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Last time when the economy saw serious turmoil was during the Great Depression of 1929. The number of stressors is looming large, and due to this downturn in their financial situation, they are getting forced to prescription drug abuse.

Recession has caused a large number of unemployment throughout the world. While most people consume medicines as prescribed by their doctors, 20% of the total population has started taking pharmaceutical drugs for non-medical reasons. The problem of prescription drug abuse is serious and growing.

Experts believe that prescription drug abuse among most of the Americans is increasing because of job loss, health problems caused by stress, gloomy weather, bounced checks, declining job market, increasing heating bills, etc.

People who are poor are getting into drug abuse, depending on street narcotics and alcohol, narcotic painkillers, sedatives, tranquilizers and stimulants. The declining pharmaceutical industry sales figures might be a consequence of people postponing expensive medications for illnesses such as heart disease. This foregoing of treatment shows up as increases in sales of pain killers and mood elevators.

There has not been a definite reason of why the drug abuse is going higher, in general. Some people are indicating towards the easy availability of drugs. There are some who believe that doctors are now prescribing more drugs for health problems than ever before. Another reason of the drug abuse increasing higher is the online pharmacies who are selling these drugs to most of the youngsters without any kind of prescriptions from a doctor. Ultimately it is affecting the future of the youngsters as well as many responsible grown up people affected during the recession period.

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