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The message you convey about your company starts with your telephone etiquette. Answering and taking calls in the proper manner tells your callers that your company is professional and credible. By following a few phone tips, you can present your company in the best possible light.

  • Answer in Three Rings or Fewer

It is important to be prompt in answering incoming calls. Don’t leave your caller waiting on the other end of the line. Answer your calls immediately and greet your callers. If you are on another line, put the first caller on hold, answer the incoming call and ask them to hold while you complete the first call.

  • Use a Friendly Greeting

Don’t just simply state the name of the company. Use a friendly greeting like, “Good afternoon, Spacely Sprockets, this is Jane speaking.” Smile while you are speaking–believe it or not, callers can “hear” your smile through your voice. Speaking in a monotone voice conveys a negative message about your company.

  • Taking Messages

If the person the caller is trying to reach is unavailable, offer to take a message. Be sure to ask for the caller’s name, contact phone number and extension, if necessary. Take a detailed message that will accurately relay what the message is about. Repeat the information back to the caller in order to ensure that you have the proper information.

Using the right phone etiquette is essential in projecting a positive image of your organization. By answering calls quickly, using a friendly greeting and taking detailed messages, you will be an etiquette superstar.

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