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Many organizations across the globe have shifted their IT infrastructure to cloud computing in recent years, and AWS is the preferred partner to facilitate that. AWS has a pay as you go model, and yet its costs tend to go out of control. Many organizations are looking for answers on how to reduce AWS costs. In this article, we would elaborately discuss some of the ways you can optimize your AWS cost to fit your budget. 

Website Traffic

One of the ways to optimize AWS cost is to monitor your website’s traffic. By using an analytics tool, it would become easier to gauge when your site is attracting the most traffic or when the traffic is low. The timing of the traffic spiking and reducing plays a vital role in how you configure your AWS settings. Once you know the timings, the EC2 instances can be set accordingly to keep the costs under control. The instances of EC2 are charged hourly, and it can be configured with respect to the traffic volume and its timings. 


Auto-scaling is another AWS option you can choose to ensure that your EC2 instances do not get charged when it’s not required. The EC2 instances are dynamic and can be increased or decreased as per the requirements. Turning on auto-scaling for EC2 instances would ensure that the instances are launched only at the time of need and do not continue to operate when not required. It helps in scaling down the cost considerably.

AWS Storage Optimization

Storage is one of the crucial factors when optimizing AWS cost. Many storage options are offered by AWS, such as Elastic File System, Simple Storage Service, Glacier, and Elastic Block Store. Glacier is the cheapest of them all, and the EFS is the most expensive. With Glacier option, you can store a gigabyte of data for just $0.004 a month, which is highly affordable and conducive for small businesses and startups. If the data in your business doesn’t need to be modified, deleted, or retrieved regularly, Glacier is a decent option. 

Virtual Private Cloud

If your business is data-intensive and there is a constant movement of data required, setting up a virtual private cloud (VPC) is recommended. AWS costs you when moving data, and such data transfer fees can accumulate to become a considerable sum over time. Setting up VPC endpoints and connecting the same with the AWS servers would not require the internet and make data transfer secure and seamless. It is one of the most effective ways for AWS cost optimization. 

Amazon Lambda

Using Amazon Lambda for audio file processing, video editing, image resizing, and other such queuing jobs is an ideal option. Using Amazon Lambda ensures there is no need to run expensive private or dedicated servers for the purpose. When the image or the video is uploaded, the S3 instance is triggered, and the customers are charged only for the amount of time their code is operational. 

These are the few answers to how to reduce AWS costs that can be easily implemented. Taking the help of an AWS architect and professional might be a good idea if your AWS infrastructure is cluttered and unorganized. Keeping track of EC2 instances, using VPC, and optimizing your storage requirements would drastically help in reducing your AWS bills. 

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