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The reverse mortgage is a financial instrument available to homeowners aged 62 years old or above. It takes the form of a loan which, as the name implies, works in the opposite way to a standard mortgage. With a regular mortgage, homeowners make monthly payments to a lender. Under the terms of a reverse mortgage, retirees are able to convert some of the equity in their home into cash, and they instead receive payments.

Reverse mortgages were initially introduced as a way to help retirees on a low income take advantage of any wealth they might have accumulated in their home. For many of these people, a reverse mortgage provides a lifeline, allowing them to cover basic living expenses and healthcare costs. However, there are no restrictions on how this money can be used.

The reverse mortgage is therefore a literal lifesaver for some senior Americans, but it is an option that too many remain unaware of. Read on for more information about the reverse mortgage and to find out whether it could benefit you.

Tax-Free Advance

What’s better than receiving a cash injection? Receiving a tax-free cash injection, of course! When the homeowner first takes out a reverse mortgage, they will be given cash from the lender. This is, for all intents and purposes, an advance payment. It is usually, but not always, tax-free. This money can be particularly useful for retirees who have expenses piling up, and not having to worry about the usual tax obligation reduces a common source of stress when seeking a financial boost.

Are There Any Risks or Downsides?

With any financial instrument or investment, there is always going to be some element of risk and unpredictability. The reverse mortgage is definitely a valuable tool for many people, but it isn’t the best option for everybody.

For example, you should be aware that interest will be added to the outstanding balance of the loan every month. Also, whatever money the homeowner receives through their reverse mortgage reduces their equity in the home. Consequently, should the home owner decide to move, or if they die, the equity that they leave behind will be reduced. This can be a nasty surprise for any heirs of beneficiaries.

If you are considering taking out a reverse mortgage, you need to make sure that you have fully understood all the terms and conditions beforehand. Many reverse mortgages come with some significant upfront fees, so you need to be prepared for those.

Is it Right for Me?

Retirees who are in need of some extra cash can benefit greatly from a reverse mortgage. For these people it can provide a lifeline by allowing them to cover their living expenses more easily. Many older Americans have complex healthcare needs and ballooning living expenses. If you think that a reverse mortgage could help you, have a look at those offered by American Advisors Group to get an idea of what a typical reverse mortgage looks like.

A reverse mortgage is a very useful financial instrument for many American retirees. Securing loans can be a stressful experience, especially for the older generation. The reverse mortgage can provide a less stressful option for many borrowers. Just make sure to check that there isn’t a more appropriate form of loan for you.

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If you are still doing payroll the old fashioned way, complete with paper checks and handwritten records, you are wasting a great deal of time and energy. Technology has evolved, and so has the way that modern businesses handle their payroll operations. It does not matter if you are a business of two or two hundred. You can still benefit from the advantages of technology in this regard. Here are three reasons why you should automate your payroll today.

Streamline the Payroll Process

In the past, payroll used to be a rather cumbersome process of writing out checks and manually keeping track of wages paid out. For hourly employees, this could become even more difficult. Add in overtime to the equation and it could get out of hand rather quickly. With payroll administration in Florida, this can all be done for you automatically so that you can spend your time focusing on other areas of your business.

Keep Track of Benefits

Benefits are a way of rewarding your employees for a job well done. They are also earned, and form a part of the compensation package. As such, you need to keep track of them so that they are not abused, but that they are ready to be distributed when called upon. An automated system will help you do this.

Automatically Adjust to New Tax Laws

It seems that tax rates and laws are changing every year, abut both the state and federal level. This means that you must adjust withholding taxes for your employees on a regular basis as well. An automated system will keep track of this for you.

These are just a few of the many benefits you will realize when switching to an automated payroll system. You will find that tasks that used to take several members of your staff hours, or even days, to do will now be completed in a more efficient fashion. Your employees will be much happier in the end as well, as fewer mistakes will be made with an automated system. Make the switch today and begin reaping the benefits with your next payroll cycle.

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For American children under the age of 18, car accidents are the leading cause of death. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), many of these child fatalities can be prevented by using proper safety restraints when transporting children in your car.

