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Many people out there are looking for ways to come up with some extra funds. This article will show you how to make extra money without picking up another job.

Become a Flipper!

There are many different ways to find items on the cheap that you can turn around and resell at a higher price. This is often referred to as “flipping.” There are many different ways to find cheap items. You can do this at yard sales, garage sales, flea markets, Craigslist and more. Then once you find a good deal you can turn around and flip the same items for a higher price on eBay, Amazon or the Facebook Marketplace.

Gary Vaynerchuk has made flipping very popular. He actually videos himself going to yard sales early on mornings during the weekend and shows what kind of haul he can come up with. He even shows what type or profit he makes from the stuff compared to how much he bought it for. Here is Gary V’s guide to flipping.

Flipping stuff is a very easy thing to get started with. All you need is a few bucks and get out there on Saturday morning, start pounding the pavement and make it happen.

Start a Business

Whoa, whoa, whoa! You were only looking to make a little extra money, not start a business! Well, there are a few small business opportunities that cost very little to start up and can result in getting cash in hand fast.

One of these examples is a lawn care business. This is a great opportunity because, let’s be honest, most people do not want to cut grass. Also, even if they don’t hate cutting grass, if someone knocks on your door and offers to cut your grass, how in the world do you say to no to that?

As far as building clients, odds are you can pick up your first few through asking family and friends. A simple Facebook status might be able to net you another client or two. Then you do a stellar job with your lawn care service and then you have a few more referrals trickle in. Whether you’re looking for an extra $50 or $500 a week, you can easily make either of those happen with a lawn care business. Here is a guide on how to start a lawn care business.

If you’re not into grass cutting, that’s understandable. Some other possibilities include dog walking, painting and freelance writing.

Make Money Selling Other People’s Stuff Online

Did you know you can make money selling stuff from Amazon, even when it’s not your stuff? If you haven’t, it’s called affiliate marketing. When you join Amazon’s affiliate program, it allows you to create links to their products and receive 4% to 8% commission on each item you sell.

There are loads of ways to make money as an affiliate. Clickbank is a site that allows people to sell digital products and receive huge commission for each conversion. eBay offers an affiliate program. Commission Junction has loads and loads of different vendors that allow you to sell your products in exchange for commission.

If you would like to learn more about affiliate marketing, check out this website.

What Are You Waiting For? Get Started Today!

One thing is for sure: you are not going to make any money until you take action. Figure out which of these options is best for you and get started today!

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Many people dream of breaking out from the day-to-day job they currently have and becoming their own boss because of the promise of making more money and being in charge of their own lives. You know, a lot of those people end up back in a 9-5 job within 3 years because they didn’t have what it takes to make it as a business owner. Sure, a lot of people start and run successful businesses, but if you aren’t interested in taking a jrisk you might want to consider how you can make more money in the job you have right now. Here are three ways you can make more money in your current role, without having to get a second job.

make money onlineBoss for a Raise

Yeah, yeah. It sounds so simple. Imagine if you could just walk up to your boss and ask for more money. Well, why can’t you? Get a good pitch together, list some recent accomplishments, talk about how hard you have been working for the company, talk about your loyalty and dedication, and just ask for the raise. It’s best if you have a dollar figure in mind. What’s not best is if you lay a sad story on your boss about how you need to make more money or you’re going to have to file for bankruptcy. Your boss doesn’t want to hear about that; bankruptcy firms like Doyle Salewski wants to hear about that, but you boss doesn’t.

Ask for More Responsibility

I once worked for a doctor who paid a cleaning company to come in once a week and clean the office and exam rooms. I approached her and asked if she would pay me instead. So once a week I would stay for a few hours after hours and clean the office. It was a decent amount of money and really helped to pad my bank account. If you take on more responsibility, make sure it is clear you want to be compensated for it.

Find a Gap and Fill it

One way to make extra money at your current job is to tap into skills you might not even realize are worth money and offer to act as a consultant to your current employer. You can bill them for the added work you do, and you never have to leave the office to make more money. It’s best if you have a clear contract in place when your employer becomes your client, and there are some risk factors at play here, but if you are serious about it, consult a lawyer and make your contract tight. Instead of paying an outside firm to consult, they can pay you a little more money and get way more in return.

Before you go knocking on doors looking for a part-time job, start with what you know. I once approached my boss and said I was going to look for a part-time job, but thought I would ask if he needed any additional work done around here that he was thinking of hiring someone to do. If you have a multitude of skills or experiences to draw on, like I did, you can land yourself in a better financial situation in no time.

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