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When you own a car, truck or other vehicle on credit, it is very important that you stay regular in your monthly payments with the loan company because the title is with the loan company and they reserve some important rights on the vehicle. They have these rights on your vehicle because you signed the agreement with them according to your state laws. If you fail to make timely payments, they can repossess your vehicle anytime without taking the matter to the court. In some states, the creditors don’t even need to send a warning letter to the customer before repossessing the vehicle.

While your creditors have some legal rights to repossess the vehicle, they do have some limitations also before taking it. In particular, the creditors have to follow certain laws on how to repossess the vehicle and how much it is to be resold in an auction. If the laws are violated, they will lose other rights against you, and pay for the damages. Some of the consumers’ rights are mentioned here. You may get more information from your state consumer protection agency or a private attorney.

  • Seizing the vehicle:

The creditor has the right to seize your vehicle when you have defaulted in your monthly payments to them. Read the contract copy signed with the loan company to understand what constitutes a default as per their agreement. You must talk to the loan company if you are expecting a default and work out a prior arrangement. Make sure that you have all the arrangements done in writing for future records.

While seizing your vehicle, the creditor should not violate the breach of peace. Taking your car over your protest or using threats is illegal. They are not legally allowed to take your vehicle from a closed garage without your permission. They are not allowed to cause any damage to you or your property and if this is done, they have to compensate you for the damages done. It will result in breach of peace as per the laws of your state.

  • Reselling the car:

Once the creditor has repossessed your vehicle, the creditor may keep the car for a certain period of time so that you can catch up the monthly payments and take it back. Or, he can sell the car in a public or a private auction. In any case, the creditor has to notify you in advance before the date of auction. You may want to exercise this right if the car is worth more than what you owe on it.

The auction of the repossessed vehicle must be done in a commercial reasonable manner. If the creditor tries to sell the car at a price below the fair market value, you are legally allowed to put a claim against the creditor for damages or a defense against a deficiency judgment.

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  1. October 10, 2008 @ 7:58 pm

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  2. January 30, 2009 @ 6:42 am

    Palteco Credit Union, a successor of failed Cal State 9 Credit Union repossessed my vehicle without waring or notice, for three months I was contacting Cal state 9 Credit Union without knowing that the credit union failed. My account was set of authomatic debit on the 28 of each month. On 10/02/2008 by 1:36 Am A repo man came to tow the vehicle, he failed to give my documentation, I called Police. The repo man disturbed my place of abode ich is and dismantled the drive shaft in the H2. When I paid the demand of the new credit union, who accepted the funds and issued receipt, the CU refused to release the vehicle due to “incident with the Repo man”. I filed a law suit which pending. Contact me by email dataprintco @

    Posted by BUA
  3. January 30, 2009 @ 6:43 am

    Need assistance I can afford an att.orney due to bad enconomic situation

    Posted by BUA
  4. July 1, 2009 @ 11:50 am

    What I want to know… With the way the economy is…. Why would a loan company reposses your vehicle when the behind balance is only $300.11 and less than 30days deliquent? My loan company agreed to let me catch up the 300.11 and basically tricked me to keep making payments to catch up and then repossessed my vehicle over $300.11 and only 30days deliquent. I have paid them almost 20,000.00 on the vehicle. There has to be some law that helps people when it is such a situation. I mean, I have 2 kids and I am working 3 jobs. What a heartless company..Chase Manhatten Auto Loan..Do not get a loan from them..if you do..dont ever be even 2 weeks late..they will take your vehicle.

    Posted by Kristin
  5. October 6, 2009 @ 2:29 pm

    Does the Repo man have the right to park outside my house and block my driveway for hours? He also thought he was sneeky by hiding in the culdasac near my home. How much do these guys get paid anyway? I understand they have a job to do, but come on repo guys, there are a million and one to choose from. move on!

