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Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the resultant uncertainty looming across the globe, the market is highly volatile. A huge boost in trading volumes is witnessed as investors scramble to move away from their respective positions, amidst fears of a global recession. The popular online trading platform Plus500 Ltd, doubled its customer base in the first three months of 2020, which means a whopping six times rise in its revenue. The number of active customers increased from 97,921 to 194,024.

The first-quarter revenue of Plus500 Ltd. soared as customers traded in the highly volatile market. Plus500 is a company based in Israel and is best known for sponsoring Spain’s Atletico Madrid Soccer team. It deals with CFD’s or contracts – derivatives, which are hugely banned in the United States. These are used by traders to wager on stocks, commodities, and bonds.

Plus500 Ltd. is a mobile trading platform which enables customers to make leveraged bets on different financial markets, which include currencies and oil as well.

Plus500 jumped close to 500% in the 1st quarter. The broker reported a huge revenue of $316.6, in the first quarter of March 2020. This exceeded the expectations of the analysts hugely who had put forward a figure of $185m up from $53.9 which was noted in the same time, the previous year. This amount is said to be almost 90% of the company’s total revenue in the year 2019.

According to Plus500, this surge was due to the significant increase in volatility throughout the global financial markets. This has resulted in higher levels of customer trading activities along with increase in new customer acquisition.

The Remaining Quarters of 2020 – An Expected Surge

It is expected that the profits of 2020, will be substantially ahead and beyond expectations, though it is quite a challenge to make predictions amidst the pandemic. According to Asaf Elimelech, Chief Executive – “As we remain at an early stage in the financial year, and there are global markets uncertainties as well as ongoing regulatory changes, it remains difficult to predict the outcome for the full year,”

Several professional traders with day jobs have multiple personal accounts on the trading platform and on rival platforms. This is an effort to earn some additional money after their office hours. Plus500 does not reveal any details about the traders who sign up to the platform. With the cancellation of most sporting events across the globe, more and more people are now turning towards financial betting as an option to earn money.

Plus500 has given an upbeat forecast and hinted that the current surge, which was seen in the first quarter of 2020, will be repeated in other quarters as well!

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It takes a lot to become an accountant. It might not save lives, but it can help a lot of people differently. First and foremost, you have to be good with numbers. Not everyone is gifted in understating math, along with its functions and equations. Accounting thrives on numbers and calculations.

Second of all, if you want to succeed as an accountant, you’ll have to be willing as well. It’s no use studying this type of science if you don’t have the desire for it. The economy rests on the shoulders of accountants.

Moreover, even if you don’t want to be one, you can benefit from their service immensely. If you own a business that you want to see it succeed in the future, then you’ll need the help of an accountant. Luckily, hiring one is not difficult. Read more on this link.

All you need to do is to do some research online and pick a licensed business that offers such a service. Also, you can hire them individually. A lot of them are their own bosses and use ads as a means for you to contact them. Whatever way you choose, you can benefit and learn a lot from their service. Here are some of the most essential things that accountants do:

Help the growth of your business


The reason why people open up a business is to earn more money. But, that’s not all it takes to start gaining income. If it were that simple, then everyone would become a business owner. Working with an accountant and taking their advice can start growing your business.

This means that they can start controlling your income and offer a financial plan to help you earn more money in the future. Of course, every suggestion or recommendation they make will be consulted with your first.

Handle tons of paperwork

You won’t always have time to take care of the paperwork that continually piles up in your office. Running a business relies on many obligations, and you can’t do them all. Plus, some of them you won’t be able to do because you don’t have the knowledge for it.

Controlling your income should be a priority handled by professionals. Any paperwork related to finances should be dealt with by the hands of experienced accountants. This way, some of your responsibilities can be reduced, and it will give you peace of mind knowing that your money is in safe hands.

Reduce errors

Not everyone is skillful and knowledgeable enough to handle accounting documents like a Hornchurch accountant. This way, errors can arise and further complicate things. The worst-case scenario is that you can end up losing a lot of money and eventually end up bankrupt. This is not something you want happening to your business, which you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Hiring an accountant can help in reducing errors with numbers and proceed to run things accordingly and accurately. Accountants do a thorough job of examining all of your accounting documents and fix whatever needs fixing.

