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While the recent global economic downturn affected the United States real estate market particularly hard, no nation in the world was really immune from feeling its effect. America never closed for business, however, and now many argue that is has rebounded to the point that exponential growth will begin to be realized sooner rather than later. Much of this growth will be seen in the real estate sector, as stalled building projects resume, and massive plans for renovation begin to take off once against in earnest.

Real Estate Continues to Rock the Investment World

Just a year ago, industry estimates revealed that more than seven percent of all residential real estate activity in the United States was being funding with investment dollars from abroad. Investors from Mainland China accounted for more than $15 billion in this industry alone. It is estimated that this figure will continue to grow by 20 percent annually over at least the next decade. Much of this renewed interest from overseas investors interested in the American real estate market can be attributed back to the global economic downturn. Many of the investors of the world have lost money via currency depreciation in their own country, so they are looking to the United States as a safe haven for their money, and real estate is seen as a good sector to begin. The interest is ripe in terms of residential homes, second homes, commercial properties, and medical facilities. In short, the real estate crowdfunding platform is not only service to get many projects off the ground, but the money flowing in is spreading the potential wealth around the globe.

Fundrise Reviews reveal that the coming years will be exciting for real estate crowdfunding platforms, both domestically and internationally. The world continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, and there are many real estate projects just waiting to get off the ground. While some stricter regulation will likely come into play and countries begin to deal with this influx of money, the reality is that international investors have another option to look forward to and consider. The number of platforms operating in foreign countries should continue to grow, as should the amount of foreign money coming into the American real estate market.

Average Investor Are No Longer Left Behind

The beauty behind this type of investing is that average people can now get involved in massive real estate projects. Fundrise and other crowd funding platforms operate on the notion that real estate investments should be open to the mainstream global population. With a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), it is possible to own a stake in virtually any type of real estate property imaginable. With pools of investors coming together, projects are more easily funded as well. This has the propensity to revolutionize the manner in which new projects and remodels are completed moving forward.

If you have been looking for a way to invest in real estate, you will want to give this method serious consideration. Funds are stable and there is a wealth of information available online to help guide your investment decisions. Talk to your financial advisor or speak about it with other investors who have already gotten involved in crowdfunding to see what the fuss is all about.

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