Using proper child safety restraints in your car can protect your child in a car accident and reduce their risk of serious injury and/or death. All types of restraints such as seat belts, booster seats, and car seats must be appropriate for your child’s size, weight and age. When it comes to motor vehicle child safety restraints, one size does not fit all. An auto accident attorney Portland Oregon often sees severe injuries when restraints are not properly fitted to the child.

* Seat Belts – If your child is eight years old or older, factory installed car seat belts are recommended for safety. When your child rides in the back seat and stays buckled into their seat belt while driving, car accident injuries and fatalities are reduced by as much as 50 percent.

* Booster Seats – Booster seats are recommended by NHTSA for children between the ages of four and eight. Children in this age group are often too small in size and weight to be properly protected by seat belts. They often slip out of a seat belt in a high-impact car accident.

* Infant Car Seats – Infants under one-year of age or under 20 pounds should always ride in an infant car seat placed in the back seat. For maximum protection from injury, the car seat should be installed so the child faces the back windshield, not the front of the car.

In 2014, more than 600 children under the age of 12 died in car accidents in America, and another 121,000 children were seriously injured. According to NHTSA studies, more than 600,000 children under the age of 12 commonly travel in motor vehicles without using any type of safety restraints at all. Accident statistics show that approximately 40 percent of children who die in car accidents are not properly restrained or not wearing any type of safety restraint.

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If you believe that you should receive child support from an absent parent or from a parent who no longer lives in the home but who does interact physically with the child, then it’s best to seek the advice and assistance of an attorney. Find an attorney who specializes in family law as this is usually the kind of case that the attorney deals with all the time instead of someone who works in criminal law. Take any documents supporting how you support your child, any extracurricular activities that the child does, and your income to the attorney. All of this information will be filed so that it can be reviewed by the judge. The other parent’s information will also be taken into consideration as well as any other children that the absent parent supports.

When speaking with child support lawyers Pasco County offers, it’s important to be honest about your situation and to be willing to work with the other parent if there is still any involvement in the child’s life. Be honest about all of the income that you receive as well as all of the expenses that you have. Most of the time, the judge will combine the incomes of both parents and take a percentage of what is made and how much is required to support the child to determine a final amount. Most states have worksheets online that you can use to get an idea of how much could be ordered. Make sure that your attorney orders automatic reviews in case the income of the absent parent increases as this will usually mean an increase in the amount of support that you receive. Provide receipts for anything that you pay for that the child does aside from utilities or a house payment, such as sports or tutoring.

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There will eventually come a time in your life when you will need the services of a legal professional. When this time comes, you need to be certain that you hire the right person for the job. Otherwise, you could have a big problem winning your case. There is seemingly a lawyer’s office on every corner. However, do not allow yourself to be fooled. The skill and legal knowledge that lawyers have is not always the same. Be sure of the qualifications of the lawyer that you end up hiring. Here are a few of the best ways that you will be able to track down a law firm with a great reputation.

1. You should consult the Better Business Bureau to find out all of the data they have compiled about various law firms.

It would be to your benefit to take a look at the site that is operated by the BBB. They have profiles for many law firms. This is why you should read all of the info about any law firm that you are strongly considering to use for your legal representation. Pay very close attention to the letter grade that the BBB had given to each law firm. You should only be interested in hiring a law firm that has been given an A+ rating. The BBB can help you find a great bankruptcy lawyer St Louis.

2. Seek out friends and family members who have been victorious in recent court cases.

Try to find people who were recently in the same situation that you are in right now. Perhaps some of the people you know needed to hire a lawyer not long ago. Who did they hire? How did they find this lawyer? What sort of case was it? How long did the case take to complete? How much did the lawyer charge? Talking to the people in your life might give you some references to very good lawyers who work in your area.

3. How much experience does the lawyer have?

For obvious reasons, you need to be certain that the lawyer you hire has been practicing for at least nine years. You want to avoid hiring someone to be your legal counsel if they have not been out of law school for very long. The experience of your lawyer can be critical if you go to court.

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Forex trading can be complicated, especially when you’re new to it. However, there’s still hope. While you could get assistance from an expert trader or broker, it can also prove difficult finding one who is reliable and trustworthy. Here’s where automatic trading software comes in. Through this article, we’ll walk you through everything automatic trading software has to offer you.

