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Your personal and business life is always to be kept separate for professional reasons. However, it’s hard to keep each from affecting each other. Your emotions just do not go away once you step through the doors at work. You still have to live with them. Here are 4 ways your personal life can affect your business life.



  • Family Commitments

If you have a family, you are always going to have commitments that need to be upheld or else you could be in serious trouble with your family. There are family vacations to be taken and children activities to attend. If you miss them for work your family will be upset and you’ll lose out on important times in your children’s lives. If you miss work you could pass up important business deals or promotional opportunities. Also, your spouse may say they understand your business commitments but if you overwork yourself, you could be leaving them feeling isolated.

  • You Can Seem Incompetent

If you are a very open person, you can’t bring that into your work life. Doing so can come back to haunt you. Personal tragedies are ok to share as you don’t want to seem too distant and it’s should be shared so people can know why you seem to be at odds. However, financial and relationship issues should be kept private. Otherwise, if you are behind in work or having problems, your boss may contribute it towards your personal issues.

  • You Can Lose Focus

If you go to work thinking about what is going on in your personal life, you could possibly lose your focus. Your projects will get half of your attention. Your work with be incomplete or consistently late.

  • You Can Become Too Stressed

Work can be stressful enough. You are met with deadlines, contracts to review, prices to negotiate, trainings to perform, and employee evaluations to complete. That is a lot on anyone’s shoulders. If you also have personal struggles you are going through at home, such as financial problems, relationship struggles, or death in your family, this can add tremendous stress to you.

The stress may be too much and cause you to lose sleep. To overcome this, some people have turned towards drinking every night to relax or taking a few prescription pills to help themselves go to sleep. Before they know it, it could become a nightly habit and they are addicted. If you find yourself in a similar situation, talk to your family, doctor, or friend about a 30 day rehab program. You will need the break from everyday stresses and time to detox from the addiction.

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