By financen | October 29, 2009 - 2:46 pm - Posted in CIC Triple Advantage Scam

The CIC Triple Advantage Scam has stirred up a scene with regard to faulty credit reports. The company and its other aliases —, and, and Experian Free Credit Report — have been extorting money from those who registered on the online services the company offers; mainly, a supposedly free credit check to people who wish have a copy of the report. Little did everybody know that they were in for quite an extremely inconvenient surprise.

I am one of the victims who got duped by the CIC Triple Advantage Scam. The biggest mistake I made was not to do any kind of thorough research before falling into this kind of scam. I fall into this scam when I was applying to buy a condo unit in the city. I did not submit my credit report and some important documents and that’s why my processing was halted. The seller asked me to get the credit report and the important documents within the next two hours, otherwise he is going to void my purchase and move on to the next buyer. I under no circumstances wanted to lose that condo unit.

I found the nearest internet place and did a search on free online credit report services. I stumbled upon freecreditreportdotcom and immediately signed up for it. I got my credit report and other papers properly documented for submission to the unit seller. Thankfully, everything went well and I am living in the same condo now. After some time, I saw charges on my credit and I was not aware of that was accredited to CIC Triple Advantage.


I tried to contact the company many times and speak to one of their representatives on the phone, but no one was co-operative. I tried to find a way and solve my credit issue at hand despite my seething anger and confusion. Educate yourself about the perils of credit report scam by browsing through the site and its content.