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Kids are magical. They see the world through a different lens than their older counterparts: Moving boxes are spaceships, salt and pepper shakers are BFF and Popsicle sticks are magic wands. If all of this is possible in the amazing minds of children, challenge their creativity. Kids learn through play; before financial experts like Don Gayhardt were running businesses, they too were running around their yards with sticks for swords. 

Toilet Paper Tubes

All those cardboard rolls are good for something besides getting tossed, right? Start saving them and when you have a good amount, hand them to your little ones with an array of paints, glue and glitter, pipe cleaners and whatever else you have lying around. Encourage them to do something with them and watch your budding artists amaze you.

Boxes, Boxes Everywhere

Much like cats, little children love boxes. There is so much that you can do with them thanks to their varying shapes and sizes! (For large-sized moving boxes, check first that there are no staples or brads at the bottoms of them.) Here are a few kid-tested favorites:

  • Build a dollhouse by gluing different-sized boxes together. Cut out windows and doors using a craft knife, then let your kids decorate their basically free toy. Let them use colored paper for “wallpaper” and help them glue Popsicle sticks together for furniture.
  • Poke some holes through the top and sides of a larger box and push Christmas lights through it. Your kids can lie under the “stars” and will love dragging their favorite stuffed animals and blankets in there.
  • Make robots! Help your kids practice their wrapping skills by covered different-sized boxes in plain brown paper or aluminum foil, then glue them together. Give them craft supplies to decorate their robot.


If you are a subscriber to a monthly read, then you’ve probably got several old editions lying around. Before throwing them in the blue bin, hand them over to your child. Magazines are amazing for all kinds of art projects!

  • Very young children can practice their cutting skills on the pages of your old magazines. These kinds of skills are important for reading and hand-eye coordination down the road.
  • Take a picture from an advertisement, cut it in half, and glue it onto a piece of plain paper. Ask your child to finish the other half of the picture and see what they come up with.
  • Tell your kids to find anything related to a specific theme (autumn, dogs, bath time, etc) in magazines. When they find pictures related to the theme, they can cut them out and glue them onto a collage.

Coffee Grounds

Yes, you read that right! Instead of tossing your grounds from all your coffee this week, save them in a Ziploc and store them in the freezer. Once you have a good amount, pull them out and let them thaw. Kids love to play in coffee grounds. It’s the perfect texture for driving trucks through and digging. Plus, it smells so good and can be put to compost in the garden when you’re done with it.

Instead of spending money on expensive, brand-name craft supplies and toys, give your kiddos things that they might otherwise find in the recycle bin. It’ll shock you where their imaginations can take them!

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Are you tired of your dull, dreary backyard? Liven things up with these four ideas for redecorating and remodeling!

1. Add Water Features

From fish ponds to bird fountains, there are all kinds of ways to install water features in your backyard. You’ll just have to decide what you like and have time to maintain. For example, before you dig a hole for your new koi, make sure that they won’t be a hassle to feed every day. Dead fish aren’t much of a decoration!

2. Change Your Lighting

You might be surprised at the drastic changes that you can make to an atmosphere just by changing its lights. For example, instead of having utilitarian lamp posts that don’t do anything for your exterior decor, think about replacing them with twinkling fairy lights strewn in the trees. The whole look and feel of your backyard will soften, and all you did was change its lighting.

3. Build a Deck

Decks are a great way to increase the socializing potential of your backyard. Your guests will feel a lot more at ease with a designated place to sit, talk, grill, dance or just hang out with others. You can also decorate your deck to suit all kinds of backyard aesthetics, so don’t be afraid to bust out things like bison wood tiles!

4. Create a Path

This is especially helpful if you plan on hosting a lot of barbecues and pool parties. Instead of forcing your guests to wander all around your backyard and trample on your flowers, create a “path” for them to walk. Lead them straight to the pool with a tiled walkway. Take them directly to the fire pit with decorative rocks framing beaten-down grass. You’ll save the rest of the backyard from their meandering, and it’ll look nice, too.

If you’re ready to turn your boring backyard into a thriving recreational space, these are just a few ideas for change. Don’t feel limited by these suggestions, however! Experiment with different features and designs to your heart’s content.

