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At some point, many if not most businesses will experience a period of stagnation. When this happens for you, it’s important to know what steps you’re going to take to keep your organization moving forward. Below you’ll find three simple strategies that can keep your company going and growing:

1. Hire A Consulting Firm.

Hiring a consulting firm is a wonderful way to keep your company going and growing. This technique works because it ensures that a team of trained professionals are always designing and implementing customized strategies to help your organization optimize daily operations, improve retention rates, etc. Companies such as KEYGroup Consulting are pleased to offer clients multiple resources to keep their organizations growing, one of which is executive coaching assessment tools.

2. Implement Social Media Marketing Strategies.

In addition to hiring a consulting firm, consider the value of implementing social media marketing strategies. This technique can help facilitate business growth by ensuring that you can regularly interface with members of your target audience on key social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram. When you start searching for the ideal social media marketing firm, try to locate a team of professionals who can offer several other digital advertising services. Some of them might include content marketing, search engine optimization, and web design and development. By gaining access to all of these digital services in tandem, you can really optimize your online presence and thereby enhance your company’s sphere of industry influence.


3. Optimize Your Company Meetings.

One final strategy you can use to keep your company going and growing is optimizing your company meetings. This approach will empower you to optimize communication with your staff members so everyone is on the same page about what the company goals are and how they are going to be realized. There are many ways that you can optimize your company meetings. One of them is by having a team of professionals prepare your Powerpoint slides. This can help make your presentations more interactive, engaging, and/or aesthetically appealing.

Start Using These Simple Strategies Now!

If you’re ready to optimize growth in 2017, now is the time to start the expansion process. Three simple strategies that can help you do so include hiring a consulting firm, implementing social media marketing services, and optimizing your company meetings. Start using these services now to see substantive results!

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With the advent of email, there does not seem to be many offerings that come in the mail these days. However, wouldn’t it be a treat if a credit offer for a new car was placed in one’s mailbox? That mailing could be a result of trigger mailing.

Trigger mailing is when targeted individuals are provided mail that offers lines of credit or financial packages to them. The person is targeted based on their circumstance instead of just being a random consumer. The “trigger” is the life event or behavior that the marketer determines can result in future transactions. In other words, the person is targeted with a financial package because it is predicted they will need or want the package in the future.

Marketers will vary in how they calculate triggers for an individual customer. Most marketers state that triggers are calculated by seeing what consumers are already paying for. For example, a person who pays a lot of hidden fees on their credit card could be a good candidate for a trigger mailing campaign for a no hidden fee credit card. Other marketers will say that triggers are more emotional desires and their package can help satiate that desire. For example, there could be a person without a line of credit or financial package that many of the customer’s neighbors have. The trigger campaign can make mention how the customer should not feel left out compared to their neighbors. As one can see, the trigger is merely a small event or behavior that can be capitalized on by businesses.

If marketers want to learn more about this technique, they can contact here for more information. In this economy, the best marketing techniques will win new customers. Trigger marketing is one strategy that can convince a potential customer to become an actual consumer.

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According to the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA), consumers have the rights to stop a corporation’s affiliates from sharing customer data if it’s related with marketing purposes. This opt-out feature is enabled along with the existing opt-out choices when information is shared with any third party non-affiliates and an existing opt-out under the FCRA.

According to the provisions of the FCRA, affiliates cannot share your information about your “credit worthiness” with other companies when the purpose is for marketing. Consumers now have the ability to stop information from being shared between different companies when they are trying to sell their products and services.

  • How and when will I be able to opt-out?

You have to fill a few forms to be able to opt out of telemarketing calls. Once done, the flow of junk mails and pre-approved credit card offers will slow down. The number of phone calls will decrease and limit the sharing of your personal financial information

There is also an opportunity of one time opt out. Under your legal rights, you have the advantages of opting in or out of class action law suits and make informed decisions when there is a need to sign clauses limiting you to binding mandatory arbitration.

For list-based services that curtail unwanted marketing by phone and mail, registration is easy and available online, by phone or via a note sent snail mail.

One of the most popular opt outs is getting listed in the National Do Not Call Registry. This was established by the federal government in June 2003, the list is managed by the Federal Trade Commission and enforced by the FTC, the Federal Communications Commission and individual state governments.

You need to call (888) 382-1222 or go online to and simply add your name and numbers to the list. (You can add cell phone numbers, too.) Once you have entered your number in the “do not call” list, marketers who use phone solicitation are prohibited from calling you for five years. However, if you have changed your phone number or the calling plans, you might need to re-register. Telemarketing companies are required to update their calling lists every 31 days, you will see a significant difference in phone traffic within a month.

Be informed that political organizations, charities and legitimate marketing survey companies aren’t covered by the do-not-call regulations. If you have bought something from a company, they are allowed to call you for up to 18 months. If you have initiated contact with some company but haven’t bought anything, then they are allowed to call you up to three months.