    Posted by frefre
  6. October 16, 2009 @ 12:28 am


    I agree with you, I think it is the Chase Corporation. I had a vehicle purchased with them, and tried to make payment arrangements with them, and instead they repossed my vehicle. I am trying to attend school full time, and lost my job this year. I explained that I had gotten behind due to medical bills with my child and they scoffed me off. I hate their banking institution, and had nothing but bad experiences with them.

    Posted by stephanie
  7. February 4, 2010 @ 10:27 pm

    I had the same thing happen to me with Chase. I was in the hospital when they took the vehicle and they refuse my cash to catch up on it. I’m spreading the word to never use them.

    Posted by Melanie
  8. February 8, 2010 @ 5:26 am

    We fell behind with Chase Auto last October..they never offered a hardship program. They repossessed the auto in March. We received no documents. A bill came in from Chase’s collection and demanded $6500 on a $7500 loan. Chase stated that they didnt repossess the auto till June 2009. This is a bold face LIE! They claim the auto had higher miles then at the time of the repo and that the body and frame was damaged. Another Bold Face Lie on Chase’s part! Now we are out of a auto and stuck with the balance of $1000 less then the load..someone stole the auto or then stripped it and damaged it..What happened to the bailout money Chase got? Isnt it to help people with loans? Crooks!

    Posted by Pat
  9. February 8, 2010 @ 3:14 pm

    my car was stolen and cnac , the lowest form of life are giving me agony regarding a claim that they would have repoed the car anyway.does my insurance co. have not reimbuse me because of jd byryders claim. they state they are make sure the insurance co,. does not honor my claim. this co, cnac has made me so nervous throughout the course of dealing with them that i am experiencing severe emotional distress. if they say i am in default is my insurance claim void? helpp….. karen eastridge, \

    Posted by karen
  10. February 17, 2010 @ 12:14 am

    I am writing about J&B Buy Right Inc. I financed a van with a book value of only 1.500 hundred dollars for almost 9.000 dollars.. This is a company the picks families or people who are disabled like myself who dont have good credit and are struggling to survive. J&B Buy Right will REPO your car even if your a day late on your payment I really dont know if this is against peoples rights in Florida but they do it. I wish someone would investigate this company called J&B Buy Right. They need to be stopped I hope moer people come forward and write about there bad experiences that picks on the poor with there super over priced cars…

    Posted by IVAN
  11. April 12, 2010 @ 4:53 pm

    Ok, my car was reposed, so my question is, if I want to by the car back, but it has been sold, the total amount has been posted on my credit files of the balance.

    1. Shouldn’t the dealer let me know how much the car was auctioned off for or resold for?
    2. Shouldn’t the amount be deducted from the total amount owed, then updated or posted to the credit bureau?

    3. And should he not let me know how much has been written off for taxes, and shouldn’t that be applied also, sense he is getting credit for the loss?

    Posted by Jack
  12. April 14, 2010 @ 5:10 am

    If you are behind in your payments and have credit card debt, I would recommend to just file Chapter 13 bankruptcy. In Chapter 13, it puts a stop to all judgements, harrassing calls, and repossessions. The bank or credit company MUST stop efforts to repossess your car. Also, if your car was bought more than 910 days from the date you file, they lose lien on the car and you can do what is called a ‘cram down’. This means that if the car is blue book valued at less than what you owe, you only would be responsible to negotiate the current market price. I know people say don’t hide the car. But that’s EXACTLY what you should do. Keep it until the magic day arrives and then file. They have no recourse.