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Although divorce rates among parents of young children have been steadily dropping over the years, there’s still plenty of people raising children in two separate homes. Many times, the parents project their own animosity toward each other onto their children. Those who are able to put their own issues aside for the sake of their children may raise kids with better mental health. There are certain things you should avoid if you don’t like your ex-spouse.

Avoid Sharing too Much

Responsible parents allow their children to be children. Don’t expect your kids to be your confidants or even to understand adult issues. Allow your kids to love their other parent even if you were hurt by them.

Don’t Limit Visitation

Before you separated from your spouse, you both spent time with the children every day. Your kids have a relationship with their other parent, no matter how bad your relationship is with your ex. There is an exception here. If the other parent is involved in dangerous activities that could harm your children or they have a history of harming the children, it’s important to work closely with a custody lawyer in hernando county fl to ensure your young children are safe.

Avoid Undermining Your Ex

Divorce itself can make children feel unstable. One of the best ways to make them feel comfortable is to keep the house rules as consistent as possible. Don’t go out of your way to do things for your children that your ex is opposed to. This could encourage children to play one parent against the other.

Parents are responsible for ensuring their children feel safe, whether they live together or separately. Whether you are at a point where you can be in the same room with your ex without getting emotional or not, your young children shouldn’t be aware of it.

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When people are elected to public office, they forgo a certain level of privacy about themselves in the interest of the greater good. The people who send them to public office expect these individuals to have the work ethic and integrity to speak for the constituency in an honest and straightforward manner.

You cannot know what kind of integrity and ethic a politician has without those finer details being divulged in the media. When you want to be confident in your vote for politicians like Orrin Hatch, Mike Crapo, Paul Ryan, and others, you may want to read up on these talking points about their personal and professional lives.

Moral Fiber

The U.S. Constitution allows everyone in the country the right to practice whatever religion or faith they choose. No one has to belong to any certain denomination. Further, refusing to be a member of a religious organization or church does not bar someone from running for office.

Still, politicians who do practice a particular faith may choose to disclose what denomination they are and to what extent they are involved with their churches. These religious details while not mandatory for a person’s eligibility to be on the ballot can sway the votes of people who are undecided about for whom to vote.

For that reason, many politicians like John McCain, Senator Mike Crapo, Mitch McConnell, and others choose to disclose their faith affiliations and their level of involvement in their parishes or churches to the voters. The media then reports this information so people can decide if those individuals on the ballot exhibit the integrity and moral fiber that many believe makes for the ideal political candidate.

Educational and Professional Training

Along with morals, voters also are significantly interested in what kind of formal and professional training politicians have received in their lifetimes. They do not want to send people who have few job skills and the smallest amount of educational training to their credit. They prefer to vote in people who have studied extensively, established themselves in their chosen industries, and have the work ethic that will keep them on task for the voters.

This educational and professional vitae often makes it to the papers and TV media weeks and months before the election. Voters can get a feel for how hard the politicians will work for them once they are in office. They also can do their own research about what kind of honesty and integrity these elected individuals displayed during their careers.

Endorsements and Voting Record

The media also reports frequently about the voting records and endorsements of politicians in office. Many politicians endorse each others’ candidacies. Likewise, they may court the endorsement of their elected peers

This endorsement may come in exchange of their voting records, however. Their votes are supposed to reflect the will of the people rather than their peers. Voters can check the voting records of politicians to ensure that they are putting constituents first rather than special interests politicians and lobbyists.

The print and TV media educate the public before and after elections by posting intimate details of the lives of those in office. Voters use this information to hold their elected officials accountable. They also ensure the people in office reflect the will of the voters.

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Maybe you grew up on the smokey flavor of ribs. Maybe you just love pulled pork slathered in sauce. Whatever your reasons for opening your own barbecue restaurant, here are just a few tips for ensuring your success.

1. Look the Part

Most barbecue restaurants have a “country” look that incorporates things like wooden benches and red-and-white tablecloths. While you don’t have to include these exact things in your establishment, you don’t want to stray too far from the country style in general. There’s a reason that it’s so popular. No one will feel comfortable licking barbecue sauce off their fingers in a sleek, futuristic restaurant filled with gleaming surfaces!

2. Hire the Right People

Your restaurant is only as good as your staff, especially when it comes to barbecue. You’ll want people who can provide the good old-fashioned manners expected of a southern-style BBQ joint, and you’ll also want skilled salespeople who can rattle off your specials and encourage customers to try something new. Look for these qualities in the people that you hire, and don’t be afraid to train them vigorously before unleashing them on the floor.

