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Monthly car insurance payments, no matter how financially stable families profess to being, can incrementally rack up your monthly expenses to the point of having to downgrade coverage. Car insurance groups, such as AAA, do assist with making these charges slightly lower while adding extra perks; however, then you are exposed to telemarketing calls for other unneeded services. Exactly how does someone, then, keep control of their monthly car insurance premiums, get the appropriate cover, pay reasonable deductibles, and avoid paying an outrageous price for these services? The most obvious answer would be to simply downgrade to state minimum coverage amounts yet risk having less than desirable results; conventional wisdom simply says that you have options – many of which you may not be aware of.



Find A Car Insurance Calculator

One quick way to simply find out how much insurance you can afford would be to locate car insurance calculators that will factor in your yearly income, the amount of insurance coverage you can afford and, along with your policy’s deductible, come up with a monthly payment based on those factors. The best researched calculator we found that would give this sensitive information was the AARP calculator from The Hartford Insurance Group. Simply enter the number of drivers to be included, the total amount of financial assets and household income you’re working with, and you’ll be given several options of insurance coverage based on affordability. By taking this step using the car insurance calculator, you’ll never spend more than you can afford to get the car insurance you need.

Another method to use a car insurance calculator would be to use your own personal digitized method of adding your total income and assets along with other bills to come up with how much disposable income you’ll have for insuring one or more vehicles in your home. Take this figure and compare local, statewide and national car insurance companies that could potentially match your budget. Never wait for the savings to come to you – go towards the savings as many other bonuses and perks exist not advertised, especially in the good driver and safe driver areas. Also, never pay more than you can afford or mix with cheap life insurance unless it’s economical – life insurance does make auto cheaper, I must add.

Using Car Insurance Groups For Savings

Since the inception of AAA in 1902, many other car insurance groups have formed to keep pace with the mighty consortium of motor club members that belongs to American Automobile Association. Not only can the power of 51 independent motor clubs save its members money on their monthly car insurance, they can offer such perks as roadside assistance, discounts on hotels and nearly anything else they can get their hands on in terms of savings. However, we’d like to make you privy of car insurance groups perhaps acting as unsung heroes: credit unions.

Yes, credit unions such as Pen Fed, USAA and even your local credit union can offer their members cheaper monthly car insurance simply through their banking services. USAA, for example, is great about combining their car insurance with other banking products to offer cumulative savings for families and individuals. Although membership restrictions may apply to credit unions, they remain perhaps one of the greatest clandestine car insurance groups you could possibly join.

Finally, you have your common employers who can integrate small savings into compensation packages. Although perhaps only common to automotive-related employers, these rare car insurance groups can still provide employees monthly car insurance savings simply through their daily grind.

Steer Clear Of ‘Maladroit’ Offers

If companies spent more time improving their services and less time pandering, drivers may see dramatic changes in the car insurance schema as a whole. Using cute creatures, exploiting the uneducated early man, deploying Copperfield-like trickery and demolishing cars to competitively compare rates are just many of the meager ways car insurance companies prey off humor and dry candor. Try to get a claim handled properly, and you’ll be the one crying first. Maladroit offers such as vanishing deductibles, safe driver checks and other perks to lower your monthly car insurance prices are more of a setup than a help. If at all possible, live without the perks and shoot straight for their low rates as well as the following:

  1. Take the time to find out their financial stability and rating. If lower than ‘A’, ask why.
  2. Shoot straight for their claims handling department first. Know their general attitude up front. If they are lackadaisical, you’ll definitely want to flip the peace sign.
  3. Get all possible discounts exposed. They exist and are not exploited for a reason; unveil them and get the ones you and every included driver is entitled to.
  4. Never buy online without calling first. Live voices trump online forms any day.
  5. Ask for a car insurance calculator if visiting in person. Knowing what you can afford saves time. Seeing what you get with the income you’re working with is even better.


Keeping your monthly car insurance economical doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice great services or receive slow claims processing. Stick to your guns, perform the necessary research on each company you intend to use, and always summon the extra help a car insurance calculator can provide. If you choose to go with car insurance groups to assist in making your savings even deeper, choose your local credit union or a nationally chartered one such as Pen Fed or USAA which can package monthly car insurance rates with your banking services. We’re not implicating AAA as being the most adverse car insurance group; however, the credit unions don’t call your house to offer extra services such as marketers do for AAA, a company that shares you information with affiliates. After all, economical monthly car insurance rates shouldn’t have to come with phone calls at all hours of the day and night; use AAA as a last resort.

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