    Posted by Mark
  13. May 10, 2010 @ 11:47 am

    ok we bought a car and we put down 5000. on a 11000. car. when we bought the car we gave them 1000. cash then when our tax return came we would pay them another 4000. well i received my loan for school before our tax money (and the rest of the down payment was not even due yet) but anyway I went ahead and put 2000. down. 2 days before we were suppose to get out taxes back we got a letter in the mail saying that it would be an additional 10 days. so i called the dealership and asked him for the name of the finanace company so i could give them a copy of the letter. well there still was no finance company. so i told the dealership what was going on they gave me an additonal 10 days.. cool. but when the 10th day got there no money so i took 1300. to the dealership and that left my balance at 700. i paid another 200 the next day and owed 5oo. after calling 18 times and asking who the finance company was because i was going to need to make a payment they decided to repo my car.. should i take them to court? i am so mad… i dont think there was ever a finance company.. and this dealership is just a “hole in the wall” so i guess i am just as stupid for giving them my money. ps. i even paid 600. for brand new tires on this car.. the car that i drove for a month and a half. what would you do i really could use someones advice ANYONE??? Thanks for your time.. Kim

    Posted by Kim
  14. June 1, 2010 @ 12:41 am

    My husband is a escort driver so he is all over the country. he decided to take me and our 2 boys with him cause its summer. we got over 1300 miles away and were a day late on the car note . when the dealership decided to repo the car. they new what type of business my husband did . we called and called and finally got in touch with them to make arrangments and they gave us the run around finally my husband told them to send us all the paper work that was in the car . they sent us a few papers but intentionally kept all the car payment reciepts and the reciept from which we purchased the car. we had just put over 2000 dollars in to the car cause there was so much wrong with it and the dealership new about it cause they let us pay smaller notes because of it. it seems like they just wanted us to fix the car so they could take it. i mean we are without our cloths and everything. CAN THEY DO THIS ? DONT WE HAVE SOME OF RIGHTS ?

    Posted by ashley
  15. October 20, 2010 @ 11:45 pm

    Hi All-
    So here is my situation and question:

    My husband and I live in California, and have our car loan through a company called A.L. Financial. We are currently half a payment behind (approximately $220) and woke up this morning to no car…it had been repossessed! Although we weren’t left any paper work, or informed by the repo guy that he was taking it, we still automatically assumed that this is what happened. My husband decided that he needed to take the day off of work to try and straighten everything out.

    He first called A.L. to ask them (after all of the fees they tack on) how much the total would be to get it back. They informed him that they wouldn’t have that exact number until after 1:30 this afternoon, and to call them back then. He told them that was fine and that he would get the rest of his ducks in a row, and do all of the other things needed to regain the car (ie: go to the Sheriff’s Department, gather all of his paperwork, situate transportation for all of his errands, ect.) between then and 1:30, and would call them back then. So of course he does all of these things and when 1:30 comes around he calls them back. This is when they inform him that he would not be able to retrieve the car until the next business day (tomorrow) after 2:00 pm., and that they do not release cars on the same day that they were taken! Why didn’t the idiot tell him that first thing this morning when he talked to her?!?! Who knows (my answer was probably in my question…because she’s an idiot) but my question to you is this:

    Is it legal for finance companies to hold your car in the impound yard (while you just rack up more charges) even after you’ve paid all of the balances and fees, and taken care of everything? Can they legally tell you “we don’t release or return cars the same day”?

    We are both disgusted at this and can’t believe they can get away with it! True, we were the ones behind on our payment: and true, we were the ones who put ourselves at risk of this happening…but keep in mind, that throughout the past few weeks we’ve been in contact with them several times informing them that we would be all caught up when my husband got paid on the 20th…TODAY! So as banks and big businesses tend to go, they wait until the day when they know they’re going to be paid the money to screw you and only further the amount in which you’re indebted to them!

    If anyone can help with some advice (other than to not be late on our payment next time) or has any knowledge in this area, I would really appreciate it! Sorry for such a long post, and thank you for your time and help in advance! God bless-

    Posted by Patti
  16. December 15, 2010 @ 7:22 pm

    I lost my job, I have been trying to get Mid Atlantic Finance to pick up the car. I can no longer make payments, Instead they made me an settlement offer ! Not Interested !!! Please pick it up.. They have been selling wolf tickets for months now, And now.. Will not pick up the car !! MAF I am telling you again !! I can not make payments.. No settlement !! Pick up the car.. Mary

