduct due diligence before you make an investment decision.

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2017 was the year Americans became more aware of their personal net asset worth when publications revealed only 4 in 10 Americans have savings of $500 or more. The American Dream now belongs to financial institutions as the ability to save is slowly replaced with the need to increase a FICO score. This is because more and more of the American population is relying on finance to build their dreams. A funding nightmare is on the cards and for Americans to avoid another bubble bursting as it did in 2008, a savings and investment approach is sorely needed.

Swap Rental for Mortgage Installments

With an estimated appreciation rate of 8% per annum on properties, it makes sense for consumers to look for a place of their own. In 2018, lenders are looking to tighten the lending leash somewhat due to the number of defaults listed in the past few years, however, this does not mean that the property market is out of reach. Consumers will still have access to property finance, but the criteria may be a little more strict. This is to the benefit of the consumer, as it ensures they are able to afford their purchase. This also means greater peace of mind adding a funded item to the personal asset portfolio.

Consider Tangible Investments

Investments are still a sticky topic for many potential investors, as it’s only been a mere decade since investors lost billions through stock market crashes and unscrupulous conduct by bankers and investment brokers. There is a route that provides a bit more stability, however, risk is still very much part of any investment portfolio. These include tangible investments which allow investors to own an item as opposed to just a profile. Property and classic cars are firm favorites and bullion is right up there with them.Australian silver coins are a good example of bullion and are fairly easy to purchase.

Purchase Everyday Items That Will Hold Value in Future

It’s tempting to go for items that are easily replaceable such as furniture, clothing, and jewelry. However, there is a strong market for vintage items that may have increased the personal asset value of the owner. These items include once-off pieces of jewelry and even fine furniture pieces that were handed down from generation to generation. Although the market may be small for these items, there is enough demand in order for the owners of these items to rely on their value.

Increasing personal net worth starts with the increase in assets. At first, there might be debt that goes along with it but in time the asset value should exceed these debts. This allows consumers to increase their financial position which helps in times of crisis.

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Forex market is one of the promising investment options for your money. The foreign exchange market is an international trade in currencies including the dollar ($), the sterling pound( £) and the Euro (€). The shifting exchange rates determine the gain or the loss. To reap significant benefits, it’s often advisable to have this as a long-term project, be patient and timely.

Signing up for the Forex Market Account

Acquiring a foreign exchange market is easy on the online platform. Observe the following steps:

  1. Find a Forex Broker

Experiment first with a demo account to find a good online forex broker.

Sign up requirements:

Give the following details about yourself:

  • Name
  • Postal address
  • Email address
  • Date of birth
  • Contact
  • Choice currency
  • Password
  • Country of citizenship
  • Tax ID
  • Employment status
  • Annual income and Net worth
  • Previous trading experience (if any)

II. The Forex Broker Proceeds with Sign up

Your online forex broker verifies the details you submit and does the necessary follow-up. Next, the agent guides you through a quick sign up process.

III.        Get Your Account

You now have a forex trading account and upon activation, deposit your currency. You are now approved to carry out your forex transactions.

Golden Tips for Online Investments

I. Research the Online Market

Though your mentality in the forex market should not just be making profits but also an awareness of potential risks, you need to avoid and be secure from common challenges that bedevil this commercial entity. A detailed and consistent study of global financial trends and investment basics will help. Finance news journals and business articles will keep you at home with the dynamics of the contemporary market.

II. Diverse Investment

As a shrewd investor, you should consider diversifying your portfolio to manage the risk levels of investment. Some of the viable options apart from the foreign currency include bonds, spread betting and real estate. With more than one investment you can’t suffer bankruptcy during the economic downturn. You also need to be sensitive to the seasons in the market to know which opportunity to capitalise on in a given span of opportunity. Otherwise, the gain may be limited when you operate off-peak or offside. For example, when the dollar picks over other currencies it is a time of great reward to the investor who cashed in on the low season.

III.        Secure Online Commerce Platform

A good trade platform should furnish you with sufficient details and be user-friendly. Online trading requires adequate security features for your account. Your phone number and email are vital to enable you to keep track of the progress of new events. Always keep your passwords and login information a secret. CMC Markets is one such platform you are looking for as an esteemed client. Tap into their unique online financial brands that include CFD, stockbroking, spread betting and forex contracts globally.