How does automatic trading software work?

Automatic trading software is designed to make trades for you automatically. Trading robots calculate for you the best pairs to trade and the best opportunity for you to trade them. They scan all the information available quickly to make the best trade for you. The software works around the clock to make trades for you as long as the markets are open.

Why should you use an automatic trading robot?

One of the biggest reasons for people to utilize this software is to help guide those that are new to forex trading to the right trades. However, this software has a lot to offer seasoned traders as well. There’s no way to trade around the clock on your own like the trading software can. You’re also more likely to miss out on great trades when you don’t have a software monitoring the market for you all the time. These trading robots utilize the most up to date trading information and analyze trading trends to provide you with the best possible trades. You’ll experience much higher rates of success utilizing this software.

Which software should you choose?

There are several different automatic trading software from which you can choose, however, not all are created equal. Some automatic trading software available doesn’t work as well as others or operate as actively as others. At the same time, some are nothing more than a scam trying to fool you and take your hard-earned money. We highly recommend Forex Trading Robots 2018 – best auto trading software available on the market. While this software isn’t the only reliable automatic trading software available, it certainly is the best. This software will work for you around the clock to find the absolute best trades for your pairs and the perfect opportunity to trade them. With this software, you’ll never have to worry about missing out on an excellent trade ever again.

Forex trading can be complicated, especially if you’ve never done it before. Continuously checking to find the best trading opportunity isn’t always feasible for every trader, which results on them frequently missing out on the best trading opportunities. Automatic trading software can help finally put an end to this for you. This software helps to monitor the market around the clock, jumping on the optimal times for you to trade.  We hope that, through this article, you’ve gained a better understanding of what it is automatic trading software does and how it can be an extremely valuable asset to your forex trading toolbox.

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ICOs raised capital in excess of $3.5 billion in 2017. Of this, more than $100 million came from ICOs based in different African countries. Compared to the huge amounts of capital raised by ICOs such as Tezos, African ICOs have a long way to go. However, the input of Initial Coin Offering on African startups is rapidly growing.

ICOs in Africa

One of the biggest challenges African startups face is inadequate capital. Getting venture capital in most African countries is a hassle. Startups from young people who are less connected almost always don’t attract any Venture Capital firms. Only a few lucky startups attract donations of more than $1 million before their launch. However, ICOs are changing the way African startups get funds for the better.

What are ICOs?

Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs, are a modern means to source funding for new cryptocurrency startups from the public. Like an Initial Public Offering, ICOs allow people to invest in the potential of a platform before it it’s actualized. The startups sell their own native tokens in exchange for established coins such as bitcoin or ethereum. Read more about the ICO topic.

Why African Startups are excited about ICOs

  • There are few venture Capitalists in African Countries

Although there are VC firms in countries like South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya, most of them are never concerned about unknown startups. VC firms and angel investors in most African countries only fund the most hyped startups. By contrast, ICOs are offering a new way to raise funds. By allowing investors to contribute as little as $10, ICOs allow even the low-income earners in Africa to invest in the crypto space.

  • There is less Competition in Africa

So far, African ICOs that showed great potential have been successful in fundraising through ICOs. In European and Asian countries, startups are constantly competing for funds. Unfortunately, investors tend to favor the most hyped ICOs.  Many startups with great potential end up getting overlooked. By contrast, the few African startups that have shown solid potential were able to attract funding because had less competition for funding.

  • The Hype and FOMO

African countries are fast embracing the cryptocurrency space. Throughout the continent, there are dozens of startups based on the blockchain technology. The huge hype surrounding the industry is attracting media attention and African tech related content providers. Startups, on the other hand, are catching up and looking for funding through ICOs. The Fear of Missing Out is partially ensuring that startups tap on the potential of ICOs.

How ICOs will help Fund African Startups

Not only are ICOs an exciting topic and a great way to fund startups everywhere, they will prove to be very beneficial for African startups. Here is how:

  • ICOs offer a Fair Investment Platform

Unlike Initial Public Offerings, anyone can participate in ICOs, whether you have a lot of funds or not. From as low as $10, Africans can contribute to the success of a startup that will probably help solve major challenges. This benefit is particularly important in Africa because most investors are able to raise high amounts. The median annual income in most African countries is less than $200, meaning that potential investors can only fund where minimum contributions are accepted.

