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Generations after generations many people have asked the same question again and again. It only happened in the last decade that human being had a greater understanding regarding economic abundance. The industrial revolution and the technological advancement in the recent era shows all the changes happened so far.

It has been a riddle to solve the economic abundance and what actually makes an average or poor person to own a fortune and great wealth. So many books on this subject had been written so far and a small part became truly successful bestsellers. The readers got to know the actual economic abundance. The same principles of how to reach your desired goals were explained in almost all the books. Books like “Rich dad Poor dad” of Robert Kiyosaki and even older books such as “Think and grow rich” by Napoleon Hill had one common thing of how to follow the principles by which you can reach abundance. It is nothing else but some simple principles of thoughts, action and relationships with different people. A lot of books were quite complicated to understand and only a few people could understand the ideas behind it. The rest of the books that were easy to understand were absorbed by those who had a desire to grow rich.

People work in their jobs daily and bring money to feed their families. The question is why we don’t get rich from this job. Actually, here is the hidden secret of making wealth. You can fill up a glass of water only once and only by the size of the cup and not more.

Give a thought and you will realize that are daily job is not enough to generate the wealth that is needed to become rich. It can only take care of the daily needs. In order to increase the wealth, we have to increase the capacity of the glass or fill up more glasses so that we can receive more water. This is one only way to create abundance.

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  1. April 23, 2008 @ 9:02 pm

    I’m invested in and marketing the the opportunity to purchase/invest in fractional shares of life settlement insurance policies. I’m curious what your thoughts are on this type of investing. Obviously there are some crooks out there but it was the credibility of Warren Buffett that got me really going with it. Your thoughts?…

    Posted by Shawn Cornett
  2. December 3, 2010 @ 12:34 am

    While we are in the area of Is becoming rich a simple job? » Finance News Pro , Whether you start a home business or traditional “brick n’ mortar” business, just do it! Start a business and you’ll be walking in the same footsteps as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. Now, that’s exciting!