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Different traders have differing motives for trading the forex markets. Forex markets have a lot to offer different traders which is why it is so popular with traders ranging from new comers, through the spectrum to professional traders.

One of the most cited reasons for wanting to trade the forex markets is volatility. This is how much the price fluctuates over a period of time. In order to make money trading you need the price to either go up or go down (depending whether you have brought the market or sold the market). It is impossible to make money from sidewise movements. Therefore, volatility is a trader’s friend. The great thing about forex trading is that there is plenty of volatility but also depending on the FX pair the volatility varies. For example, pairs such as USD/SEK (US dollar versus Swedish Krona) or USD/NOK (US dollar versus Norwegian Krone) are extremely volatile moving through 100’s of pip a very quickly. Other pairs such as EUR/GBP (Euro versus Pound) or EUR/CHF (Euro versus Swiss Franc)  are much less volatile. This means that you can select a level of volatile that suits you.

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