  • ICOs are easy to Organize

ICO alternatives have proven burdensome to organize in most countries around the world. In Africa, organizing an IPO can take months. It’s expensive and requires resources that many startups cannot afford. By contrast, running an ICO is quite easy. Most African governments have not regulated ICOs, but startups must meet the basic requirements to run one. While that could be problematic for investors, it makes it easy for startups to fundraise.

  • ICOs are easy to Access among Low-end Investors

Although Internet penetration in Africa is lower than the rest of the world, it provides the easiest way for startups to look for funding. In Kenya, for example, there is an 85% Internet penetration. Despite this, a very low percentage of the population has the means to participate in an IPO.

ICOs are proving the better alternatives since interested investors can learn everything about the ICO online and invest easily. Regrettably, the average penetration of the Internet in Africa stands at 35%.

  • ICOs can Source Funding Globally

Since ICOs can welcome investors from any part of the world, they offer great advantage to startups from African countries. Startups no longer have to settle for low capital in their countries. Instead, they can set up mechanisms that allow investors from any part of the world to participate. This will increase funding for the best African startups and help them deliver the quality services their Whitepaper promised.

  • Growing Interest in the ICO Space

Many African countries are fast catching up with the rest of the world in terms of adopting the ICO space. Thousands of investors throughout the continent have already tasted the benefits of investing in budding cryptocurrencies such as ethereum. As adoption of the blockchain and ICO industry grow, African startups will see more people gain interest in their platforms. In a few years’ time, it will be possible for African startups to raise in excess of $50 million through ICO crowdsourcing.

  • Desire and ability to Support African Technologies

Africans have often shown willingness to support causes that affect their day to day lives. African startups that will develop solutions to African problems will have better chances to get funding online. This funding behavior has occurred before with startups such as Bitpesa (A Kenyan startups that offer bitcoin trading services), where investors contributed heavily in funding startups that promised to solve some common African problems in an efficient way.

  • Influence of African Public Figures

One of the driving forces of ICOs around the world is endorsements and backing by influential figures. Startups that have used celebrities to endorse their product have often gained significant attention. Startups that attracted the attention of major players in the industry also had better success. As more influential persons in Africa gain interest in the ICO space, startups will start getting endorsements and financial backing. Slowly, ICOs will turn out to be the best financial option for many African startups.


As ICOs continue to draw massive attention around the world due to their great potential, investors will increasingly concentrate on the best startups no matter where they are located. African startups that will provide great solutions to African or world problems will likely gain great attention from serious investors. For investors, however, the lack of ICO regulations in Africa makes it extremely important to conduct due diligence before you make an investment decision.

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The process of vacuum excavation is one that you will want to make sure that you know all about before you make a decision to use this on a construction site. The process is actually considered to be very safe and effective as opposed to a number of other methods used to excavate from the earth. This method of excavating has a long history and there are a number of different methods and machines that are built for this type of excavating. So, what are the advantages to this type of excavating and why are more and more companies looking to use this form of excavating for getting dirt out of the earth while still leaving things like trees and other items perfectly intact.

The first and foremost advantage to this type of excavation is the fact that the utility that is buried underneath the soil will not receive a single bit of damage as opposed to other methods that can be a lot more destructive and damage the utility in question.

There are never any moving parts that come in contact with the utility in question, this again helps to ensure that the utility is never in danger of being damaged by the process. All types of utilities can be used on this process including that of Gas and electrical.

The hole that is made will make a lot less of a mess as opposed to other forms of digging. The hole is only about one foot by one foot. This leaves a smaller footprint on the earth as well as helps to make for a lot cleaner of a worksite. This in turn leaves a smaller impact on the environment and less of an impact on the utility as well.

