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This article is a Lexington Law review, one in a series of such posts.

Litigation Law

Litigation Law

The object of the video on Lexington Law shown on Daily Motion’s website is to get customers to cancel their credit repair service. And they are sure communicating that idea in a cute way! The video shows a hypothetical customer by the name of Erin calling Lexington Law to let them know that she would like to cancel her account (shows the word “ACCOUNT” with a slash over it), then I’M SORRY TO HEAR THAT, then DON’T BE. actually… TREMENDOUS WORK (plus thumbs up symbol). Then the viewer sees a series of calendar pages advancing towards him to the left, and the scene shifts to a house and we zero in on the doorway in which we see the word WELCOME! Then comes a rapidly rising series of numbers, beginning with 464 and ending with 700, and a small human figure appears at the lower left hand corner and says, “NICE!” 4.25% 30 YEAR. Human figure appears and says, “? Lexington Law.” Then another quote: “TESTIMONIAL.” The next frame shows a single human figure connecting with three others. LEXINGTON LAW expert action, paper with the words “CREDIT REPORT” and a bar graph, then the words LEXINGTON LAW with their company logo and phone number. In a second the viewer also sees the words “Your results will vary. Clients taking advantage of Concord-level services have seen an average of 28.6 removals by month 12. Each removal from each credit report is counted separately, meaning a single questionable negative form removed from all three credit reports is counted as three removals.” The last line of the text directs the viewer to the website of Lexington Law for the experiences that other clients have had with the company. The entire video lasts for a minute and ten seconds.

What is Lexington Law? It is a company that specializes in credit repair. They work to help their clients with such things as bankruptcy, late payment, repossession, foreclosure, judgment, liens, collections and charge-offs. Obviously it is never a pleasant thing to have to hire lawyers to help deal with any of these things. Therefore, if anybody wants to cancel his or her account with a law firm like Lexington, then that is a good thing.

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