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If you have a home, warm blankets, and protection from the elements every night when you go to sleep, you may have a difficult time imagining your life without these creature comforts – because you are not homeless. Believe it or not, no one knows for sure how many homeless people there are in America because the groups are transient and hidden. Living in caverns or tunnels beneath populated cities, in tents along road sides, and in abandoned buildings, the numbers of homeless are difficult to establish. Here are two ways you can help fight the homelessness that is growing across the globe.


Clean your closets out and share items you no longer use, such as your old shoes, coats, sweaters, and other clothing items with a homeless shelter. You can also cut back on a latte twice a week and put that money toward the purchase of canned foods, books, or toys for homeless children. You don’t have to limit the items to clothing or food, either. If you clean out your home office, share old reams of paper, writing tablets, pencils and pens, and other office items anyone can use. Don’t forget about blankets when you get ready to toss bedroom items.


Put your money where your thoughts are and donate some cash to a homeless shelter or charity for the homeless. That is what Eyal Gutentag did for his Los Angeles community. He and his wife, Diane, used their charity to help hundred of homeless people. Remember, many of those homeless are children, and they could use some new shoes or a coat that fits when the weather gets cold. Even a small donation can help the children.

You can make a difference in the life of a homeless person that is struggling to get off the street. Share your old items or donate some money. Your help can be the little bit that finally gets a person off the street – and that is priceless.

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