    Posted by Mary
  17. December 16, 2010 @ 9:00 pm

    Re-establishing is what the credit term is. To get back on track? My wife and I purchased a 2009 VW van, from Kia of El Monte, to our surprise the dealership negotiated and released, the van to us. In the negotiation, our credit was ran, and the desk and finance manager went ahead and presented a deal, that my wife and I agreed upon. After about week and a half, after taking delivery of the vehicle, we were called by the dealership that they could not get a bank to finance us. In that sitdown, we did not agree with the new terms, shorter time on the contract and more montly payment? The finance manager and desk, decided to give it another try. As we were told. Another week passed and the desk manager of the dealership, called us and told us, once again that he only had one bank, and the same terms and conditions were going to apply, from the first sitdown or re-write session.
    I disagreed with again, and advised him of the 10 day recession, and that after the 10th business day, of signing the contract, the dealership owned the contract and that the buyer of the any vehicle, did not have to re-sign on any new terms, and that the origingal contract signed by my wife and I, that’s the contract that we were going to honor?
    This manager, told me or basicall threatned me that if we did not agree on the new terms, that we should consult a lawyer, or just return the car at our own will. If we did not return the vehicle, that other options were going to be considered. And that this was the only two alternatives, re-sign or return the vehicle???

    Help, I need to know if the 10 day period holds any truth within the auto purchasing or does the dealer have any rights to basically repo the car, at anytime? Please let us know, as my wife loves her new car (to us), It would be ashame that anyother dealer get away with malicous practices once again….. God Bless.

    Posted by Robert
  18. March 7, 2011 @ 3:08 am

    First off I own a repossession company, I know it’s not the most liked profession there is but, hey when you borrow from the bank it is your responsibility to repay your loan. I know that times are tuff right now and there are thousands out of work. Something that wasn’t expected. I also know that people do not live with in there means. If you can’t afford a vehicle then do not buy it. It’s always smart to think ahead. What if I was to lose my job tomorrow, can I afford this car? There are millions of cars repossessed every year, planes, boats, etc. People are making purchases that they cannot afford. I also know that not all repo companies are reputable, My Company has extremely high standards and we pride ourselves on being professionals. Without repossessors you would not be able to get a loan to purchase a vehicle. So please do not buy a vehicle unless you know that you can afford it.

    Posted by Angie
  19. May 3, 2011 @ 11:00 pm

    okay so my truck got repossessed by the bank. I can afford my truck payment and wanna keep paying for it but the bank dont wanna give it back even tho if i stay current with the payments and pay any other fees. Now i just found out my truck was send out to a auction without giving us any notice. I am getting a lawyer to get this problem solved we dont think is fair for the bank to take away our truck just like that we only have 2 more years to finish paying it we already gave them $25,000.00 and we cant believe all that money went to the trash.

    Posted by diana gurierrez
  20. June 4, 2011 @ 10:59 pm

    I took my car to the dealership I was told my engine was gone. I traded in my car the same day at the dealership and got a new one. My depsoit was 2500.00 I pay everything exept 800.00 now my car note due. If I dont pay the 800.00 for the deposit can the dealership repo my car, if I make all the payaments to the loan company. I have the money for my car note, but i dont have the 800.00 for the rest of my down payment. Will this go on my credit?