When you decide to go with a vacuum approach to your excavation needs, you will see that there is a lot less noise that is associated with this method as opposed to other methods that are used on a regular basis. This also leads to a lot less congestion in the way of traffic. This less congested method means that your excavation

There is the advantage of having an easy patch that can be part of the process of excavation. This can be either a temporary or a permanent patch. This is a very huge advantage that many people will look at when they are looking to get started on their excavation project. Talking to an expert they will generally recommend this type of excavation for you in digging around a utility to reduce the amount of damage to the utility.

As you are able to see, there are a lot of advantages that can result from the use of vacuum excavation as opposed to all of the other methods on the market. If you are a contractor in need of doing some excavating, then you will want to make sure that you go to a reliable provider such as We have what you are looking for with your next excavation project so contact us today and let us assist you.

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Cryptocurrency. This new form of currency has been on the rise since the past decade. And just like the latest Star Wars movie, this digital currency has been met with divisive opinion. Whether this new form of currency is here to stay or if it’s just another gimmick is unknown. However, what is known is that a lot of people are jumping on this trend, some even to their financial detriment.

So, how does one avoid falling into such a situation? Knowledge and a bit of research will go a long way in helping investors decide whether cryptocurrency is worth the risk.

Unknown to most people, cryptocurrency actually came about in a fortunate stroke of serendipity. Satoshi Nakamoto, the accidental and unsung inventor of Bitcoin, was the man who started it all. He created what scores of others before him failed to – an online cash system.

This system employs much of the principle that all peer-to-peer file sharing platforms are built upon – decentralization.

So, the real question here is, how do you keep an accurate record of transactions without a central authority? Satoshi’s answer? With everybody.

All peers in the Bitcoin network are tasked with taking note of all validated transactions. This validated transaction will then be added as an unalterable and permanent block to the existing blockchain. In essence, every peer has a record of this successful transaction.

Now, one might think that there’s no way that digital currency can ever affect the real market. And you’d be right if you were referring to any form of direct effects on the real market. But this goes much deeper than simple numbers.

One has to look at the human mind to realize how cryptocurrency could affect the real market. Like all stock investments, there is always an element of risk involved. Investors who are experts at determining market outcomes are more psychologically equipped to handle bad investments because they know how to recover.

On the other hand, because cryptocurrency is exponentially more volatile than the stock market, the losses and profits undoubtedly follow this trend of volatility. Your investment could triple in value in a week, as well as depreciate by as much as ten times in the same amount of time.

Now, say that cryptocurrencies failed. The psychological impact that this scenario would have on investors would be catastrophic in the sense that this would undoubtedly break investor confidence. As a result, no investor will confidently invest in the stock market ever again. And the real markets, like a trail of dominos, will be bound to fall.

Investors are programmed to keep going in a certain direction, despite the magnitude of the risks involved. But once they meet failure, there are very few things that could remedy such a scenario. This is the danger with the crypto-hype that’s been spreading all around.

If too many investors jump on the bandwagon, as lucrative as it may be, the consequence of failure could very well cause widespread panic and the ultimate failure of every market.

But for now, whether cryptocurrency is the holy grail of Finance, or just another wet dream, is unknown. However, what is known is that wherever you find yourself in the financial scene, there will always be a mention of “cryptocurrency”.

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It’s no surprise that ponds are pricey additions to your home, but they can enhance the peacefulness, attractiveness, and property value of your home as well. If you have your heart set on having a pond to brighten up your yard but budget is a concern, we’ve got you covered with a few tips and tricks to help you put in a pond on a budget.

Start by Establishing a Budget

The first step to keep on budget is making a budget. Sit down and figure out what the look you have your eye on typically runs and what you’re realistically willing to spend. Consider what extras you may want, what that will cost, and if you can afford it or live without it. This step is crucial because it’ll help you see if it’s going to be possible to put in a pond with the look you want on your budget. If you aren’t going to be happy with the way it looks, there’s no point in stretching your budget to put one in; it’d be better to wait until you can afford what you want.

Plan Out the Features You Want

An important part of sticking to your budget is planning what it is you’re going to get. If you do your research beforehand and plan out your list, you’re less likely to buy impulsively or get conned into buying useless extras for which you have no need. This helps to ensure you keep on budget and get all the items you wanted and help you to shop around for the best price, since you know exactly what it is you’re looking for. It’s also a great opportunity to decide what items you can and can’t live without it with your new pond.

