Anyone who is considering purchasing property to start a rental business to beef up their assets should consider working with a real estate broker Spring TX. While there are plenty of great deals to be had, there are plenty of issues that can crop up that can turn an originally savvy investor into one that regrets ever setting their sites on the market. A broker can help ensure that investors get the best deals for their money and keep them from making common mistakes that turn their “gold” into “coal.”

Do Proper Research

There are many brokers out there. Some are self-taught, industry educated and highly experienced. No matter what type of broker one is interested in, it is important to choose one that meets expectations and works well with the vibe of the client. Some people find the right broker their first time searching, however, it often takes a few meetings with several prospects before a good match is made. Look further than credentials. Education, longevity, and industry reputation are huge factors that can make or break a deal.

Take A Deeper Look

There are many properties that are diamonds in the rough. Flippers or people who are interested in renovating a property before selling it themselves or renting it out often look for properties that require little to no work. These properties are often a dime a dozen. Be prepared to research what is available in the market and to dig a little deeper than what meets the eye. Many potential gold mines are overlooked because assumptions are made instead of taking a deeper look with an inspection.

Just like with any investment, it is important to know what the pros and cons are before jumping into the water. Things may sound great from one perspective, but unless or until one has experienced the challenges firsthand, it best to look before leaping.

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Moving is a very demanding process and one of the most demanding and important aspects of it is the actual packing of the different items to be moved. How well these items are packed will determine whether or not they will arrive safely at their new destination or storage. For general tips on how to pack for a move, check here.

There are a few common mistakes a lot of folks make while packing. This is more common for people who do not want to make use of professional users. We will look at a few of these errors and offer possible solutions to them.

Some Common Packing Errors

Not Organizing Your Packing

Your entire packing process should be both planned and organized. This includes having a to-do list and a moving checklist. You need to be sure you know exactly what needs to be packed and how you want to go about it. You should also have a strategy for the packing process. Failure to do this will result in a lot of inefficiency.

Leaving Item Unboxed

Leaving some of your stuff, especially small items unboxed makes them open to easy damage and even loss. When you have them boxed, they are safer and better organized.

Using Indiscriminately Sized Boxes

A lot people simply search for just any size of box and toss them all together. Ideally, your packing boxes should be about 3 groups of sizes – small, medium and large. This makes it easier for you to maximize the space in the moving van or storage space. If your payment is based on the space you use, then you will be saving cost. For help with getting moving boxes, check here:

Not Understanding How to Make the Most of Box Sizes

Items should be packed into box sizes based on certain rules. A lot of folks just throw any item into any box. Ideally, packing into the three different box sizes we listed above should follow this format: Heavy stuff like books, should be packed into smaller boxes while lighter items like cloths, curtains etc. should be put into the larger boxes. This ensures the boxes do not get too heavy. Additional, while packing, make sure the heavier boxes are not placed on the lighter ones.

Packing Items Loosely

This is another mistake some folks make. You do not want to leave too much space in any box as it allows the items in the box to fall around while in motion. This can easily result in some damages.

Packing Boxes too Heavily

Some folks pack boxes until they get so heavy that carrying it becomes a problem. Aside from the difficulty of carrying these heavy boxes, the boxes themselves are more likely to burst open from the weight, spilling its contents which could get damaged in the process. Never allow any box exceed about 50 pounds.

Using Wrong Packing Tapes

A lot of people think that just any type of tape will do for sealing the boxes. This is very false. You need a tape that can hold the boxes well which is why professionals use at least 2 inch wide, pressure sensitive packing tapes. You should also try to apply about three layers of tape to the bottom part of the box and about two layers to the top part of the box.

Not Labeling Properly

This is a mistake that has been pointed out severally to people preparing to move. Not labeling your boxes leaves you with an organizational nightmare. To find anything, you will need to rip through so many boxes. This will be a major problem when you start unpacking your stuff later. Learn about how to label properly in this article.

Using Trash Bags

Trash bags are some of the worst things to pack your stuff into. Aside from the fact that they provide absolutely no protection for the items inside of them. They are also practically impossible to arrange in the truck or in storage. You will end up using up a lot of space and still not have things properly packed.

Other Reasons Why You Should Allow Professionals Pack For You

Packers and movers

Aside from the errors listed above, there are other reasons why it may not be in your best interest to handle your packing yourself. Let’s look at some of these.

Insurance Coverage

Did you know that by choosing to pack your stuff yourself you could be limiting your carrier’s liability? Every moving company is required by law to have a carrier liability. For an example of a documentation of this, check here. However, the carrier’s liability coverage only covers boxes that the movers packed by themselves and not those you packed.

