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Why should one hire an attorney? The court system has become so complex, sometimes it becomes quite difficult to find a way through the system without special training. Even when judges sound to be understanding, if you are fighting your case on your own, their might be undue delay in the getting the final resolution of the case. Sometimes, small procedural errors can be very damaging to the outcome of a case. Expert advice from a lawyer is always recommended to avoid such situations.

  • What will be the cost of an attorney?

The cost of an attorney can vary in each case. Some types of cases are more costly to litigate than others. If you are fighting on a case of traffic ticket, it will be cheaper in comparison to a federal case where an attorney is fighting on a felony criminal charge. Different attorneys have their own charges. It is not always true that the best lawyer will be very expensive. Sometimes they can win your case at an affordable price. When you are looking for an attorney, ask for the cost of their representing your case in the court. Most attorneys will not quote a price until they have gone through the case and learnt the facts. You need to feel comfortable with your attorney and the price quoted by him should not sound a burden on you. Other attorneys quote a very low retainer in order to get the client to hire them, and then bill the client for additional work.

  • Where to find an attorney?

You can find attorneys from a variety of sources. Seek advice from your friends, or from your doctor, or, accountant, or another professional. You may contact the State Bar lawyer referral service. You may find an attorney through a variety of sources but there is no magical answer of finding the best attorney. It all comes by experience.

  • Should the attorneys advertised in TV or 800 numbers be hired?

Generally speaking, television and radio advertisements are a bad way to find an attorney. There are many referral agencies who advertise the attorneys on TV and radio. They collect a large number of calls and then divide it to their member attorneys. The law firms pay a high cost on advertisements. They refer the cases to other law firms to share the enormous cost of advertising. Most of the time, the attorney will not take your case if there is no scope to make a large sum of money from your case.

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