Eluding Forex Scams

Online investors are crying foul over rampant cases of forex fraud that is executed by bogus brokers.If you are not keen, the fraudsters may deprive you of lifetime savings. Most of them are tactful to disguise their ill-gotten wealth by money laundering. Reflect on the following precautions to get you off this insatiable hook:

  • Keep off the ‘too good’ deals: be sensitive to outlandish claims of quick huge profits- such are uncommon in the forex market. Scam artists will dupe you with apparent promotions that guarantee little or no financial risk and luring statements such as investing your money in ‘Inter-banking market’.
  • Search the information about the particular firm you want to engage in on the internet. Legitimate companies have positive feedback and recommendation posted by their happy customers whereas scammers face all kinds complaints of robust and attempted cases of fraud.
  • Verify whether your preferred Forex broker has the approval of the United States Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). The regulator (CFTC) will provide you with relevant certification for your broker. You may go ahead to contact CFTC to prove the authentication of your broking partner.

Do not relax and wait to invest, invest and relax to earn your extra cash today! Online investment is an all-time opportunity that is growing and becoming better each day even with the advanced technology and globalisation. Dare it!

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Currency markets fluctuate daily and one of the best ways to evaluate the future direction is using technical analysis. This form of analysis uses chart patterns to analyze past price action, to formulate a view of the future direction of a currency pair. Many traders use support and resistance levels, which form the basis of chart patterns.

Support and Resistance:

Recall, support is a level where demand is evident and buyers are willing to step in and buy a security. Resistance is a level of supply where investors focus on selling or shorting an asset. Support and resistance levels are constantly changing as new information becomes available. You can use many different techniques to find support and resistance levels. One of the most common and efficient is trend line analysis. A trend line connects two or more points with a line in an effort to pin point support or resistance. Generally traders use downward sloping trend lines to designate resistance levels and upward sloping trend line to define levels of support. Although this technique is subjective, many analysts believe it is the most efficient way to generate a trend line that reflects either support or resistance levels.

Since trend lines can be subjectively drawn, it is helpful to find a technique that you can fall back on that takes the subjectivity out of this process. One of the most efficient methodology is Tom DeMarks trend line process.

TD Trend Lines:

DeMark created his TD (Tom DeMark) trend lines for the professional trader to eliminate the subjectivity from the process of drawing trend line. To do this he created the pivot top and pivot bottom. The TD pivot top is a high that is surrounded by at least one lower high on each side. For a more robust pivot top, you would look for a high surrounded by either 2 or even three lower highs on each side of the pivot top high.

Once you have found your first pivot top, you can then look back at the price history of an asset to find the next high that is surrounded by at least one lower highs on each side of it. If you are looking for pivot tops of 1-lower high than the next pivot should be the same. The pivot high you are looking for when you draw a resistance line should be higher as you move back in history.

The next step is drawing a trend line. You would connect one pivot top high to the next pivot top high and extend the line forward. The trend line has a slope and that becomes your resistance line. When an asset breaks through that resistance line, it is likely to continue to move higher. Generally the best way to trade this type of resistance trend line is to wait for a close above the slope of the trend line which will trigger a breakout.

When drawing a TD support line, you are constructing and upward sloping trend line that generates support. To do this you would connect a pivot low, which has one or more higher lows on each side of it to the next pivot low. The upward sloping trend line that is created forms support. When the price of an asset closes below the TD support line, a break down has occurred. Like the TD resistance line the TD support line can be drawn on every time horizon.

It is important to find charting patterns that you are comfortable using, as this can assist you in determining the future direction of a currency pair.

Want to learn more? Visit us at iFOREX

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Happy-New-Year-2015Happy and prosperous new year 2015 to all my visitors. May God bless all the happiness of the world to you.

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This article is a Lexington Law review, one in a series of such posts.