Moving Tools and Skill

Professional movers have both the tools and skill required to move heavy items and boxes. By attempting to move these items without the necessary skill and equipment, you could end up damaging them and maybe even hurting yourself in the process. This is in addition to the absence of a carrier coverage that will arise from your decision to pack yourself.

Expert Knowledge

Did you know that there are some items that should not be packed with other items? Something as simple as a nail remover can cause some serious damage to your other stuff. Professional movers know exactly what can be packed with other stuff and they also know how to safely transport any dangerous item.

Choosing a Moving Company

At this point, it should be pretty clear that working with a professional moving company may be your best bet. One of the challenges that many folks have is how to find the right moving company to work with. There are so many different companies promising so much so making a choice can be confusing.

To get started, you can visit where you will find a number of different companies for different types of moves. You also get to enjoy various resources that ensure you do not just find the right mover but that you also save funds while doing so.

If you think you are ready to move, then start planning right away!

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Real Estate Investing

There are so many exciting and wonderful places around the world where everyone dreams to settle down for the rest of their lives. And, Dubai is among the top few of them. In fact, it’s among the best of places for property investors to invest their money and make great profits. If you talk about UAE, in general, the country offers a lot of sunshine throughout the year and has some pristine beaches, gigantic shopping malls, desert safaris, world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa, and the man-made Palm Jumeirah Island. All these attraction not just attract tourists year round but also offer great investment opportunities for the seasoned real estate investors.

If all that isn’t enough to convince you, here we have 5 compelling reasons as to why property investment in UAE is profitable. Let’s check out!

  1. Best Investment Returns Against Property Investments

The property prices in UAE are still very low and that presents a great opportunity to the investors to make for highly profitable deals. Dubai alone is home to so many fascinating places and offers some high-end amenities as well as business facilities. Modern villas investments are so lucrative in Dubai especially on Palm Jumeirah that they can’t even be comparable to those in cities like New York and London. Also, there’s a significant increase in tourists which leads to significant demand rental and residential properties. With increasing demand, the investments are surely going to offer greater returns as years go by.

  • Growing Tourism Makes For A Strong Economy
Growing Tourism Makes For A Strong Economy

With Expo 2020 just around the corner, there’s a large number of job seekers, businesses and entrepreneurs rushing to Dubai which presents a great opportunity to generate revenue from expected visitors.

During the Expo 2020, Dubai alone expects more than 20 million tourists to land here from different parts of the world. Besides, the ever increasing attractions in the city are a major source of bringing tourists here. Sources say that the contribution of tourism to GDP was around 8.4% making it almost 117.4 billion Dh being added to country’s economy. It will also help boost employment opportunities in the country with almost 369000 jobs expected by 2024 and more individuals coming to the country and settling there.

  • Free Zones For Foreigners
Free Zones For Foreigners

Foreign investors in Dubai can make the most of free zones where they do not need residency visa and you do not have to be a citizen of UAE. Such foreign investments were allowed since 1999 in the bid to boost UAE’s economy. With free zones in place, you can invest in UAE real estate with no need of permits or anything like that. There are many foreigners who invest in commercial and residential properties and then lease it out. It helps them get a great return on their investment.

  • Low Traffic
Low Traffic Real Estate

When people buy properties, whether for office or residence, they consider the flow of traffic in the area as well. UAE offers so many secluded areas where comfortable living experience can be enjoyed without having to get annoyed by all the buzz created by vehicles passing by. So, that makes one good reason for people to buy properties or rent them in UAE. And, with this increasing demand, investors certainly have a great opportunity to make profit with their real estate investments.

  • Housing Is In Demand
Real estate demand

Investments in the real estate sector, particularly in Dubai, in coming years would definitely present opportunities to turn fortunes because the country expects large influx of visitors. Furnished apartments available on shorter-term lease, inexpensive hotel apartments or commercial spaces make the best investments right now in UAE. In fact, they won’t see a decline in demand in coming years and the investment would remain safe and highly profitable.

So, all that means you can expect profitable trades and huge ROI should you invest in the real estate properties now. Better find luxury accommodations in Dubai with the help of an agency and start making profits with it.

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Estimating the value of a property is necessary for a variety of reasons, including sales listing, financing, insurance, investment and taxation. But the most common reason is to determine the purchase price of a piece of real estate property. This article will provide an introduction on building surveys and why you need it in real estate valuation.

Building surveys provides a detailed evaluation of a property through an extensive inspection. Though it is not the only type of survey available, it is the most common, especially for residential clients.

The survey helps property owners understand the condition of a property. It records the risks and potential expenditures that may be required enabling them to develop appropriate maintenance plans. It can also be prepared for homeowners and buyers, or for investors in portfolios to help inform about future investments.

