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Business school sometimes gets a hard rap in society. Why? Because a lot of the things you learn in business school are attributed to common sense. A lot of people start up companies all by themselves without ever going to school and those companies do just fine. This is all true and fine, you can make that argument, but I’m of a different mind set. The way I see it, I’d rather have all the trials and errors of those that have come before me in my brain, so I can go forward with a larger collective knowledge. To me that makes the most sense – sure, I’ll still try and I’ll still error, that’s just part of the game, but there’s also a lot to be said for getting as far up the tree as you can if you’re trying to climb to the apex of the branches. Why start near the roots, that’s for the birds – or really, for the worms. So when you’re ready to take the plunge into business school, you should really find some business school admissions consulting.

What I loved about the experience with Amerasia Consulting is I felt like more than just an anonymous online entity, but instead I was treated like a person who actually had issues and concerns that needed addressing. I felt that, with their help, I was so much more able to comfortably navigate the application process which, upon first look, is really rather daunting. It’s just like the idea of starting higher up the tree. Sure, you’re a bright person, you can figure it out, but why waste the energy just learning the logistics when you could be focusing on showcasing your talents. That’s smart business, friends. Click over to and see what I’m taking about.

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