Litigation Law

Litigation Law

The object of the video on Lexington Law shown on Daily Motion’s website is to get customers to cancel their credit repair service. And they are sure communicating that idea in a cute way! The video shows a hypothetical customer by the name of Erin calling Lexington Law to let them know that she would like to cancel her account (shows the word “ACCOUNT” with a slash over it), then I’M SORRY TO HEAR THAT, then DON’T BE. actually… TREMENDOUS WORK (plus thumbs up symbol). Then the viewer sees a series of calendar pages advancing towards him to the left, and the scene shifts to a house and we zero in on the doorway in which we see the word WELCOME! Then comes a rapidly rising series of numbers, beginning with 464 and ending with 700, and a small human figure appears at the lower left hand corner and says, “NICE!” 4.25% 30 YEAR. Human figure appears and says, “? Lexington Law.” Then another quote: “TESTIMONIAL.” The next frame shows a single human figure connecting with three others. LEXINGTON LAW expert action, paper with the words “CREDIT REPORT” and a bar graph, then the words LEXINGTON LAW with their company logo and phone number. In a second the viewer also sees the words “Your results will vary. Clients taking advantage of Concord-level services have seen an average of 28.6 removals by month 12. Each removal from each credit report is counted separately, meaning a single questionable negative form removed from all three credit reports is counted as three removals.” The last line of the text directs the viewer to the website of Lexington Law for the experiences that other clients have had with the company. The entire video lasts for a minute and ten seconds.

What is Lexington Law? It is a company that specializes in credit repair. They work to help their clients with such things as bankruptcy, late payment, repossession, foreclosure, judgment, liens, collections and charge-offs. Obviously it is never a pleasant thing to have to hire lawyers to help deal with any of these things. Therefore, if anybody wants to cancel his or her account with a law firm like Lexington, then that is a good thing.

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Payday lending has become an exploding industry over the last few years. This financial product has become extremely popular, thanks in no small part to their easy accessibility. Advance cash shops have sprang up all across the nation as payday loan lenders see the rising demand for these loans.



As banks turn more and more people down, advance cash lenders are taking up the slack. By offering no credit checks for instant cash payday loans, the advance cash lenders are able to provide loans to people with bad credit and because they focus on the present day situation of the borrower, not their past. Everyone has mistakes in the past that they regret but mistakes with a person’s credit can cost them for many years as banks, car lots, mortgage companies and other lending institutions will turn them down for money. This is where advance cash steps in and takes over by offering instant loans to people that otherwise would be unable to attain the cash from any other source. There are millions of people with bad credit and no credit so all of a sudden these 24 7 cash loans companies have found a huge customer base… all to themselves!

Another factor that has made 24/7 cash loans so popular is the ease and simplicity of the online application process. Even the application process in the loan payday loan stores is easy enough, but the online process makes it possible to apply and receive the money all from the comfort of their own homes or anywhere that you have access to a computer or laptop. At the land-based advance cash shops, the lenders may ask for a postdated check or ACH bank withdrawal authorization and the online payday loan lenders will usually ask for the ACH authorization.

Other types of loans such as a no-fax loan payday loan have made the industry rise in popularity also. Now many advance cash lenders do not require the faxing of any paperwork and usually there are no telephone calls required either. In many cases instant cash loans can be obtained without ever dealing with a live person, it can all be accomplished online as long as all the requirements are met and no additional info is required from the borrower for the advance cash loan.

Banks saw the rise in popularity of these advance cash loans and decided they wanted a piece of the loan payday loan industry. They began making loans to lenders and even joined into partnerships with some of the advance cash lenders so they could offer the loan to people in states that had prohibited these types of loans. People who want advance cash all across the nation can now obtain these loans by simply logging into a computer, clicking on a payday loan website, filling out the paperwork, meeting all the requirements and waiting for the money to be deposited into their bank account. The ease and simplicity of these advance cash loans have made the payday loan industry more popular than ever.

Some helpful links regarding Payday loans:

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Due to the recent recession, the whole economy has been jeopardized and lenders are under extreme pressure by the Federal regulators, as well as their investors to turn their bad loans (non-performing assets) to good loans (performing assets).

The process of a foreclosure in the present economy is not an easy job. One hundred percent financing and a downturn in the real estate market have wreaked havoc on lenders bottom lines.

Loss mitigations programs have been established and enhanced by the federal government and the mortgage industry in order to stop home foreclosures. There is a great pressure to assist foreclosure victims. People who are in default in their mortgage payments can now find a multitude of alternatives to home foreclosure. Each homeowner has a unique situation and no two lenders have the same exact policies or procedures regarding the programs available to stop foreclosure.