Reduce unnecessary costs

You might be spending a lot of money on something that is neither beneficial nor efficient for the growth of your business. Sometimes, these inconveniences can’t be detected by a person that doesn’t have thorough understating of finances. Basically, you lose more money than you gain.

On the other hand, an accountant can detect the error and advise you on what to do next. All of that wasted money will no longer become a problem. Instead, you can reduce the cost and start saving to expand your business in the future, if it comes to that. Follow the link for more details

Create a financial goal

What business owner doesn’t want to succeed even further? For that to happen, you’ll need the expertise of an accountant. They can create a financial plan for your business and teach you how to control your income. As long as you abide by the financial plan, then you can achieve your goal.

It will definitely help if you listen to their advice because they have a thorough understating of the economy. They know how businesses function and what is best to help them grow even more in the future.

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Farming is one of the hardest lifestyles to maintain, but the right shop tool can make the biggest difference. If you are going to be replacing items or adding tools to your shop, here are some of the most suggested pieces to include. For some of these, there are options to buy cordless, electric, or pneumatic power. To choose a pneumatic option, make sure you have invested in a farm and fleet air compressor Jacksonville FL suppliers carry.

A Service Truck

You may have a tractor and other large pieces of equipment on the farm, but you need a service truck to make your rounds or keep the needed maintenance items on hand. You don’t need the latest model, but you should have something with enough horsepower and tire traction to make it through fields or rough roads. A service truck allows you to make your shop portable, carrying a generator, oils and fluids, hydraulic crane, or an air compressor.

A Power Washer

The farming environment exposes your equipment to lots of dust and debris. A power washer is a must-have for keeping things clean. This equipment is especially useful in helping to maintain hydraulic systems and engines. Keeping things clean reduces the possibility of breakdown from contamination.

A Dual-wheel Dolly

Some of the things you have to remove and replace on farming equipment are much too heavy for one person to do alone. With an investment into a dual-wheel dolly, equipped with a hydraulic jack, you can take care of the heavy projects on your own. It will save your back and your time.

A Cordless Impact Gun

This gun is just like a cordless drill, but its an impact. Normally, these drills are connected to an air hose in a shop. However, you need the versatility to get up and go on the farm. The cordless design lets you work wherever the equipment is, but the speed and strength reduce your physical efforts and speeds up your work time.

Consider an investment into one of these items to make your farming venture more efficient.

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There are endless “tips” on the internet on how to navigate through the rough waters when you are hit by the economic tsunami. While some advice is helpful, much of it focuses on how to manage what’s left of our finances during the downturn, and not to make short term blunders at the expense of long term wisdom.

The question is how do we stay focused and grounded in the middle of such a major change? Here are some helpful tips for sailing upright during this time of financial crisis.

1) Making small things big: First and foremost, it is important to find joy in the seemingly mundane. It is in your everyday life where you find the actual joy. Spend quality time with your friends and family, love your pets, and be with your friends who make you laugh. Do all those fun activities that are free. You can often go to the park for a stroll or roll in a pile of leaves. Do all those things that make you feel happy.

2) Investing in you: Instead of listening to the investment advice on news channels and checking on your retirement account every few hours, invest on yourself. Learn a new hobby that you always wanted to learn, maybe cooking, or a new language, or web designing or pottery.

3) Connecting with community: Many a times, people go to the state of depression and anxiety when they are in the fear mode. During this time, they tend to withdraw and hide out. It is good to spend time alone, but disconnecting from people can be deadly. Don’t get isolated. Be in a community near you. The key is to find people with similar interests and values, and where you feel safe.

4) Thinking long term: The economic cycle, like the average life span of a human being, tends to run in 5-8 year increments. If you look back on your life cycle and think in terms of 5-8 years cycle, you see major changes happening to you, like being in relationships, careers, your kids development etc. it important that you craft a vision for the future and think about the next great decade.

5) Living in the present: While you are thinking long term, it is also important that you think about now and maintain a balance. You must think about a bright future over the long haul, while you are living your life in the present.

6) Reconnect with nature: Being with nature is soothing, healing and grounding. Enjoy your life when you are connected to the great outdoors, because nature is a very good tool for healing.

These are just a few of the many tips that you can do to stay centered, grounded and even happy as the storm passes.

