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Being in the staffing and recruiting business is a difficult task. You have several problems to deal with ranging from finding clients to getting the best candidates. But the biggest problem that you’re going to have to deal with are back door hires.

What Exactly Are Back Door Hires?

You might be wondering what a back door hire is. Well, a back door hire is when one of your clients goes behind your back and contacts your candidate directly. The client will then hire the candidate without notifying you or paying your fee. They get you to do the dirty work without paying you a dime.

How Back Door Hires Affect Your Business

One client doing a back door hire might not be much, but remember that that one client isn’t the only one looking to make off with one of your candidates. This is especially problematic if you’re a large staffing and recruiting firm with hundreds of clients and thousands of candidates that you need to keep track of. You’d have to deal with several problems that you’d rather not have.

Thousands of Dollars In Lost Fees and Payments

The biggest problem that you’ll see here is the fact that you’re not paid for your services. You can compare it to washing a car and as soon as the job is done, the driver simply takes off leaving you with nothing but an unpaid bill. Now imagine this happening dozens or hundreds of times and you’ll end up in the red in no time.

Legal Issues

Money isn’t the only concern here as well. If you decide to go after these clients that took a client from under your nose, you’re going to end up in a three-way legal battle between you, your client and the candidate. This not only takes time and effort on your part but even more money to pay for the proceedings. You might even just need to have a back door hires specialist like Back Door Hires to assist you in the case.


There are times when a business has to close its doors. This can be due to several reasons. Back door hiring could be one of those reasons as it not only drains your business’ pockets but also can cast a negative light on your business as a whole if some legal battles don’t go your way.

Everyone Loses Due to Back Door Hires

With all of this in mind, it’s not just the staffing and recruiting business that loses when a back door hire happens. You might think that your business is the only one that ends up suffering in this situation. However, you should know that the candidate and the client also has their own set of problems to deal with

The Client’s Problems

The main reason you go to a staffing and recruiting agency is to get the best talent for your business. However, you might be tempted to use them as a directory of sorts and sneakily hire one of their clients instead. Don’t be tempted, otherwise, you’re going to have to face many problems like the agency will. This includes being involved in a legal battle that can tarnish your reputation. You’d end up paying way more than it’s worth in more ways than one.

The Candidate’s Problems

Speaking of tarnished reputations, if the candidate agrees to the back door hiring process, then they’re putting themselves in the way of an oncoming train as well. They will end up being blacklisted by that particular firm and its affiliates. This means that they won’t be able to use their services anymore when they need a new job.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a staffing and recruiting firm, a client looking for talent or a hopeful candidate looking for their dream job you need to make sure to avoid this death trap. With how back door hires can affect and ruin everyone’s lives, it makes sense to be aware of what’s at risk and prevent or avoid it.

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