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If you are in the business of running a car wash, then keeping the conveyor belt going is a very important thing. When needing to keep a car wash operating at maximum efficiency and output, there are some tips and tricks that you adhere to so that everything can run as smoothly as possible. Here they are from the experts.

1. Anybody who is working around the conveyor belt must ensure that they are familiar with all safety procedures, especially lock-out/tag-out procedures, as prescribed in their manual. Before any repairs are started, it is crucial that the power is turned off, this includes the air pressure going to any parts of the conveyor. Not only does the power shut off to apply to the repair phase but it should also be shut off when the problem is initially being investigated.

2. NO matter how minor the repair procedure may seem, it should always be performed by an employee who is trained o ho to perform the repair. This goes a long way into reducing the injury rate of workers and in avoiding any damage to the equipment itself.

3. Not every malfunction or cause for car wash repair services will require more than one worker. However, this concept is a good one to adhere to anyways because it builds a team camaraderie and a sense of accountability within the workforce.

4. Make sure to use all required safety clothing and gear when attempting any sort of repair. This includes NOT wearing clothing which is inappropriate or which could cause a danger within the working environment.

As you can see, these expert tips are very easy to both remember and to follow. By staying on the path to safety, you can easily ensure that the repairs run as smoothly as possible.

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