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In the Mid November there are two busiest shopping seasons of the year Black Friday and Christmas. Millions of people in America are saving money to spend for the up coming sales. During holidays many people tend to destroy their credit score. Here are some guidelines which would probably help you to sustain your credit score.

During holidays while shopping you will find many shop keepers would offer you credit card deal for short term at low interest rate. However it is not advisable to go for these kind of offers which is not worth the long term risk. Do not go for these offers because most of the department stores do not compare the credit score as the other types of credit score.

Make a tight budget to limit your spending. It is very easy to say than doing it, if you want to keep your credit score in good condition than you must control your self from spending unnecessarily. You should also be aware of the fact that you are not crossing the limit of 30% of balance offered by most banks. If you exceed the limit then there is warning signs which are put into your credit history. This can definitely hamper your credit score; it is advisable to purchase anything which you can pay in full in your next payment.

Always remember to pay your bill on time, it also very important to know your billing due date, many people make mistake by paying their bill late. Now again you have to make a habit to pay your bill religiously in return you will remember to keep the money for your monthly payment. Many people do not know that their payment history is very important and it comprises 35% of the credit score. When you think about it you will realize that the portion is quite large. As we know that the holidays between November and January are the busiest schedule. In this period people tend to spend the most on their credit card and this is the time when people end up paying late with their credit card bills. If you remember and follow these tips then you will go a long way towards protecting your credit.

Following these tips on protecting your credit score is extremely important. Your credit score is an aspect of your life that can play into what type of car you drive, whether or not you get approved for a house, or if you will be able to afford professional movers for your next relocation; so it’s important to keep your line of credit as immaculate as possible.

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