3. Get Your Liquor License

You can’t have “barbecue” without the “bar.” Before you stock up on beers and cocktails, however, make sure that you’ve jumped through all of the right hoops when obtaining your liquor license. It can take weeks for the paperwork to clear, and you don’t want to be dry on your opening night! You’ll also want advanced notice if you need to do anything special to qualify. Click here for more information about liquor licenses and how to get them.

4. Diversify Your Menu

Barbecue dishes will be your biggest draw, of course, but you can still offer other things to make a well-rounded meal. Maybe throw some greens on the menu. Include appetizer options that are more than just potatoes and beans. If you’re really nontraditional, you can even include a vegetarian plate for your pickiest customers. You might even become famous as a restaurant that serves everyone, not just meat-eaters.

These are four tips for owning and operating a barbecue restaurant. As you can see, there’s more to the process than just slathering sauce on some ribs and carting them out to your customers! If you’re serious about making a name for yourself in the barbecue world, you’ll need these guidelines to help you.

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If you’re going to work for a company that provides chemical reactor services, you must fully understand how to handle risky situations that could occur in a lab environment. These strategies greatly benefit new hires who tackle project tasks while using harmful chemicals and other risky items.

Never Delay Medical Attention

When a substance is spilled and causes an injury, medical attention should be pursued without any delay. Because all chemicals have different properties, the symptoms that typically occur will vary. For example, if a chemical has components that produce high temperatures and dangerous gases, two treatments will be needed after the substance is spilled. One of the treatments will heal the burn wounds, and the second treatment will strategically wash away the fragments so that the fumes won’t cause breathing problems.

Use a Practical Solution to Reduce Pain

In many cases, a spilled chemical can produce pain symptoms that gradually increase, and this is why practical medical products must be applied onto the affected areas before traveling to a hospital. Anything that can reduce the pain can be very beneficial during injury situations, as severe discomfort can make the process of describing the symptoms challenging.

If a business doesn’t have medical solutions nearby for emergency situations, schedule an appointment with the manager. In many cases, a manager or business owner will invest in practical medical solutions for employees to boost safety in a timely manner.

Avoid Dangerous Zones During the Healing Process

After treatments are done, all risky zones in a lab should be avoided, as a simple splatter could impact the healing process. Also, a wound that’s healing must be cleaned on a regular basis, and it also needs fresh air so that sweat won’t cause an infection. A lab environment isn’t the best place for a wound because toxic fumes and other environment elements in the air could impact the healing process whenever the bandages are removed.

These strategies can make risky situations in a typical environment where chemicals are handled less challenging. However, prevention is always the best strategy, and this is why all chemical businesses need proper injury prevention policies. If everyone understand the rules, few injuries will happen during important projects.

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After you have been arrested and detained, you may be given the option to bail or bond out of jail. If your bail or bond amount has been set to high during your arraignment hearing, you may wonder how you can raise the cash without selling any of your assets.

Some of your options include borrowing money from friends or relatives, using any of the Adams County bail bonds services, or simply staying in jail until your trial or next court appearance. When staying in jail is not an option and you lack friends and relatives to borrow money from, you may want to learn more about the bail and bond process.

Bailing or Bonding Out of Jail

The process for securing your release from jail through bail or bonds is relatively simple. When you visit the website, you can find out how much money you or someone in your family or circle of friends would need to put down as a deposit. In most cases, the deposit is about 10 percent of the bail or bond amount.

You can also find out on the website how quickly someone from the bail bonds company can get to the jail house to get you out of jail. Most bail bondsman can be there within the hour and secure your release as long as you have seen a judge if required.

After you are bonded or bailed out of jail, you are then obligated to abide by the terms of your bond or bail contract. The terms include showing up to all of your court appearances as well as staying in contact with the bail bonds service until your case is decided.

If you jump bail, you can expect a warrant to be put out for your arrest. You also may lose any assets or deposit that you used as collateral for the bail or bond amount.

The terms of the contract plus other information you need to get out of jail before your trial or court appearance can be found on the website. You can call the service 24 hours a day and even on holidays and weekends for help.

Posting bail or bond can be expensive. You do not have to have the money in your bank account to secure your release. You can get the cash by using profession bail bonds services.

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