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According to reports, auto insurance has increased by about 15% in the past year alone. Well, predictions state that it won’t get better and so, it makes sense to try and keep your car insurance costs down.  Here are a few tips on how to make that possible.

Do Your Homework

Most people tend to take the first quote they get, but this is not advisable especially when it comes to purchasing insurance. Prices for the same coverage can vary substantially between insurance companies and so, it’s best to use a price comparison site to find the best deal. Do not assume the insurance company you used for another policy will be cheap due to your loyalty. That rarely happens, and so, it’s best to explore all your options.

Get Rid of the Extras

According to Money Expert, many insurance providers will try and convince you to add all kinds of extras to your policy. They are not free, but they are not mandatory. Additional features like breakdown cover, windscreen cover, legal services and courtesy car provision all sound handy, but they only make your policy expensive. If you don’t need them, cut them out.

Think About How Regularly You Drive

How much you drive and the way you use your car can significantly affect the cost of your coverage. If you only drive a few thousand miles per year, you can save some money by putting a lower mileage cap on your insurance policy. If you do not drive to work, then remove the commuting option. All this brings the insurance costs down.

Think About Your Named Drivers

Adding other drivers to your policy is a double-edged sword. It can work for or against you in keeping the car insurance costs down. Young and less experienced drivers, along with those who have motoring convictions will bring up the premiums. If they do not drive your car regularly, consider adding them temporarily instead of paying to keep them on your auto insurance policy. Adding a more experienced driver, on the other hand, can reduce your premiums.

Increase your Excess

Increasing the voluntary excess is a relatively quick and straightforward way to reduce your premium. However, do keep in mind that if you make a claim, you have to be able to cover the cost of the increased excess.

Consider Your Profession

Some professions are considered to be higher risk than others and tend to be charged more. You should not lie about your line of work, but be a little creative in the job description part. It can make a significant difference when it comes to premiums.

Install a Blackbox

Telematics has become quite popular in the insurance world. They are especially helpful for young drivers who are looking to lower their cost of insurance. Tracking when and how you drive gives the insurance company better access to your risk, and they will be able to tailor your costs. Most insurance providers will give a discount for merely subscribing to a telematics policy. Also, if you drive safely, you can expect a reward of lowering the premium costs.

Pay Upfront

Most insurance providers will allow you to pay on a monthly basis, but if you pay upfront, you can expect to be charged a lower sum. If possible, get rid of the painful part by paying a large sum, and you could save up to 10% on premiums.

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Like all states across the nation, California has regulations and laws regarding car insurance that relate to drivers and the insurance companies that insure them. California has minimum coverage laws regarding driver liability and property and casualty damage.

California’s car insurance laws are outlined in the California Insurance Code. These laws include requirements for drivers’ financial responsibility. Drivers are required to register their vehicles and provide proof of insurance coverage under California law. Drivers looking for auto insurance Downey CA can get same day insurance when they need it.

Driver Financial Responsibility

California’s financial responsibilities laws require that drivers on California roads have auto insurance. If a traffic accident happens, the driver must provide necessary financial responsibility.

Minimum responsibility is established with car insurance policy coverage or a deposit of $35,000 in cash to the Department of Motor Vehicles in California. The driver can also provide a surety bond of this amount and/or offer a self-insurance certificate to meet these requirements.

Drivers are most likely to offer an insurance certificate as proof of financial responsibility in California. The certificate may be requested on demand in certain conditions, such as when the police request the driver’s registration in a traffic accident. An authorized letter provided by California’s Department of Motor Vehicles is sufficient if the driver is self-insured.

Driver Liability

California requires minimum liability coverage of all drivers. Drivers in California frequently use car insurance to meet these minimum liability coverage amounts of $15,000 for a single person or $30,000 for two or more people. Liability and bodily injury cover pay for injuries or death that occur when one or more people are involved in an accident with the insured driver.

Property and Casualty Coverage

California law also requires minimum coverage amounts for property and casualty damage. This provision covers damages caused to other persons’ property when the insured driver is involved in an accident. California’s minimum property damage coverage per vehicle is $5,000.

Uninsured Driver Insurance

Uninsured drivers are a problem in California. The state does not require insured drivers to carry uninsured motorist coverage (UM) but certain limits must be observed when it is applied. Uninsured coverage amounts must be equal to bodily injury or liability limits carried by the insured. When an insured driver elects UM cover, California’s insurers limit amounts to $30,000 per person or $60,000 for two or more people injured by an uninsured motorist in an accident.

Under-insured Driver Coverage

Underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage must be purchased when the California driver purchases uninsured motorist insurance. Car insurers in the state of California must offer an equal amount of UIM insurance. The insurer may also offer UIM coverage that is higher than the insured’s uninsured motorist cover.

