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With lots of auto repair shops in your area, how can you find one that will ensure you get value for your money? Here are some basic tips from car repair center to help you find the right auto repair shop that will give you reliable instruction and honest quotes.

Research auto repair shops

A trip to the auto repair shop to fix your car can be a cause of concern because you may not be prepared for any additional unexpected problems that may occur. When you have minimal knowledge of how a car works, you will need to find an honest, reliable auto repair mechanic to help you.

Research is the first step and this is very important. Ask your family and friends if they can recommend a reputable car repair shop in your neighborhood.  If your friends own similar autos like yours then they will be able to give you some trustworthy advice.

Online searches are great sources for finding auto repair shops. As you investigate, take note of the reviews and any complaints you find. Accept reviews with some reservations because expectations often differ with individuals. The AG office in your state will have a database of complaints against auto repair shops in your locale. Check online and find out if the auto repair shop, you’re considering is reliable.  Just in case you can’t find any information on the AG office, check out the consumer protection agency in your state to find out if it has a database on the auto mechanics in your region.

 Check credentials

You have to ask about certifications and accreditations. Are they members of the auto repair licensing organizations? Look to see if their technicians have AAA or the Automotive Service Excellence  (ASE) seal or other recognized certification. Technicians with ASE certification are trained to work on different parts of a car for example, brakes and transmission. Ensure that the technician assigned to work on your car is qualified to do so.

Never take your car to mobile operators who offer you discounted rates. If they do a sloppy job you will not be able to get any recourse because they are operating outside of the state’s licensing authority.

Ask for documentation

Documentation is key. Ensure the repair shop has a policy that provides written documents for every stage of the transaction. Your first concern must be documented and you should receive written reports of estimates and any inspections done before the work begins. This documentation should have different line items for labor, parts, fees and taxes. Parts should be identified as used, new, remanufactured or rebuilt. Similarly, if warranty is offered it should either be printed on or fixed firmly to the invoice. The usual minimum warranty is 3,000 miles or 3 months.

A reputable repair shop should have a return policy, which allows for replacement of parts or they should allow customers to inspect the parts. For example, if you replace all four tires you would certainly want to see them before they get shipped off to recycling.  This will assure you that the parts were removed and replaced by new ones.

 In-person visit

Never take your car to a repair shop without first going there in person to check out the shop. If the shop looks unprofessional or it is cluttered, then don’t hire this shop. A professional repair shop must always show signs of professionalism. Read here for more auto repair information.


Taking your car to a repair shop should never be expensive.  Here are some things to bear in mind as you shop around for a mechanic:

  • The recommendation in the owner’s manual are important.  Most manuals have a complete maintenance plan that if you follow will keep your car running efficiently with nominal repairs and costs.
  • Find a repair center that is owned independently or a small chain of shops because this can save you money over time. If your vehicle is not covered by warranty then usually the cost will be less there than what the dealership charges. You may even get discounted costs on routine oil changes or preferred appointment times because of your loyalty.
  • A local dealership may offer free repairs if there is a recall.  Before booking an appointment at the service center ensure you check the manufacturer’s website for any recall notices.

While your car may need the immediate attention of a good mechanic, never forget regular maintenance because this will keep your car in top condition.

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