Fans of the cryptocurrency Monero (XMR) know you need a safe and reliable place to store your crypto coins. Whilst many Monero wallets exist, not all are equal in merit, with some being more secure than others. Fortunately, the safe XMR Wallet online application is one of the most secure Monero wallets available today. Here are five noteworthy advantages you’ll get from using the safe and secure XMR Wallet application.

  1. One Hundred Per Cent Client-Side Application

Web security should be paramount when selecting a safe storage wallet for your Monero coins. XMR Wallet is designed with security at the top of mind. As a 100 per cent client-side application, XMR Wallet renders data in the browser — no data is stored on our local servers. Users of the application can access XMR Wallet from any mobile or desktop browser, giving users the flexibility to have access to their Monero coins wherever an internet connection is available.

  1. Instant Account Creation — No Registration Required

Setting up an account with XMR Wallet is easy and quick. In fact, it’s so quick that you can have your personalised wallet set up in a matter of seconds. Wallet setup requires no personally identifying details to get started. Users simply choose a unique seed — that is, a series of seemingly non-related words that identify your wallet as being yours — which will then be used to activate your XMR Wallet. To access the wallet again at a later date, simply re-enter the seed and your available account details, including your overall Monero balance, will display. From there you can send, receive and store your Monero coins per usual.

  1. Completely Free to Set Up and Utilise

XMR Wallet has no fee to set up or utilise. Our open source application has been developed by a team of volunteer engineers, and others are welcome to contribute freely by viewing the source code to make recommendations about future app developments. XMR Wallet remains in active development, ensuring that the end user continues to receive the best possible product for storing their Monero coins.

  1. Multiple Seed Access

If you need multiple wallets, XMR Wallet allows you to freely create as many as you desire. You can even access the wallets using multiple seeds in a new tab. If you already have a seed from another Monero wallet application like MyMonero, you can utilise them via the XMR application as well. Simply type your existing seed from the login screen and your wallet details will appear.

  1. Support in Over 10 Languages

No matter which language you prefer, XMR Wallet has you covered. We offer support in over 10 languages, including Spanish, French, English, Dutch, Russian and more. Simply choose your language preference from the bottom of the home screen and all application menus will be displayed according to your preference.

If you’re looking for a safe online wallet to store your Monero coins, look no further than XMR Wallet. Boasting great user features and unprecedented security, it’s no wonder so many Monero users are choosing this application. For more information or to get your own wallet, visit our website at

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