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Well, to begin with, here is hoping that you never find yourself in need of a lawyer! Clink your glasses, people! But since this is real life, chances are that you will need one. Maybe you will have a traffic accident, or there will be an inheritance dispute, or a shady neighbor may want to snatch away a piece of your property. In such cases, you want to make sure that your legal representative is a top-notch professional. So how do you recognize those? We put together a handy little overview of the essential qualities that all the best lawyers have!

Effective communication

This is kind of obvious, but still critically important, and it does not refer only to the conversations your lawyer will have with you. They have to be articulate and well spoken in every situation, and their written communication skills must be on point as well.

Of course they will have mastered the frozen formal vocabulary of their profession, but this is not always appropriate! You can learn more about this tricky balancing act at this link.

Moreover, a top tier attorney will have amazing listening skills as well. This will allow them to understand their clients better, and to follow through a complicated or contradictory testimony.

People skills

This ties in with the previous point, because at the end of the day, a lawyer works with living people. They therefore have to be able to read others well, to be persuasive, and personable.

This is the sort of “flip side of the coin” to the stuck up format of legal education, and it is critical not only in advising their clients, but in negotiating with their opponents as well.

People skills also translate to a versatile practice. For example, look at the Marriett Legal Rockford website: these guys offer a wide range of legal services, which means they have experience in dealing with all kinds of people and problems. The more versatile a legal entity is, the more reliable they are likely to be.

Efficient research

To prepare a legal strategy, a lawyer has to quickly and thoroughly digest insane amounts of data. Then they have to boil them down into a comprehensible, manageable, and genuinely useful action plan.

Therefore, they have to be able to research quickly and effectively, and they must have a list of reliable sources for any area just a few clicks away.

Analytical skills


Good analysis abilities are a natural continuation of good research abilities.  Not only do the legal strategies your lawyer comes u with have to be useful, they have to make equal sense to the expert and to the layman alike.

This is especially critical in those situations (and believe us when we say, there are a lot of them!) when there is more than one logical solution, and more than one way to go about achieving your desired goals.

In order to choose the most suitable option for your situation, your attorney will have to be able to properly evaluate every possible path to take, all of their pros and cons, and possible consequences.

Critical judgement

A good lawyer will question everything. The best lawyer will question everything twice, and then double-check themselves.

It may sound a little like a scaredy-cat approach, but you want to predict any trouble and identify weak areas before they are brought up in front of a judge and jury of your peers. You can check out this informative page for the most common mistakes to avoid in a courtroom:

Proper critical judgement will also give you better insight into your opponent’s arguments, and enable you for more efficient decision making.

Creative thinking

With everything we said about lawyers being frozen formal, and considering how complex and rigid the nature of legality is, you might think: “Hang on, exactly how do lawyers and creativity mesh?!”

If you want to win, they better mesh well. Along with logic and critical thinking, a top tier attorney has to be creative in their problem solving approaches. Remember, your opponents are living lawyers too, and you will have to think outside the box to outsmart them.

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