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Follow these important tips for your business website.

  • You can make your business website look innovative by posting a video on the homepage. Your website will look superior from your competitors. It will be interesting to post a short sweet explanation about your product in the video.
  • Business owners should post their picture on the website in order to build trust among consumers, especially women consumers because they will like to see the person who they are dealing with.
  • It is important that your website should reflect who you are targeting.
  • You should post consumers testimonials with pictures and name on your website. Many people will be able to relate with it.
  • Check the technical aspects of your website and make sure that it is getting properly displayed on most of the browsers and smart device platforms.
  • Keep a check on the performance of your website regularly like you will check your profit and loss statement.
  • Have a website update or overhaul at least every two hours. Your business will change and keep your website in fashion.
  • It is interesting to have a blog on your webpage. You will be able to give valuable information, educate and gain trust leading to a good conversion. Relevant keywords are important for SEO rankings and lift your website at the top in the search results.
  • A good website should be easy to understand and navigate.
  • Have a good website developer.
  • You can use your website for business efficiency, if you are getting a common query then put it on your website and put an outgoing link to the next enquiries. It can be used as a digital catalogue.
  • Align your website with social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. You can display your website content through all social media avenues.
  • If you don’t have the technical knowledge about how to boost up your website, it is advised to hire a professional who will take care of it.
  • Target the correct keywords. You can do your research on Google keywords tool and then use the best ones on your website pages and posts.

Things that you should NOT be doing on your website.

  • There is nothing worse than an outdated website that was last updated some ten years ago.
  • Try not to cram everything you do on, reduce the focus on key target message. It is advised to remove low value or non-core targets.
  • Don’t waste your money by hiring a bad website developer. A website developer looks after the programming and coding of your website. So a developer with very little knowledge or experience will be a wastage of your time and money.
  • Many young business owners depend heavily on website for their product promotion. They think it will automatically bring in new customers, but this is not true. You have to use other marketing strategies to promote your product.
  • Keep a check on the content of your website. Avoid broken links, spelling mistakes and pages under construction. This will divert the visitors from your website.
  • Improve the conversion ratio of your website. If you don’t have enough knowledge about it, seek professional help.
  • Don’t be a business that does not back up their website. Hacks and damages can occur.
  • Don’t post only texts on your website. Adding pictures, links and videos will improve the look and quality of your website.
  • Don’t just depend on online leads. Offline leads and referrals will also be a good resource
  • Avoid legal issues. Make sure you meet consumer guidelines and industry guidelines.
  • Without knowing your target client, there is no point in building your website.
  • Don’t spend money for attracting traffic to your website until your website has the potential to convert.
  • Don’t spend money on auto responder software which delivers automatic email series to prospects.

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