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Monthly car insurance payments, no matter how financially stable families profess to being, can incrementally rack up your monthly expenses to the point of having to downgrade coverage. Car insurance groups, such as AAA, do assist with making these charges slightly lower while adding extra perks; however, then you are exposed to telemarketing calls for other unneeded services. Exactly how does someone, then, keep control of their monthly car insurance premiums, get the appropriate cover, pay reasonable deductibles, and avoid paying an outrageous price for these services? The most obvious answer would be to simply downgrade to state minimum coverage amounts yet risk having less than desirable results; conventional wisdom simply says that you have options – many of which you may not be aware of.



Find A Car Insurance Calculator

One quick way to simply find out how much insurance you can afford would be to locate car insurance calculators that will factor in your yearly income, the amount of insurance coverage you can afford and, along with your policy’s deductible, come up with a monthly payment based on those factors. The best researched calculator we found that would give this sensitive information was the AARP calculator from The Hartford Insurance Group. Simply enter the number of drivers to be included, the total amount of financial assets and household income you’re working with, and you’ll be given several options of insurance coverage based on affordability. By taking this step using the car insurance calculator, you’ll never spend more than you can afford to get the car insurance you need.

Another method to use a car insurance calculator would be to use your own personal digitized method of adding your total income and assets along with other bills to come up with how much disposable income you’ll have for insuring one or more vehicles in your home. Take this figure and compare local, statewide and national car insurance companies that could potentially match your budget. Never wait for the savings to come to you – go towards the savings as many other bonuses and perks exist not advertised, especially in the good driver and safe driver areas. Also, never pay more than you can afford or mix with cheap life insurance unless it’s economical – life insurance does make auto cheaper, I must add.

Using Car Insurance Groups For Savings

Since the inception of AAA in 1902, many other car insurance groups have formed to keep pace with the mighty consortium of motor club members that belongs to American Automobile Association. Not only can the power of 51 independent motor clubs save its members money on their monthly car insurance, they can offer such perks as roadside assistance, discounts on hotels and nearly anything else they can get their hands on in terms of savings. However, we’d like to make you privy of car insurance groups perhaps acting as unsung heroes: credit unions.

Yes, credit unions such as Pen Fed, USAA and even your local credit union can offer their members cheaper monthly car insurance simply through their banking services. USAA, for example, is great about combining their car insurance with other banking products to offer cumulative savings for families and individuals. Although membership restrictions may apply to credit unions, they remain perhaps one of the greatest clandestine car insurance groups you could possibly join.

Finally, you have your common employers who can integrate small savings into compensation packages. Although perhaps only common to automotive-related employers, these rare car insurance groups can still provide employees monthly car insurance savings simply through their daily grind.

Steer Clear Of ‘Maladroit’ Offers

If companies spent more time improving their services and less time pandering, drivers may see dramatic changes in the car insurance schema as a whole. Using cute creatures, exploiting the uneducated early man, deploying Copperfield-like trickery and demolishing cars to competitively compare rates are just many of the meager ways car insurance companies prey off humor and dry candor. Try to get a claim handled properly, and you’ll be the one crying first. Maladroit offers such as vanishing deductibles, safe driver checks and other perks to lower your monthly car insurance prices are more of a setup than a help. If at all possible, live without the perks and shoot straight for their low rates as well as the following:

  1. Take the time to find out their financial stability and rating. If lower than ‘A’, ask why.
  2. Shoot straight for their claims handling department first. Know their general attitude up front. If they are lackadaisical, you’ll definitely want to flip the peace sign.
  3. Get all possible discounts exposed. They exist and are not exploited for a reason; unveil them and get the ones you and every included driver is entitled to.
  4. Never buy online without calling first. Live voices trump online forms any day.
  5. Ask for a car insurance calculator if visiting in person. Knowing what you can afford saves time. Seeing what you get with the income you’re working with is even better.


Keeping your monthly car insurance economical doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice great services or receive slow claims processing. Stick to your guns, perform the necessary research on each company you intend to use, and always summon the extra help a car insurance calculator can provide. If you choose to go with car insurance groups to assist in making your savings even deeper, choose your local credit union or a nationally chartered one such as Pen Fed or USAA which can package monthly car insurance rates with your banking services. We’re not implicating AAA as being the most adverse car insurance group; however, the credit unions don’t call your house to offer extra services such as marketers do for AAA, a company that shares you information with affiliates. After all, economical monthly car insurance rates shouldn’t have to come with phone calls at all hours of the day and night; use AAA as a last resort.

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If you are looking for a free auto insurance quote, you can easily get it on the internet. Search for the sites through search engines or look for the ones that has the most number of reviews. You will get all the information required for auto insurance quotes. If you have any problems, call their toll free number and clarify your doubts.

These free auto insurance quotes online will help you to figure out the best insurance policy suitable for you. There may be some variations in the specifications, so you will have to buy it accordingly. Just explain your requirements to the insurance company and they will find the suitable insurance for you.

