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An accelerator program is one that gives businesses access to mentorship, guidance, and other forms of support. Leveraging on this helps them become stable, self-sufficient and successful. Most times, the word accelerator is often associated with startups and tech companies but it can also be used to describe any type of business.

In this regard, The Consulting Accelerator is a 6-week program designed to teach and help individuals start their own 6-figure consulting business or agency. No prior experience is needed neither is it necessary to be tech-savvy. All a person needs to participate is provided step by step during the program. It also helps those with existing businesses grow profitably.

For newbies who do not have any prior business experience, the course starts you off with the foundational concepts needed to start a business in consulting before moving on to the more advanced and specific lessons. If you have already started your consulting business, it is worth reviewing the foundational lessons to understand the basics. This will help you see anywhere you might be missing something a hint on changes you can make to how you conduct your business.

The focus of the training is that new and existing consultants achieve success in the business through the courses offered and through mentorship. No matter the kind of consultant you are and whatever your field of endeavor, this program will teach you how you can apply certain principles to any consulting business. It will teach you how to scale your business using Facebook ads, booking appointments, and closing deals. It is flexible and the instructions can be applied to many industries. Click here to check Sam’s Accelerator program.

Although the course runs for 6 weeks, it can be spread over additional time based on your preference and the time available to you.

Some highlights of the course include:

  • Teaching you to focus on what is important instead of focusing on your passion.
  • Focusing on how you can bring value to others.
  • Picking a niche that aligns with the sort of person you will like to become.

The Consulting Accelerator course is delivered in multiple ways. The content is housed primarily on an online portal which gives you 24/7 lifetime access when you pay for it. This content includes videos that come with worksheets designed to help you immediately apply what you are learning. This sort of makes it a practical course as asides learning through the videos, you practice what you have learned by building your business as you go on in the course.

Doing this, you do not have to wait until the course is over before you start building. Many of the students as a result of this, get new clients and businesses within 2 weeks of starting the program. According to Sam Ovens, this is not typical but very possible.

For those who will prefer reading to watching videos, the course content is also delivered to you via mail. This is in addition to the online contents so you have a choice between following online or reading physical copies. Of course you can also do both.

When you sign up and pay, there is a private Facebook mastermind support group where a lot of learning and interactions take place. You can ask questions, get answers and also answer other people’s questions. You also get to hear other students’ success stories. See a previous student testimonial here. Added to all of the above, every week for about one to two hours, Sam Ovens and his team members answer questions via Facebook live stream.

What You Gain When You Sign up for the Program

  1. Get resources to help you learn how to build a successful consulting business.
  2. Mentorship and guidance.
  3. Connection and networking with other students. Sharing of ideas and the opportunity to get your questions answered.
  4. Access to two weekly calls with Sam Ovens and the team.
  5. Help via live chat, the Facebook community and a ticketing system.
  6. You also get real-time feedback on your learning progress. This helps you correct any errors you are making and avoid mistakes that you might make if you are doing it alone.

Previous students who have finished the course are eligible to offer intending students a discount worth $500 off the regular price by referring them to the program.

You can be sure you are getting more than your money’s worth when you sign up for and apply what you learn from the Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator course. You are guaranteed full satisfaction and if you are unsure about joining, there’s a 14-day money-back guarantee offer.

You can try the program risk-free and if you aren’t satisfied, ask for a refund within 14 days and you will get your money back in full.

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