  • You can save your home and credit history through a variety of loss mitigations options:

1) Repayment plan:  This is the simplest way to cure a default on your mortgage. Repayment is usually available to homeowners who can make their regular payment, along with an extra payment to catch up on their mortgage. So, if you have incurred a short term financial hardship and your loan is two or three months past due, you can consider submitting a request for a payment plan to your lender for approval. The lender will carefully review your financial situation before your request is approved. You must be able to demonstrate an ability to pay in order to be eligible.

Typically the period of a repayment plan is no more than 24 months. This term varies by lender and you should check with yours so that you can familiarize yourself with their policies.

If your rate is reasonable and you can afford to make your regular payment along with a payment that will catch you up on your back payments within your lenders timeframe, this may be the solution for you.

2) Loan modification: The number of ways to modify a loan is limited only by your creativity along with your lenders appetite for that creativity. Here are a few tips that will help you in the negotiation process for the loan modification

•    All back payments added to the principal balance of the loan
•    Re-amortization of the loan back to 30 years.
•    Interest rate reductions to as low as 3%
•    Conversions of ARM’s to fixed rate mortgage
•    Interest rate rollback to original rate (prior to ARM adjustments)
•    Interest only periods (3 – 5 years) designed to lower payments for a period of time that allows the borrowers to make it over the hump
•    Principal reductions to bring the loan to value ratio into line. This is an actual reduction of the loan balance which in turn lowers your payments.
•    Combining two loans held by the same lender in order to create one uniform interest rate and payment
•    Elimination or extreme reduction in the second mortgage balances.
•    Balloon payment at 10 or 15 years to lower today’s payments.

3)    VA loan modification / Refunding: Refunding is when the VA buys your loan from the lender. Refunding gives the VA the ability to contemplate foreclosure avoidance options to help you save your home that your current lender couldn’t or wouldn’t consider. The VA can refund a loan under 38 U.S.C.  36.4318, in this situation the arrears are added to the principal and the mortgage term are re-amortized. The new mortgage is not transferable without prior approval from the Secretary of Veteran Affairs. On occasion the interest rate is reduced and an assumption is approved. For more details, call your lender or the VA.

4)    Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure:  sometimes this is also referred to as a “cash for keys” program, because it may be possible to get your lender to give you money to help you move on with your life. If you have incurred a financial hardship and your house has been on the market for 90-120 days, you could ask your lender to consider a deed in lieu of foreclosure. As with most foreclosure avoidance options; your lender will most probably want a complete financial package. Remember, there cannot be any additional liens (other than the mortgage) against the property. If you give your property back to the bank with a deed in lieu of foreclosure, you will give up all rights to the property. In return for the deed in lieu, your lender may waive all deficiency judgment rights.

5)    Short pay-off:  This could be an option if you have suffered a financial hardship and are unable to make your loan payments. Short sale allows you to sell the property to avoid a default loss on the property. Many lenders would rather take a small loss on the property now rather than go through the timely, costly process of foreclosure. Many lenders require a qualified buyer prior to negotiating a short sale. If this is an option you wish to pursue, you must inform the lender immediately and get their list of requirements. There could be tax consequences associated with any short payoff or foreclosure. You may consult your tax advisor for more details. Your lender may want to seek a deficiency judgment for the amount of money left over after the sale. Recently some states have passed laws preventing this. If you are considering a short sale, you should seek the advice of an attorney.

6)    Special forbearance:  If you have incurred a financial hardship and your loan is three months to one year past due, you might be eligible for special forbearance. A special forbearance is designed to provide you with deeper relief than a regular FHA repayment plan provides. If you are approved for this type of relief your repayment would be spread over 12 to 18 months. Type II forbearance is usually reserved for a temporary unemployment situation when the prospect of future employment is guaranteed.

7)    Partial claim: Eligibility is available to those whose loans are 4 months to 1 year past due. A partial claim enables you to convert your arrears into a subordinate 2nd mortgage between you and the Secretary of HUD. This type of note usually defers payment on the second mortgage until after the first mortgage is paid off. These second mortgages are gives as no interest loans. The partial claim can be for no more than 1 year of past due payments. You may call your mortgage lender of the FHA for more details.