Building surveys, also known as condition surveys, are generally implemented by chartered surveyors. It may be presented as a report that provides a view of the property at a particular point in time. This would include all the elements accessible and recommendations of any strategic plans for dealing with any issue that may have arisen. You can go to sites like to know more about chartered surveyors.

The most common buildings that benefit from a survey of this kind are the following:

  • Buildings that are listed
  • Building that are 50 years old or older
  • Buildings that are for renovation or redevelopment
  • Building that were altered, redeveloped or renovated
  • Building with unusual construction designs or features
  • Building that are being purchased

Since there is a lack of standardisation of building surveys, it is important that clients describe what they require clearly and precisely. They also need to inform them if they have any concerns about certain elements. An example would be checking electrical, heating equipments, roof or floor structure. These are usually not included in a standard building survey but it can be requested. Some, the surveyor may not be able to have access to unless they are informed in advance so they can make the necessary arrangements.

Building Survey

What are the objectives of a building survey and the common issues surveors identify?

The most common objective might include the following:

  • Detailing the current condition of the property by highlighting areas of concern or failure.
  • Analyzing the causes of deterioration, past or current.
  • Analyzing the issues that need focus to avoid serious damage.
  • Analyzing enquiries to prevent problems in the future.
  • Citing maintenance and conservation recommendations.
  • Presenting an estimate of the cost of the work required.

Surveyors should be careful when carrying out surveys. Working in high places, confined spaces, or handling dangerous materials are not habitable and can be hazardous to one’s health. They should be very careful in identifying signs of deterioration, unoccupied properties, or buildings where work is being done.

Here are the most common issues that building surveyors identify in a survey:

  • The general condition of the property.
  • Signs of defects.
  • Structural movement.
  • Signs of deterioration because of different types of damp and condensation (check here for more information)
  • Deterioration because of rot and infestation.
  • Air conditioning and heating ventilation services.
  • Electrical, plumbing, drainage and other building services.
  • Checking any alteration made to the property.
  • Other environmental issues.
  • Legal issues.
  • Energy consumption.

Before purchasing, building or renovating a property, a condition survey is important to lay out immediate and potential problem areas. They look for evidence of deterioration, movement, areas that need replacement, areas that need of repair, and any structural failure. Essentially, surveyors are looking for any trouble that may arise before any construction even begins.

They should also identify parts of the property that has not been possible to inspect or identify issues that require further investigation by specialists.

A detailed survey of a normal house can take one day to complete. The final report can take up to 2 or more weeks to complete thereafter. Larger buildings or more complex properties may take more time.

It does not matter whether you are a potential owner, selling the property, renovating or maintaining a property, a building survey will give you a clear understanding of the property’s current condition—the structure and operating systems. It would be helpful in retrieving any evidence of issues that can alert the owners of possible problems.

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Real Estate painting

While painting is one of the simpler DIY tasks that can be done around the house, that doesn’t mean it’s as easy as slapping on a coat of paint and calling it a job well-done.

In fact, painting the exterior of your home takes a bit of careful planning and proper preparation in order for the job to be done right.

Below, we’ll go over a few exterior painting tips to help make your next painting project easier.

For more information on exterior painting, check out Michigan Pure Painting Ann Arbor.

Choose a High-Quality Exterior Paint

Although interior and exterior painting is done much in the same way, there are different types of paint that need to be used for each. Exterior paints contain extra binders, which makes them better able to resist the elements compared to interior paints, which lack these additives.

It’s also important to consider the materials that your home’s exterior is made of. If you’re painting flat surfaces such as wood or plastic siding, standard outdoor paint is perfectly acceptable to use.

However, if you’re painting a textured surface, such as brick or stucco, it’s best to use an “elastomeric” paint, which stretches more when applied, allowing it to bridge small gaps and cover the surface more evenly.

Buying a high-quality exterior paint may cost more up-front; however, the investment will pay off in the long run, when your paint job lasts you twice as long as it would if you’d used a cheaper type of paint.

Choose an Exterior Paint Color

The colors you choose for the exterior of your home will create the first impression people get when they first see the structure. So, whether you choose a complimentary color or not, the house will take on its own identity once it’s painted.

Read more about choosing exterior paint colors here.

However, many homeowners miss out on this important opportunity to accentuate their home’s positive attributes by choosing an unflattering color.

So, to help you choose the best color for your home, we recommend that you take a look at its surrounding landscape and consider if there are any color schemes that you can play off of. Another good idea is to choose colors that will accentuate the most attractive aspects of your home.

