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NCO financial is one of the largest collection agencies hired by the creditors to collect consumers’ debts. They are individuals that say that they reported on the consumer’s credit report by mistake.

If you see an inaccurate negative item on your credit report by NCO Financial, you can dispute the item with the credit bureau and get it removed. You have to write a dispute letter and mail it to the credit bureau. Make sure that you are doing the communication in writing and send the letter through certified mail, return receipt requested. This will keep a track of all the communication done regarding the dispute.

When you draft the dispute letter, explain the reason of getting the item removed from your credit report. For example, if the account is already paid or if the balance is posted wrong, provide a proof of the receipt or if the account showing up on your credit report belongs to someone else.

As per the laws of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you can dispute the incorrect negative items on your credit report and get it removed. The credit bureau must investigate your dispute and contact the information provider for getting it fixed. If your dispute is found correct, the item will be removed from your credit report and a fresh copy will be sent to your mailing address.

If NCO Financial has posted a negative item on your credit report and it is correct, you can still get it removed. Contact the collection agency and make payment arrangements with them. Once the account is settled, you can request them to remove the negative item from your credit report.

NCO Financial is one of the largest collection agencies established since 1920s and they are headquartered in Pennsylvania.

They are located across 9 different countries with over 140 operation facilities. They mainly do their collections on accounts related to education, utilities, health care and more.

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    A bad credit score can affect your life in so many negative ways! I keep a pretty close eye on mine.