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Do you own a small business? If so, you understand the importance of hiring the most qualified people to work for you. After all, it’s likely you have a small staff and want everyone to be working together with efficiency. There are several things you should focus on while looking for an individual to fill a particular job position. Look at the first three things to focus on when hiring a new person to work for you.

The Face-to-Face Interview

Talking to a job candidate in-person can tell you a lot about the individual you may not pick up over the phone. For instance, did the person arrive on time to the interview? If so, this shows respect for you and a true desire to land the job. How is the person dressed? Is his or her wardrobe appropriate? Once again, you want someone who truly wants the job and knows how to look professional. When talking with the person take note of how easily he or she answers questions and whether the person asks any. Someone who asks questions during a job interview is definitely showing interest in the work.

The Resume

A person’s resume has a lot of important information that can be helpful to you as you make your decision. Does the person have a consistent work history? Checking on the individual’s personal and professional references can be very helpful. Where did the person go to college and did he or she graduate? If you are dealing with a college graduate, it’s a sign the person has perseverance and finishes what he or she starts. Of course, this is a desirable quality in a job candidate. Also, a resume lets you know about a candidate’s additional skills. Perhaps the person speaks Spanish or knows how to use a specialized computer program.

The Background Check

You may want to run a background check on job candidates. Perhaps you opt to look for felony statistics or other criminal records via a resource such as Intelius. A background check may be very useful if the job position is particularly sensitive in nature. For instance, the job may involve handling cash or working with young children. Getting a background check can give you peace of mind about someone before hiring that person and welcoming them into your business.

Lastly, there’s no harm in putting someone on a probationary period after they are hired. If they don’t live up to your expectations you can always go back into the pool of job candidates and see if your second choice is still available for the job.

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