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Some people live chasing the life dream of being their own “boss.” Unfortunately not everyone knows the correct qualifications for starting your own business, company or pursing an invention. A big factor in being a successful entrepreneur is to launch your company when it is ready; rushing into the startup of your company will run it to shreds and you will end up losing more money than you used to launch it. When worrying about your finances a bankruptcy on your record will exclude you from prevailing more in life. Some people strive to be a CEO under 30 but when it is not done correctly you can be outed of your entrepreneurial duties before you reach 30.

Some gadgets that 2013 requires you to have as an entrepreneur:

  • Android / Iphone for Apps
  • Webcam
  • Sales Force
  • Ipad + Square – to complete sales wherever you are

Here at guardNOW our Owner/ CEO Zabi Kator prefers apps over anything to get him through his everyday needs as an entrepreneur. As much as he uses apps the idea of developing our own app for closing deals in security guard jobs has been put into work. Some of Zabi’s favorite apps are Harvard Business Review, Drop box, G Task, Evernote, Motivational quotes, and Skype.

In the age of time now, getting digitized on current technology will expand your business more. People like to feel “hip” and update on everything, the more you make your company accessible via all these technology aspects the more your business will grow. Have you ever gone into a restaurant or a clothing store and they don’t accept or support something you want to use? Completely discourages you from using that company again. You don’t want to halt your business with small discrepancies, another technology angle about business today are places like YELP. Unfortunately you can make one out of every hundred customers mad but those 3 out of 300 people can write a bad review on you and it can turn people away without every coming in.

Putting money towards technology within your business will benefit you a great deal. With security guards technology in the company may not seem very important, but to many peoples surprise people do not want an old out to date company to keep control of their event. Gadgets are 2013’s goal to up sell whatever you’re selling in your company, and help bring other people up to speed on today’s technology.

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