Submit your basic details on the website of the auto insurance company and get your free online quote. Using these free auto insurance quotes online, users will get access to all the reliable insurance companies, as only they will be listed. No matter whatever questions you have regarding the auto insurance, it will all be covered in the quote. Anything can be maintained in the accounts too, from purchasing a policy to getting previous quotes. You can easily navigate through the world of auto insurance with these services. You can also read feedbacks of other customers to know more about the insurance company you are searching for.

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If your auto insurance company is asking you to pay excessive money and you think that you have no other option than paying the insurance company than you are wrong. Well there is nothing wrong in continuing with the same provider as long as you are satisfied and the provider meets your requirement. If not than you have all the rights and option to move to a different provider with whom you would feel safe and satisfied.

If you are not satisfied or annoyed regarding your premium in that case you should immediately make an enquiry and question your company about the rising premium, in that case you will find that the rising premium is not actually affecting you which sometimes can be quiet intolerable. So in order to avoid intolerance you may make a decision say either by asking for a rebate or you can change your company.

When you have decided that you are buying auto insurance from a different insurance company, it would not be a bad idea to move to a different insurance provider, provided you have compared the quotation more than once with the other.

The motive of changing the insurance provider is that you want to save money as much as you can. Comparatively there is nothing to be surprised if you find out that there are various companies offering you the auto insurance deal at a lower price.

If there is a rise in your car insurance premium, then it is not compulsory to pay it. However the decision is yours what you want to do? Some people will stick with the same provider and others will make a move to for a good cause. I guess nobody likes increase in price, so people would love to change the insurance provider in order to save a huge amount of money in the long run.

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Your son just showed you his new license and you can sense that feeling of freedom in him. Now, you will be searching for cheap auto insurance for him. There are a variety of car insurances with different prices. You should understand the terms and conditions of each car insurance agreement so that you can make the right choice.

Most of the teens who just got their license are considered to be inexperienced drivers and therefore they are a high risk to the insurance company. The premiums set on these insurances are higher than an adult insurance. There are ways to find cheap car insurance for your son.

First you need to talk to your son and make them understand that it is very important to have a clean driving record. They need to drive safely on the road – no speeding tickets, no traffic violations, and no accidents. If you can teach this important lesson to your children, then their safe driving techniques will be rewarded with lower premiums.

Insurance rates can also be reduced by purchasing it with a higher deductible. Premiums rates will go down if the deductibles are higher.

You need to make sure that your son buys a car that has extra safety features in the car, so that you don’t have to pay high premiums because the car falls into the category of higher risk rating class.

The graduating licensing laws come into effect in almost all states in the US and some provinces in Canada. The rules in each location might vary a little but the objective is to restrict new drivers by limiting what their license will allow them to do.

They may be issued a full auto license such as a class 5 but there is usually a letter designation behind it to indicate they are a new driver. These new drivers have nighttime driving restrictions, vehicle occupant restrictions, and a 0 alcohol tolerance restriction to name just a few. They will also be required to take an additional test after a specific period of time to remove them from the new driver programmer.

You might still be thinking where to find cheap car insurance for your son? One option is to buy a stand alone policy from an agency that specializes in providing teen insurance. This policy means that they are not added as an additional driver on your insurance but rather they carry their own insurance.

In order to reduce the costs, the insurance company will place certain concessions on the driving habits of them. Certain rules are implemented like they need to attend a driving school first, no driving after dark, and a variety of other restrictions imposed so that the premiums can be kept lower.

You should be able to minimize the insurance costs by providing the correct lessons on responsibility on the road. They should be able to win your trust before they start driving on the road. Your son/daughter should also realize that s/he should bear at least half of the costs of the premiums if not the full amount. They may earn some money by doing a part time job so that they can pay the premiums on their own and this will breed more responsibility and maturity.

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Due to the current recession situation, almost everyone who have their auto insurance policy know for a fact that the insurers in their nation and almost throughout the world have been forced to constantly adjust their rates in order to attract new customers. Most of the times the sad thing is that the insurers do not inform their existing customers about the changes in the rates and insurance policies.

Since most of the people do not come to know about the latest changes in the rates and policies, the savings that are possible goes to waste as those who should take advantage of it are largely unaware and of course the insurers are not over eager to advertise it.

People who own cars and have car insurance policies should seize the current opportunity the current price wars and economic recession is providing.Insurance rates always keep on changing and an informed customer should always do a thorough research on the existing rates. Keeping in touch with the rates is not as stressful and time consuming as it may sound. All you need to do is to get a quick auto insurance quote online and get the answer to all your questions by an expert.During this current period of economic recession, many peoples’ main aim is to save money as much as possible. The current price wars and economic recession provides a good way to do this.

Take the free online insurance quotes from a variety of dealers in your area and get good value for your money.