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If you watch television on a regular basis, you probably see those commercials for gold and silver dealers. The commercials tell you that you can make money when you send your old and broken jewelry and damaged coins. The commercials don’t tell you that you’ll only get a fraction of what those items are actually worth. Choosing the right products can help you make money buying and selling precious metalsgold-and-silver

  • Buying the Right Products

That new diamond ring that you buy for your significant other drops substantially in value once you take it out of the store. The same is not true of gold and silver bullion. The value on those items fluctuates based on market conditions, but you’ll often find that your items are worth more than you paid. Instead of wasting money on jewelry, which dealers will melt down to remove any worthless metals, invest in gold coins, bars and bullion. You can also find these pieces available in silver, platinum and palladium.

  • Selling Your Metals

The price of gold more than doubled in just a few short years. Unlike stocks and bonds that tend to fluctuate quite a bit based on what people want, gold and other types of metals will always have a high value. When you invest in gold and other metals, you can sell those pieces to dealers, other buyers or even trade for other types of metal. Buying in gold is something that will never go out of style and always give you money in your pocket.

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In January of 2013 over 7.5 million ounces have been sold. Silver hit a record high of almost $50.00 in April 2011. As of today, silver sits at $19.61. Even a sub par investor can see that purchasing silver at today’s prices is a good investment.

invest in silver

invest in silver

Top Reasons to Purchase Silver

  • Precious metal not paper. – Paper can become inflated and have not value. Precious Metals such as silver will hold its value whether paper money is up or down.
  • Silver is more affordable than gold. – Many average investors can’t afford gold at its current prices. Load up today to catch the wave!
  • US stockpile of silver is gone, – Two billion ounces were stockpiles in 1942. Fast forward to today and the U.S. Mint must purchase silver on the open market.

  • Silver is needed in industry. Examples include automobiles, appliances, antifreeze, solar cells, computers and guns. Silver is a great conductor of electricity which is why industry needs silver.
  • China. – China is insatiable. They have a strong desire to consume silver. China is one of the worlds largest investors in silver mining.
  • Love your tech gadgets. – Many of your tech gadgets would not be possible if it were not for silver.
  • Silver market is not as popular. – Gold is 50 times bigger than silver. As interest in silver gains, the profits could soar.
  • US Dollar is weakening. – The US dollar has weakened over the past five years. Investing in a precious metal is a great way to add to your retirement portfolio.

When it comes to investing in silver, they are many ways to purchase. You could purchase coins pre 1965 (silver dimes) or you could buy into silver over the stock market. The possibilities are endless. To help navigate through the dark waters, you should acquire the service of a professional such as Scott Reiman. His reputation is proven when it comes to investing. His investment firm, located in Denver, handles a broad range of investments. Contact him today to begin investing in silver.

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