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When hard times hit the economy, many industrious individuals look for ways to make more money. However, if you aren’t highly skilled or you don’t have the time and resources to start your own company, you may feel like you have limited options for earning extra income. It might sound crazy, but if you are a good driver, you may be in business after all. There are plenty of interesting ways to earn some extra cash through a reliable vehicle and a willingness to get on the road.

Delivery or For-Hire Driver

You could always apply to deliver pizzas for your local pie slinger, but if you have bigger aspirations, you’re in luck. There are many ways you can hire yourself out to do for-hire driving. You could help elderly people get to their appointments or go grocery shopping. If you have a big truck, you could work with the technicians installing lift gates Cartersville GA trucking companies use and hire yourself out as a garbage collector. There are apps that can help you get a job in this area.

Mobile Advertising

Some companies will pay you money to turn your vehicle into a mobile advertisement. Wrapify is a service that will connect you with potential advertisers. The company will have your vehicle partially or fully wrapped with a campaign or add. The wraps don’t do any damage, and you could make out with several hundred dollars.


There are several companies that are hiring for ridesharing services, with Uber and Lyft being the two most well-known. Though you can get some pretty decent income if you live in a bustling city or college town, there are some downsides to the option. It puts a lot of wear and tear on your car, and you rely on customer feedback for increased opportunities. However, it is a reliable and fairly easy way to make money with your car.

Don’t let an economic slump drain your bank account. If you are willing to put yourself out there, you will find several opportunities to make money by driving your vehicle.

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The Importance of Checking Credit During the Hiring Process

An applicant might be dressed to impress, have extra copies of their resume ready and put on a winning smile. However, don’t let these be the determining factors in your hiring process. You should also check the applicant’s background to make sure their record is clean and free of misdemeanors and felonies. A credit check is also necessary because an applicant’s financial past can shed some light about how they’ll be as an employee. You can gain a good understanding of how applicants handle money, their decision-making abilities and their potential for criminal activity. Here’s how the credit check process works.

What You Can a nd Can’t Do With an Applicant’s Credit Information

By getting credit check services for employers, you can learn more about your applicants and further narrow down your list of candidates. However, you have to be careful with their information and respect their rights to privacy. For example, some states forbid employers from considering credit information in the hiring process. If you live in California, Connecticut or Maryland, you won’t be able to consider credit reports when making hiring decisions, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL).

Consider Applicants’ Legal Rights

It’s important to notify an applicant if you intend to check their credit. Before going forward with the process, you must first receive their written permission. The Fair Credit Reporting Act asks employers to be “clear and conspicuous” when notifying applicants. The notice should not be mixed in with other language. If you plan to reject an applicant based on their credit score, you must let them know before you make the decision. This is called a pre-adverse action notice, which includes a copy of the applicant’s credit report used and a summary of their rights.

In some cases, checking an applicant’s credit is necessary. Just be sure to acknowledge their rights.

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People have been using biotechnology for decades to create a better quality of life for people all around the world. In simple terms, biotechnology is when people make use of a living organism or any of that organism’s bodily systems to make technological advances. These new types of technology are then adapted for use in several different areas, some of which are listed below.


Vaccines are perhaps the most famous use of biotechnology. Medical professionals use a weakened strain of a particular virus, which is a living organism, and they inject that strain into the bloodstream to teach the body how to fight it off. Antibiotics and some other types of medication are other examples of medical biotechnology.


Some materials commonly used in construction and manufacturing are the result of advancement in biotechnology. This type of biotechnology is sometimes described as an “enzyme cocktail”, and most technology in this field is very new, which can lead to some unforeseen lawsuits due to a lack of information. Luckily, a biotechnology law firm Durham NC specializes in biotechnology lawsuits. That’s just one more way biotechnology affects other areas of life.


In a world that is quickly running out of non-renewable energy sources, renewable fuels are in higher demand than ever. Biofuels are comparable to fossil fuels, but they are created by manmade processes instead of geological processes, and they are cleaner. Ethanol and biodiesel are two common examples of biofuels.

Biotechnology has the potential to reduce the carbon footprint of the human race. By making industrial and fuel resources clean, safe, and renewable, biotechnology provides the resources to make the world a more prosperous place. Life is one of the most complicated processes people have ever discovered, and learning how to harvest and use life to our advantage provides many benefits.

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