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For some people, trying to do their taxes is just too complicated. Whether they own a business, have investment income or have a combination of both, trying to file the correct paperwork and getting everything right on a tax return may not be possible without the help of a professional.

Having a professional prepare a tax return may be beneficial because a professional has years of experience in dealing with tax laws and filing complicated returns. Instead of making mistakes that could cause an audit, your return will be filed without errors. Even if the government audits you, you can rest assured that the odds of the government finding that you owe additional money are not high.

Using tax preparation services such as the ones found at Quon & Associates can help you make sense of your tax situation and find ways to possibly lower your tax burden. If you are in Canada and owe United States tax, having a US tax Calgary professional in your corner makes it easier to determine how much you owe and when you need to pay that money by.

The government is going to get every dollar that it is owed. Therefore, it is in your best interest to file your return properly the first time. This may eliminate the odds of getting an audit and having to spend untold hours and a lot of money proving that you filed an accurate return.

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