    Posted by Tieraney
  21. September 1, 2011 @ 1:42 pm

    On Aug. 20th I was 3 months behind on my payment & explained & arranged that i would receive money on my birthday on Aug. 27th. On that day the ford credit representative noted that i would make the payment current. On Aug.26th at 2am i receive a loud knock on the door. There is a man in a tank top with shorts wearing flip flops. Long story short i get dressed go down to my truck which is already hooked up. So i explain that i have a agreement with Ford to pay the following day & i ask him for the paperwork. He becomes very nervous & yells quote “that he does not have to show me shit” So where standing in front of his truck that was running & i reached in and took his keys. Then i said i am calling the police & he said the same thing. The police arrive & the driver shows him some information & the officer explains to me that he has the right to take the truck. So i hand the keys back to the driver & everyone leaves. The next morning i call ford & ask what happened to our agreement? They would not talk to me & said that i must only speak to the redemtion team. They did not answer so I left a message. About noon that day i get a call from the towing company of the manager scraming and dropping F bombs right & left, Saying that i really screwed up & that i am going to pay for what i have done. Repeatingly telling me that he wants those F—ing keys. Also said that i have assalted his driver & that I will not get my truck back & nor will i get my belongings. So hang up with this crazy person representing the repo. co. & I tried to get back with ford. Finally I get a call from the top manager of this department & he tells me because I assalted the driver he is going to charge me the max. pay off plus all other charges that the repo co needs to add… in order to get my truck back. He also told me that there was a police report, that claimed that i assaulted the driver & was arrested, resisted arrest, that i fled the scene & i got a ticket. None of that is or was true. He said he was going to reconfirm everything & if i was lying all of what he said will stand & if the repo co was lying than he was going to fire them. I have reconfirmed with the police no report was ever made. & after 9 phone calls to ford i have not received one call. My sons 3 year olds car seat & all of my pressure washing equipment was in that truck. On top of all of that they still have not told me how much its going to cost to get it back. PLEASE HELP!!!

    Posted by Marcus
  22. September 23, 2011 @ 6:23 am

    I WAS financed thru a bank and i was 40 days behind I was on my way to western union the payment to catch me up when a repo guy came from the car dealership where i purchased the car and said he was there to repo thae bank had sold my contract back to the dealership is that possible i was not notified that my car was sold back to the dearlership tell today

    Posted by monica
  23. October 14, 2011 @ 8:01 pm

    Hello nice site
    I would like to ask you guys, I had a loan and loss my job 2008. this payday loan keep calling me and sending this mail from their lawyer I owed $3000. which accumulate a;ll the interest. now I went to court myself to show what I got. they said dont, worry you dont have any judgement.I’m afraid they might took my car since its already paid off. I am getting frustrated. Pls I need help.
    Kind Regards

    Posted by Cion
  24. December 29, 2011 @ 5:59 pm

    I am so sick of banks and repo people saying you shouldn’t buy a car if you can’t afford it. They shouldn’t loan it if we can’t afford it. They have been irresponsible overcharging for homes and cars! They claim no responsibility to re-negotiate a fair rate! Come on we are in a tough economy. They deserve every dime they get screwed out of.

    Posted by Terry
  25. December 30, 2011 @ 1:44 am

    am having a hard time getting the pay off date to my car from A L Financial, I had calculated January 2012 as my last payment but they are telling me I have AROUND or APPROXIMATELY 8 more payments, I asked when the very last date of payment is I am not getting an answer, they tell me to call back when I make my next payment with an answer for that, I do and they are never prepared and they blow me off. Please help.

    Posted by Neeners
  26. January 3, 2012 @ 6:01 am

    My truck was just repoed i was one day late . thats not the big problem. A few days ago i filed a ins. claim cause i hit road debri. my claim was granted and im recieving the check tomarrow. since the check is in both my name and sorry ass car dealer, and it was just repoed, what do i do with the check?

    Posted by gene
  27. March 1, 2012 @ 4:53 am

    Here is my problem… my vehicle was repossessed by Wells Fargo Dealer Services back in October of last year due to about $600 behind payments, I got the vehicle back early November after paying almost $2000 in fees, past due, future due, storage fees, and anything else they could think of. Now they are coming after me claiming I still owe $600 in fees, BUT they refuse to send me an itemized bill of what I am paying for, they do not have any paperwork on file and I have to fax them everything that I have, and are being extreme.y rude and disrespectful to myself and my family when I am away at work… what do I do?!

    Posted by Eric
  28. March 18, 2012 @ 3:29 pm

    I have a question …..I live in Tennessee & my car that is financed through Toyota financial is almost paid off.well I been about 3 months behind 4 a good 6 months well I paid the 3 months n February & about a week later my car was repossessed. I got it back after a few days but I had 2 pay 4 a rental car reinstatement fees storage & towing fees 2 get my car back after the fact i paid my car note current & a week later it was repossessed. Is there anything I can do about that?