Shop Around and Take Advantage of Low Prices Online

The number one key way to saving money on putting in a pond is shopping around for the best price. While local specialty shops and home improvement stores are convenient, they’re also way more expensive than some of the online options you have. It’s important to find the best deals on every part of your pond installation, from pond pumps to the extra features you want. This will ensure your pond remains within budget without you having to sacrifice much of what you wanted, if anything.

Putting your ideal pond in to enhance your property can seem like an unattainable dream but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. You can put a lovely pond in without breaking your budget with a little consideration and research. As long as you establish a budget, plan out the items you want and stick to your list, and shop around for the best price, you can put your dream pond in without having to sacrifice the look you wanted. However, if you’re not going to be happy without certain features you can’t afford, it’s probably better to hold off and save the money to get the look you want.

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Finance careers offer stability and enviable monetary compensation, as well as significant flexibility when it comes to moving ahead in banking or pivoting to take a leadership role in other sectors. There’s a wide range of roles available, and banking offers more opportunity than most to work your way up, rewarding those with initiative, hard work, and strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Here are five common careers in banking and finance to consider:

Investment banker

This is what many people think of when it comes to a career in the finance sector. The banking industry is broad, but the Wall Street stereotype tends to stick in most people’s minds, thanks to glamorous Hollywood depictions of hard-working graduates and fabulously wealthy leaders. Investment banking can be a challenging, yet rewarding career choice, and strides have been made to make it a more accessible and welcoming career for a wider variety of candidates. Investment banking hubs in New York, London, and other global-class cities makes it an exciting choice for those who love the big-city lifestyle, and it offers a strong opportunity for those who want to work their way up into management and leadership positions. This is a fast-paced, relatively demanding job and is a good choice for those who are ambitious and have a lot of drive, as well as a desire to keep learning. Experienced investment bankers are also well positioned to move away from the finance sector and take positions of leadership in other large companies.

Financial planning

Financial planning involves helping people identify and understand their goals, and then to come up with intelligent saving and investment plans to reach them. This is a good choice if you enjoy interacting with others, have good communication skills and attention to detail, and a strong affinity for research and problem solving. While some education and familiarity with professional conduct, finance, and reporting is helpful, it is possible to take the initiative and work your way up the ranks without a lot of formal training.

Bank teller

Bank teller jobs are an accessible form of entry level banking work that involves specialized service and sales roles. While attention to detail, consistency, and a pleasant, professional manner are required, formal education is usually not necessary for your first teller position. Banks usually offer a well-defined internal training and growth track, and will provide ongoing education and promotion opportunities if you want to move toward a supervisory or management role. A bank teller role could be a good choice if you want a job with less pressure that is still rewarding, or if you want to gain familiarity and experience in finance and earn some money for further education.

Banking paralegal

Banking paralegals are specialists that work in the legal departments of finance organizations. They perform research and reporting duties and have a specialist education. This is a great type of position for those who are very detail oriented and enjoy research. Those interested in learning more about how to become a paralegal will want to identify the sector they want to support as a paralegal and then sign up for a specific program like an associates degree that will teach them how to become a paralegal and qualify them to work in the field. This is not a learn-on-the-job type of role; formal education is generally required, since legal skills and specialist research skills are needed.


Various types of accountants and bookkeepers are employed in the banking industry. These are also specialized roles that require some formal education. Specific processes must be followed, and professional accountants and bookkeepers must have a shared understanding of fundamental accounting processes, as well as laws, regulations, and common practices specific to the sector they serve. A corporate accountant might need to understand regulations and tax law for multiple states or even different countries, while a bookkeeper for a small business or local clients only would require less training and experience. Depending on your goals, you might start small with some basic coursework, or get a full finance degree and get a job in banking or finance with a higher starting salary and more responsibility. These roles involve a lot of flexibility and opportunity. You might freelance part-time as a bookkeeper, or work as part of a team in a large company, with opportunities to gain more experience, continue your education, and move towards a position with more responsibility.

The banking industry offers a wide range of opportunities with good financial prospects. You can start small with some basic training and work your way up or go all out and put your ambition to work climbing the ranks.

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