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Every case of identity theft is different from one another but the real concern is to know what happens to the victims of identity thefts. It is said to feel that these victims get little or no help from the authorities who actually informed on their stolen identity to them. The law enforcement agencies do not conduct any type of serious investigations to resolve these problems. For them, the number of identity thefts are growing in so large numbers that it is getting difficult to handle such cases, although the financial fraud departments of many police departments are being expanded.

When someone is hit by an identity theft, they go to file complaints to the police and sheriff’s department but the police officer simply refuses to report their cases. They try to intimidate the innocent people by saying that their loss is nothing in front of the banks and the financial institutions that faced the actual financial loss.

Many victims report that they do not get adequate help from the credit grantors, banks and the CRA’s. They say that no one is there to hear their sad stories and they are given the run after. Even after the fraud alert is activated by the credit bureau, the imposter is still able to obtain more credit in the name of the victim.

Identity theft victims are tremendously threatened by the collection agencies asking them to pay the balance. In most of the cases, they are threatened with law suits, garnished wages, and having their homes taken away from them.

It is also noticed that the victims have to spend a lot of time in cleaning up this mess. They have to take offs on working days from their office to make necessary phone calls, write letters to the concerned departments and get affidavits notarized. It not only costs them time and money but they are left with agony for many years to come.

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  1. January 29, 2009 @ 9:00 pm

    Lenders are increasingly trying to predict spending behaviour of customers so that anything unusualo is blocked. Must be frustrating if you do anything unusual requiring, say, a credit card …

    Posted by Russell