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Executing a freelance project successfully includes planning, organizing, and managing resources efficiently. Freelancers who work on it need to work intelligently to meet up to the clients’ expectations and guidelines. You can easily find many project management tools on the internet and a freelance can avoid issues related to project management and tracking. These tools come handy in collaborating and communicating with the client instantly.



Project2Manage – This tool allows the user to stay up to date on various tasks and connect with their team. A freelancer will find this tools with great features like to-do lists, reminders, file management, iCal support etc. The Spot2Jot feature helps in making important documents and then share it on the network.

Smartsheet – This task management tool helps in tracking and managing work in familiar smartsheet and calendar views. A user can easily upload files, track discussions, and share work online with other co-workers, clients, contractors, vendors etc.

No Kahuna – It is a simple project management and issue tracking tool that allows to set up projects, refine/distribute tasks and track them until completion. Its features include task and activity tracking and collaboration tools.

ActiveCollab – It is a very useful website for planning, progress tracking and communicating with the team and clients until all the projects are complete. It mainly features in printing and exporting, time tracking, calendar and schedule functionality, ticket management and milestones.

Zoho Project Management – This project management tool enables its users to keep their projects organized with milestones, set dependencies for tasks and set priorities. It is also helpful in tracking time, monitoring tasks and store filers and documents at one place.

Springloops – It is a source of code management tool that helps in parallel coding and sharing code changes with the team. You can also take backups of the previous versions and give instant previews. Its basecamp integration can be used to import projects and keep everyone informed about the progress of the project.

TeamworkPM – It is used to manage freelance projects, teams and clients efficiently. It also works as a good collaboration tool to share ideas, information, notes, files etc. with the help of this tool, you can also create task lists, milestones, messages, tracking time, uploading files, managing people/clients etc.

5pm – With the help of this tool, you can manage tasks and projects all at one place. It also helps in task management, team collaboration, time tracking and reporting.

Goplan – It is another very efficient project management tool that offers a single platform to manage multiple projects. This can also be used to track project progress via task management, calendaring, note sharing and issue tracking. You also get a chat feature that will connect with clients and team members.

Project360 – This tool can be used to assign tasks, set deadlines, get regular updates, arrange meetings, and view your calendar, track wok hours and much more. It provides a single platform to work with teams, communicate with clients, sending messages, sharing files, organize workgroups etc.

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