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A predictive dialer is a computerized system that will automatically dial batches of telephone numbers and the agents assigned in the sales or other campaigns get connected to the clients. Predictive dialers are also known as auto dialers and they are widely used in the call centers.

Telemarketing organizations generally use predictive dialer systems making B2C (business to consumer) calls and speaking to more number of clients regarding the product. Auto dialer is mostly used by market survey companies and debt collection services so that they can personally speak to people by telephone. Predictive dialers automate all sorts of calls, so that the process can be made easier and quicker rather than just making calls manually. Most of the customer service call backs and welcome calls for new customers can be done by predictive dialers.

Auto dialers have some good features like automatic call distribution, interactive voice response facility and call recording. This had added a new dimension in the calling process.

Predictive dialers have some added features like voice broadcasting with text to speech software. This acts as a unique solution that is ideally suited for ACD and IVR outsourcing. The computer telephony software opens this phone system to outside applications and developers.

There are some predictive dialer systems that have an extra edge in efficiency and productivity that are not available in other dialing systems. Through this system, the agents can anytime have the option during the call to click on the “answering machine message” button or “3rd party message” button so that they don’t have to put their voice. When this button is selected, the digitally recorded message can be played instantly and this gives more time to the caller to concentrate on the next call.

The predictive dialer system along with the customer relationship management (CRM) is the complete call center software solution. The predictive dialer system has revolutionized the calling process and the call centers can generate more productivity. This system allows more calls to be handled by less number of agents, including work at home employees.

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