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If you’re an avid bicycle rider as many of us are, you may have already decided you are going to be purchasing bicycle insurance for yourself. This is a good choice because it protects your bike from theft, accident damage, and even vandalism. Recent reports indicate that there are over 400,000 reported cases of bike theft in the UK each year, likely much higher if you consider that bike theft often goes unreported. But even if you know you want to purchase insurance coverage for your bike you may not know what kind of insurance coverage you need! Hopefully this article will help to make things a bit clearer for you.

The Real Answer? It Depends…

There are different types of bicycle insurance out there that are designed to insure different kinds of bikes. There’s BMX insurance for the BMX enthusiast of the world who enjoy spinning the ramps and performing all of those crazy stunts that could potentially cause disaster. There’s mountain bike insurance designed for those of us who prefer spinning the mountain trails with our bikes and jumping down ten foot slopes. There’s insurance for those of us who regularly engage in cycling races and have major collision potential. There’s even insurance for those of us who are simply worried about potential theft or vandalism of our bikes. If you ride often or even, as your primary mode of transportation you might want this coverage.

What You Need Depends On What You Use It For

Determining what you really need comes down to what you use your bike for. Consider the above types of insurance we’ve discussed and figure out which one most closely matches the way you use your bike. That’s the right place to start. You’ll get whatever coverage is standard for that type of insurance. Then, from there, you can easily “add things on.”

For example, you’re a mountain biker and head out on the trails on a regular basis. You need the mountain bike coverage then. But you also ride your bike to on a regular basis. Ok, so maybe adding on theft protection might be a good idea. Or maybe you’re a weekend race warrior but you also enjoy riding with the “bunch” quite regularly. Ok, you definitely need the race insurance in case of a racing accident, but you might also want to add on some public liability coverage so that you can be adequately covered in case any sort of incident happens while you’re involved in a non-race situation such as this.

Ultimately, what type of insurance you purchase for your bike depends on what you are using it for. There are a lot of considerations to take into account before you select any type if bicycle insurance for yourself. There’s also the option of adding on additional types of coverage if you use your bike for multiple purposes.

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