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With the advent of email, there does not seem to be many offerings that come in the mail these days. However, wouldn’t it be a treat if a credit offer for a new car was placed in one’s mailbox? That mailing could be a result of trigger mailing.

Trigger mailing is when targeted individuals are provided mail that offers lines of credit or financial packages to them. The person is targeted based on their circumstance instead of just being a random consumer. The “trigger” is the life event or behavior that the marketer determines can result in future transactions. In other words, the person is targeted with a financial package because it is predicted they will need or want the package in the future.

Marketers will vary in how they calculate triggers for an individual customer. Most marketers state that triggers are calculated by seeing what consumers are already paying for. For example, a person who pays a lot of hidden fees on their credit card could be a good candidate for a trigger mailing campaign for a no hidden fee credit card. Other marketers will say that triggers are more emotional desires and their package can help satiate that desire. For example, there could be a person without a line of credit or financial package that many of the customer’s neighbors have. The trigger campaign can make mention how the customer should not feel left out compared to their neighbors. As one can see, the trigger is merely a small event or behavior that can be capitalized on by businesses.

If marketers want to learn more about this technique, they can contact here for more information. In this economy, the best marketing techniques will win new customers. Trigger marketing is one strategy that can convince a potential customer to become an actual consumer.

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