    Posted by Jennifer
  29. April 11, 2012 @ 12:02 am

    Hi everyone I have a repossession/bankruptcy issue im lookin for advice on. My husband and I filed ch 13 2 years ago and last Aug. had to stop the b.k. due to my lossing my job. We had a vehicle that we wanted t9 keep so our lawyer adviced to talk to credit union(abri) and do what they instructed. We went in back in Aug before b.k. was even dismissed to let them know ahead of time and was told wed be getting new payment book within 10 bus days. In sept we stll hadnt gotten it so my husband went in again. In Oct. we got a late notice so I called and was told we were $55 past due and payment of 460 was due in a week. The next day my husband took in $55. That day the lady called back and said we didnt owe anything right now….tat they were”waiting for discharge papers”. In nov. I called again and she said still no pay. due and still waiting on discharge. In dec. I got a letter saying they had court date for Jan so I called back worried. I was Told the court date was to remove theyre name from ch. 13 since they hadnt gotten discharge letter yet and not to w9rry that after the court date then we could get back on payments. The day after the court date I called and now was not able to talk to that lady again!! Another women said I owed 4 months of payments and that a repo habeen issued aleady! I said was could pay the $2000 …wed just been waiting for them to say we Owed something!! Then it was 2 days of talking to my and 4 different people at credit union before we were told that the b.k. hadnt been discharged yet like it was supposed to! And that we owed $5000to $5500 to stop the repo because of attorney fees for the court I tried to avoid by calling in dec. about!!!! So we obviously didnt have that money so vehicle repossessed….the trucks blue book is $14/15000. We owed $5800 on loan when repoed. Wtf!!! I am curious if anyone have any advice……plus after finding out we were still in b.k. After all….why were they even talkung to me every month for MONTHS about my car loan….isnt that against b.k.laws??? Pleaaaassse help…..Lisa.

    Posted by lisa
  30. May 2, 2012 @ 1:21 pm

    What can i do if a repo man has stolen personal items, including money from my vehicle, and threatened me with physical and legal threats when i confronted him?

    Posted by Kevin
  31. May 21, 2012 @ 9:34 pm

    I had a repo man stop in front of me in incoming traffic slammed on breaks almost causing me to hit them head on. I call the police department they have the nerve to tell me it was all legal to try pull me out my car put there hands on me chase me in a high speed chase down the highway n then tell me it was all legal. And would not help me what do I do to get help n not let people get assulted bye these report people called Wilson’s report services.

    Posted by cedric wilson
  32. June 3, 2012 @ 10:52 pm

    In 2011 I started making payments on a truck through a dealer that then went through a financial company.My payments were always on time. In 2012 I traded the truck in for a van and 2 days later the finance company came and got the truck from the dealer and sold it within a week for a little over $6000, when I traded the truck in there was only $2500 left owed. 1 day ago I printed my credit report and found the financial company report 2 months of not making payments and are still hold me responsible for the truck even after they sold it. The told me that they will continue to do so until I finish paying off the truck and had no right to trade it in for another. Is this legal and what do I do.

    Posted by Margaret
  33. June 20, 2012 @ 5:05 pm

    I had a vehicle finanaced from the dealership I purchased it from. I was set up on automatic debit until they started sending payments through before my payday. The manager at the dealership told me I could send in payments each month. Never mentioned any new terms on how I had to pay, what is considered late or anything. Me thinking in my mind, isn’t the previous contract void. I did receive notice of how late I was or anything. I sent a payment off and they cashed it and then 2 days later came and picked up my truck. I even had to pay a processing fee to get my belongings before he would give me my stuff. What kind so bull is that. I want to file a lawsuit so bad and need a good lawyer to look into this for me.

