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Rough estimates claim that the average household has at least 14 connected devices. As servers, operating systems, and devices continue to develop and improve, it is expected that consumers will continue to upgrade their old devices or add to their collection. Some wonder what to do with their old devices, especially considering the initial expense of the purchase. Though many don’t throw them away, not everyone recycles them either. By recycling old devices, you allow the inside components to be isolated and reused in the production of new devices or processes. The LCD screens, the speakers, the aerials, the circuit boards, and other components can be reused in silicon wafer polishing, metal processing, and energy-from-incineration. Here are three easy ways to responsibly get rid of your unwanted devices.

Trade Them In

An option that gives you a direct benefit is doing a trade-in with your electronics. Many cellphone providers have trade-in options when upgrading to a new device, but you can also use a retailer like Amazon to see if there is potential worth in your device. Some of these online retailers will even send you a free shipping label. These companies have the phones refurbished for resale.

Sell Them

This is the option that will probably bring you the biggest return, especially if your electronics are in good shape. Selling to friend or off eBay generally brings more money than you would see when trading them to a third-party retailer.

Recycle Them

You can find companies that will take your device and recycle them for you. There are many inside the phone that shouldn’t be left to waste in a landfill, and these companies pay to have the valuable components removed and reused.

If you want to do something noble with your old device, you could give it away or donate it to a charity that reuses them.  Abuse shelters and the military are two areas where old devices are always appreciated. Any of these ideas can keep you from cluttering up the earth with old but still valuable electronics.

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