For example, you might want to choose a color that draws attention to your home’s windows, shutters, or doorways, by painting the rest of the exterior a color that contrasts them.

Home painting

Don’t Forget the Prep

Homeowners often decide to paint their homes themselves since painting is a much easier skill than other jobs such as doing plumbing or electrical work. Still, the most common mistake made by amateur painters is failing to properly prepare the home’s surfaces before painting it.

To prepare the surface, it’s important to scrape all areas that are peeling to remove any flakes of loose paint. Even if the paint has only bubbled up a little bit, the area needs to be scraped and sanded until the paint edges are as smooth as possible.

After that, experts recommend using a high-pressure washer to remove any remaining dirt and debris from the surface. Then, before painting, it’s also a good idea to repair or replace any areas of your home that are showing signs of rot or damage. And, don’t forget to prime any bare wood before painting it.

Prepping your home can be a lot of work. So, if you’re unwilling to properly prepare the surface of your home, you might want to consider hiring a professional painting contractor to do it for you.

Read more exterior paint prepping tips here:

Hire a Professional Painting Contractor

Even if you’re planning on painting the exterior of your home by yourself, it’s still a good idea to get an estimate from a professional painting contractor.

This will give you a better idea of the costs involved, and you might even learn a thing or two from speaking with a contractor about the condition of your home, or the types of paint you should be using. Let the contractor explain what they can do for you first, before you decide whether to hire them or to take on the job by yourself.

If your house is relatively small, only one-story, and has minimal peeling, tackling the job yourself might not be a big deal. However, if your house has several stories, or requires a significant amount of prep work, then it might be wise to speak with a professional contractor about painting your home for you.

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Home buyer
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Price of buying a home and the mortgage rates keep increasing every year. So, if you are planning to buy a home at this time of the year, keep the following points in your mind before jumping into the market.

Having a good knowledge about the market: It is important to do a thorough research on different markets because each market behaves differently during the fall. According to the real estate market reports of August, national home values rose 0.4% from July, making it the third consecutive month where monthly home values rose more slowly than the month prior. However, markets in other places like California, Nevada, Minnesota are moving at a brisk pace of home value appreciation. It will be around 2 percent or higher.  By the time, this year’s selling season comes to an end, we will experience a slowdown in home value appreciation.

Selection is getting limited : There were many frustrated sellers who were not able to sell their properties during the busy season. This might take their homes off the market during the holidays and all actions will come to a standstill. This means that the choices for homes will become even more limited than what it is at the current market.

Using the negotiation skills : If you selected a home few months ago and if it is still not sold, then you can negotiate with the buyer for a lower price. While some buyers may not participate in the current market, others who have been waiting for the best possible price may now be ready to offer a lower quote. On the other hand, there may be some homeowners who are determined to get a set price and others will simply continue to wait for more time.

Checking the maintenance area : Fall is the best time to check the maintenance work like gutter drainage and the general upkeep of the yard. Check your home during this time and see if it needs any repair. During rainy season, you can inside your house and check out the furnace, look for the drafts, leakage issues and other possible structural or maintenance problems. You can keep aside a certain amount of money for repairing your home and then at a later stage, you can adjust the price of your home accordingly.

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Whether you’re a first time home buyer or a seasoned real estate investor, hiring the right help can make a big difference in your real estate transaction. On one hand, the buying and selling of real estate is just another financial transaction that people deal with on a daily basis. However, there are many regulations established by lenders and by the government that complicates each transaction. While these rules are established to protect us, they do tend to complicate matters.

While it’s not required by law that you hire a lawyer, working with a real estate law firm Austin TX can help your transaction go more smoothly. Generally, experienced real estate lawyers are familiar with the intricacies of these kinds of transactions, so they know how to handle the paperwork that complicates the process. They can ensure applications and other forms are filled out accurately and that all deadlines are met, so additional delays can be avoided.

In addition to assisting with the closing process on real estate sales, an experienced lawyer can help you with other matters related to the management of real property. Another major concern for homeowners is leaving their property to loved ones upon their passing. Your real estate attorney can also assist with estate planning, so you can ensure your final wishes will be carried out correctly.

You can also rely on your attorney as a real estate investor. More and more people are buying property as investments, which they rent out to tenants to turn a profit. In addition to making sure you comply with zoning laws in managing your investment, your lawyer can help you protect yourself against lawsuits. Your lawyer will help you avoid complaints of discrimination, substandard housing, and other issues related to the landlord/tenant relationship.

Anytime you’re dealing with real estate, you should consult an experienced lawyer. This is the best way to ensure your rights are protected and you’re not doing anything that could land you in legal trouble. There are many benefits to owning real estate, but, without the right help, you could end up losing more than your original financial investment.