    Posted by Carlton
  34. July 10, 2012 @ 9:55 pm

    I have a car loan (2 years super high interest rate) and was current until I lost my job. I’ve made the finance company aware of my job loss and that I am interviewing and doing the best I can, right now I am about 20 days behind. I’ve recently gotten married and asked them if I could refinance with my husband’s excellent credit so I can keep the car and not be behind. They will not agree to the refinancing due to I haven’t had the loan long enough, however they are taking turns with the Manager and the credit Manager calling me asking for status of payment. How many times a week do I need to keep having this discussion. I can’t get a job without a car and don’t have the money to just pay it off either. I’m in NC

    Posted by Suzee
  35. August 27, 2012 @ 4:01 pm

    my car payment is not due yet but the transmission has went out in my car. i can not afford this at this time and make my car payments so i asked them to come and get it. they told me they had to wait 90 days so the car can go into default before they are allowed to pick it up. is this true or do they have to pick it up right away? if the payments were late they would not hesitate to pick it up right away, this just does not seem right or fair. i’m in illinois.

    Posted by katherine
  36. October 18, 2012 @ 12:19 am

    my car was repossessed a month ago & after getting over the shock it, & talking to the lienholder/bank to find out how much $ it would take to get it back, I decided to just let it go. But today I got a phone call from my car insurance company, saying that a claim was filed by the lienholder about a collison. they must mean the large dent in the driver side door [which I came out of work to find 6 weeks ago & did not report to my insurance co. because it can easily be pulled out.] I talked to the insurance co.’s customer service who retroactively cancelled my policy, & then claims who think I may be responsible for it still. A “special adjustor” will be calling tomorrow too. Do you think I will have to pay for fixing the dent?

    Posted by tery
  37. October 25, 2012 @ 8:38 pm

    my sister is 5 months late on her car payment, and now wants to keep the car at my house. can i get in to trouble for letting her keep it at my house?

    Posted by brittany
  38. November 2, 2012 @ 2:47 am

    hi i did co sign about 4 years ago for my son to purchase a car the registration is under my self and my son recently the drug enforsment sieze the car from my son house after a week i call the office of the
    D.E.A to get the car back they told me that they will give back the car to the bank in my part i call the bank to get the car back after thy got it from the DEA the bank is given me the run around the agent is tel in me that he have to ask his manager and he is going to call me back as soon as he no my loan payment is current up to date what is my rite to get back the car from the bank

    Posted by louis
  39. November 13, 2012 @ 12:13 am

    hello-i purchsed a car at lax-hyundai in inglewood. the wrote me up a contract and accepted my $500 check that was on 10/18/2012. the finance mgr called me back 11/05/12 and stated the banks wanted an addtitl $2100 and i told them no tht i am on soc. sec. dissability and i dont have the money. Another finance mgr came into the ofc and said we got some good news for you. we have lowered your payments for u and we want you to sign it stating that we have lowered your car payments. well, they made a mistake and the contract i gave them $2600 and they are calling me harrassing me saying you need to bring $2100 back to the car dealership. can the reposess the car when the contract clearly states that i pd $2600?

    Posted by asrob
  40. November 15, 2012 @ 9:43 am

    I purchased a vehicle from S&R motors in Shelby NC. They financed the vehicle through a company called Basic Finance Shelby NC. I was 1 day late in payment and they repossessed my vehicle. While they were repossessing my car ithot reallybad. My daughter and I we both got arrested. Some stuff I can’t put up here for legal reasons. When I called them. To try to get information about the date location and time of sale they wouldn’t tell me. Is that breach of contract becauseit states that in their contract. What can I do??

    Posted by Sandra
  41. November 15, 2012 @ 10:23 pm

    I am a small car dealer, I have repoed a car from a gentleman who was 2 months behind & cussed me on the phone telling I could not take his car, needless to say he called me EVERYTHING but a white woman & hung up, well the car was already on the repo list & I had no control except to contact the gentleman & explain the situation. Now having this car back in my poession how long do I have to resell the car??

    Posted by GinC